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Britons apathetic to Pope visit but disagree with state funding

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Reader comments

  1. The national secular society say public bodies like the police are ignoring freedom of information requests for information on how much is being spent on this visit.

    It seems the visit of the Pope is not open to public scrutiny via the freedom of information act at all. The organised nature of the non disclosure seems to point to a government disregard to public scrutiny. Some would say the coalition are engaged in hiding the true cost of the Popes visit.

    This is a government that is very happy to take money off the disabled and elderly, yet is lavishly spending a fortune on the Pope and his companions while our schools crumble into dust and people starve and are homeless in Pakistan.

  2. douglas in canada 4 Sep 2010, 4:26am

    One positive comment from the article:

    “The Catholic Church … was almost bankrupted after the last papal visit from Pope Jean Paul in 1982.”

    If this visit can do the same, maybe it can spell an end to this terrible regime.

  3. The taxpayer should not be paying for this. How is the Pope really any different to the Muslims extremist that are banned from entering this country?

    Answer: We fund this extremist because apparently he is acceptable. The double standards are a disgrace!

  4. I am not gay or religious and I don’t have a problem with same sex relationships. If a person is lucky enough to find love does it really matter whether it’s same sex or not.

    The problem I do have is with narrowed minded people and organised religions that do have a problem with same sex relationships and marriages. People should feel sorry for these closed-minded kinds of people. These people who are so ignorant, closed minded and so afraid of their own sexuality that they have to put
    others down to make themselves feel better.

    These ignorant people need to be more open-minded and realise that everyone needs to just ‘live and let live’

  5. and if you do view sexuality as merely a source of pleasure then who does it hurt and why should others care? this visit shouldn’t be paid for by the UK gov especially when they claim to want to cut back on wasted money! it’s a shame the church wasnt bankrupted but the church would go on even with that occuring sadly
    the difference between him and muslims is that he’s a western extremist

  6. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 4 Sep 2010, 10:55am

    At a time that the government is cutting funding left,right and center, to “save” money it is appauling that we as taxpayers are having to pick up the bill for someone from one of the richest institutions in the world.
    The question also needs to be asked would the same be done for leaders of other faiths?
    Least one forgrt,this is Vatican History:
    Clement VII had sex with page boys.
    Benedict IX was into bestiality and bi-sexual orgies.
    Boniface VII was described as a “monster” and a criminal.
    Benedict XII was a notorious drunkard.
    The reign of Innocent VIII was called “The Golden Age of Bastards”.
    Leo I was a sadist and torturer.
    Julius III sodomized young boys.
    Clement VI frequented prostitutes.
    Anacletus was into raping nuns.
    Paul II enjoyed watching naked men being racked and tortured.
    Then of course there is the child sex abuse scandal in current times.
    Meanwhile…- “Gay marrage `is eeeeevil!”-
    Or is that more appropriately“People in glass house…Shouldn’t throw stones.”-
    “God hates the sordid tacky….He hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it.
    When will the Church sort out their own before critising gays/LGBT’s.
    Especially as it is our money that is being spent on this visit.

  7. PinkNews: Stop Allowing Duplicate Nicknames 4 Sep 2010, 4:40pm

    And yet a mere 70,000 people are expected to gather to hear his message. That against the near miliion people that turned up to support London Gay Pride.

    Religious Extremists should All be banned Muslim, Catholic or otherwise. They are growing ever more irrelevant to society.

    Going Offline now until 05.09.2010 after 6am. Any comments made in this nickname before then will Not represent my view and will have been written by an imposter. Squidgy is No longer my nickname, nor F.K.A.S. Any comments in those names are the responsibily of the imposter.

  8. Dr Robin Guthrie 4 Sep 2010, 9:27pm

    “People will see the dignity of the man in contrast to the hate speech of those from the margins of society that only offer destruction and bitterness!”

    Dear Agent Orange.

    You disgust me.

  9. I used to be apathetic, but now I just don’t give a flying toss.

  10. M. T. Balls 5 Sep 2010, 7:34am

    Clearly we have proof of how religion works in comment (9).

    Not only do we see the nasty, vicious side that smears with false facts to try and credit themselves but they clearly steal other peoples identity to intimidate and discredit a person for the way they are born. This when they claim everyone else has a mental illness. Oh the irony!!

    There is but one evil in this world. It is called religion.

    Believe in God by all means but don’t blame your nasty ways on God. It is over ego’d men that created religion to make themselves superior and now people don’t want to believe them anymore they are Going kicking and screaming.

    A poll yesterday apparently showed 76% of people believed that the Pope visit should Not be funded by the taxpayer. That doesn’t suggest millions lining streets.

    And one more thing Mr. Imposter or Mr. Orange rather. 1 million people was just one day in London supporting the LGBT community.
    Thats not including the Pride events around the country. People felt strongly enough to turn up to support in person. That speaks volumes.

    An open minded society makes for better way humanity to progress but religious nuts/imposters like you who are so closed minded with your heads soooo far up your own arse it’s no wonder you talk absolute sh*t!

  11. @9: Comment by the cowardly squidgy clone sounds more like it is written by Stephen Green or someone similarly driven insane by their own belief without evidence.

  12. @9: By the way the Jay report was commissioned 2004 by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops themselves,yes the same guys who have been implementing the organised cover-up of child abuse in the church. I guess they could achieve any skewed result they chose as they were paying for the report.

  13. M. T. Balls 5 Sep 2010, 8:43am

    100% of child abuse within the Catholic Church is by religious people. Therefore would it must be fair to say religious people are paedophiles?!

    100% of murders in religious wars or laws are carried out by religious people. Thefore it must be fair to say religious people are murders?!


    Religious people choose their Lifestyle. They choose to condemn people for the way they are born.

    I strongly suspect just as many people lining the streets during the Popes visit will be protesting against the vile man as those supporting. Supporting a Pope that recently past the law so that child abusers within the church can still have the right Not to be reported to police.

    Whilst I do Not believe in religion I do acknowledge that many in religion do Not agree with what the church say and teach. It’s just a shame that the minority seem to be more out-spoken than the majority.

    Religion has no place in a decent society. Thankfully more people are seeing that.

  14. “Homosexuality and paedophilia share a common theme in that they are both a mental illness that undermines the moral values of society.”

    Link please. Conversely I could link you to the huge new study that proves the children of gay parents are as well-adjusted under the care of their ‘mentally ill’ parents as those of straight parents.

    I would also like to know how gays are responsible for the upsurge in murder, drugs, violence, crime, vandalism, intolerance, truancy, and general abuse in our modern society. Please provide links that conclusively tie all these statistics to gays specifically. Thanks you, I await with trepidation.

  15. 1 Suspend the visit until Benedict’s alleged encouragement to British Catholics to disobey the law (discriminating against gays, shielding paedophiles) has been investigated. If borne out, ban him from entering the country or arrest and deport him if he comes in.
    2 Seek a UN resolution to permit the annexation of the Vatican to the Italian Republic. The perpetuation of a theocratic absolute monarchy in an enclave of the capital city of a constitutional democracy is an absurdity. Ending it once and for all will give us an excellent reason to stop the nonsense of treating a peddlar of hocus pocus as a Head of State and shelling out money for his ‘State Visits’.

  16. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 5 Sep 2010, 12:06pm

    Today the BBC reports, in relation to the inpending visit:
    An online poll of 2,005 people, published this week, found 79% had “no personal interest” in the visit.

    The survey, by think tank Theos, also found 77% thought taxpayers should not help pay for it.

    But Archbishop Nichols told the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme it was right the taxpayer and the Church shared the bill because the Pope was coming at the invitation of the government.

    “It is a state visit, and the day that this country closes its doors and says we can’t afford state visits is a very sad day because it would be a real gesture of isolationism,” he said.

    “And I think we should remember that the Pope comes as the spiritual leader of one in five of all the people on this planet, so this is not a minor figure, as it were.

    “This is the leader of probably the oldest international institution, that serves humanity in a tremendous way right around the globe.”

  17. homosexuality isn’t a mental illness, nor is homosexuality, lesbianism, heterosexuality or bisexuality a reason to go on sex offenders lists, the pope doesn’t provide hope etc either
    bigots like mr orange are why religions like christianity etc should be opposed and die out ASAP!
    how does it serve humanity to push an evil agenda is something Nichols and others need to be asked? how does it serve people to keep them ignorant and fed with lies?

  18. appeal to majority fallacy never convinces! also – secular people will never be convinced by the crap he spews, plus secular people have hope without him, what immoral stuff? many don’t agree with bigots like you as you are immoral! the pope isn’t intelligent etc plus secular Uk don’t accept pedos unlike the pope

  19. M. T. Balls 5 Sep 2010, 9:22pm

    You mean the Very Pope Benedict that passed the law that allows religious child abusers to go unreported to the police? Your a disgrace and only fooling yourself!

    To All Religious people, get your head out of your arseh*les and see some daylight. Let yourselves see the Very thing you fear the most… Yourselves!!

  20. again you ignore that the ‘appeal to majority’ is useless

  21. The Pope is a deeply creepy fraud.
    He’s an ambitious careerist who has worked his way with military precision to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Vatican business organisation.
    It is Herr Ratzinger (Pope Benedict)who is responsible for the written order sent to all Catholic bishops to cover up child abuse giving priority to protecting abusive priests and protecting the church from scandal first, while the kids who had been abused/raped by Catholic clergy were to be managed, threatened and hushed up.
    I am hoping there are many attempts made to arrest him while he is in this country.

  22. THE RC church owns some of the most valuable artworks in the world! All well and good when they needed to be protected BUT they could be sold to galleries and individuals and raise millions! How could it be bankrupt (well Morally of course it has been for ages!)

  23. A lot of nonsense is said about us, gays people. This is pure stupidity. We should therefore be careful not to be stupid ourselves. I am not particularly enthusiast about the Pope and about the Catholic Church teaching on homosexuality which iI find offensive. About the Pope’s visit however let’s keep in mind a few facts so that we don’t appear stupid ourselves. Here are a few facts:
    1. Pope Benedict comes to the United Kingdom at the invitation of the Monarch and her government.
    2. The Catholic Church has over 1.15 billion adherents, i.e. 17.5% of the word’s population and 10% of the Uk population.
    3. The Catholic Church is today the word’s second largest development body after the UN.
    4. The Catholic Church is responsible for 25% of all health care in Africa. It runs over 5,000 hospitals. 17,500 dispensaries, 577 leprosy clinics, 15,200 houses for the elderly and disabled people. It provides 12 million school places in Sub Saharan Africa each year.
    5. The Holy See is a key ally of the UK in tackling climate change. Read Benedict’s encyclical ” caritas in Veritate”.
    6. Like it or not, but the Holy See is in a unique position to help the international community eradicate poverty, tackle conflict and address Climate Change.

    As a conclusion, it make sense for the UK’s government to meet with this word player, even if we disagree with some of his statements and actions. After all this is what politics is about.
    For once let;’s put things straight!

  24. what about the other 90% ? also wnhy should the Uk pay when it’s cutting back? also his visit makes it seem like the Uk endorse his BS

  25. Well if we don’t want to pay anymore, the government and the queen should withdraw their invitation. Doesn’t look realistic to me. In fact we should direct our protest towards the government ( I know it was the previous one) for inviting him.
    My point is that the Catholic Church is an important player in the world. It makes sense to speak to them even if we disagree. We disagree with the French on many issues, but still invite their president, no?
    if I remeber correctly, even Mugabe was invited here a few years ago (not 1005 sure though).

  26. “I think his visit may be the turning point on the journey of the UK once again becoming a fully Catholic country!”

    And here I was beginning to like you Mr O :-)

    Respectfully, I submit what the the UK needs is a revival of true religion, not to revert to old superstitions.

  27. and out comes the “no true scotsman” fallacy – religion is old superstitions!

  28. Chester: I think you can only say that if you can demonstrate that every part of every religion is based on falsehood or propositions that cannot be veried. Can you?

    Mr O: I fear I was a bit hasty – my apologies. Of course some of the reasons for starting the Anglican church were dubious e.g. it helped give legitimacy to Henry 8th’s intent to divorce his wife. Other reasons were much more valid e.g. as part of the Protestant Reformation it was a reaction against some of the false teaching then found (and by many believed still to exist) in the RC church and the need for emphasis given to such doctrines as Justification by Faith. I agree in many ways the Anglican Church has lost its way e.g. its too far bending to popular culture rather than scripture on “the gay issue” rather than balancing truth and love. Re. the Pope’s visit, I am ambivalent and in fact can see good coming from it. Yet my heart’s desire is there is a genuine repentance starting by those who profess to follow Jesus (RC and non RC), for this is the true pre-requisite to the healing this nation needs.

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