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Northern Ireland

UUP contender Tom Elliott says he won’t attend gay pride marches

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Reader comments

  1. Aw. It’ll be so much less fun without him.

  2. It must be very hard for him, still carrying around that closet on his back.

  3. Hmmm – this is Northern Ireland we are talking about so this guy’s refusal to attend a gay pride parade or a GAA match simply means that he is trying to appeal to the lunatic, extremist base support of someone like Iris Robinson.

    He is trying to appeal to the crazed homophobic bigots who support the DUP. These people are deranged in their hatred of gay people and catholic people.

    Hence this statement by this guy is both sinister and foreboding.

    Remember – Northern Ireland has a LOT of crazed religious extremist.

    The UUP is traditionally more moderate than the DUP. This guy clearly wants to make it more extremist. That is worrying.

  4. He’s not fit for the job if he’s not capable of carrying out the job description, which includes proactively promoting equality.

  5. I feel I must point out that comment (1) is another person using my nickname. I wish PinkNews would act to stop duplicates.

  6. I feel I must point out that comment (1) is another person using my nickname. I wish PinkNews would act to stop duplicates.

    Duplicates don’t bother me

  7. Ah well, I wasn’t going to invite him to two of my favourite things anyway… It’s the ones to go to Pride to protest,condemn and distupt, or the ones who only set foot in a GAA club to set a petrol bomb who are the problems. He didn’t have to admit it but better than lying when he can’t tell a hurley from a Camog!

  8. If he was to become first minister of NI, he might be asked to open Belfast pride in his official capacity. Is he saying he would refuse to do so?

    Bet he would not refuse to attend an orange order march!

  9. Simon Murphy 3 Sep 2010, 10:12pm

    Well as it’s Northern Ireland, his refusal to attend a GAA match is even more strange and worrying.

    The GAA is the Gaelic Athletic Association which is the federation for gaelic football, camogie and hurling – Donal Og Cusack’s sport – which are extremely popular sports in Ireland (as big as football in the UK).

    The GAA is the biggest sporting federation in the whole island of Ireland. In the North it is traditionally supported by the nationalist/catholic population. It is rejected by many unionists in the North for its association with Ireland.

    If this guy was to reject both gay pride and the GAA, he is basically giving the middle finger to about half the population in the North.

    Given the continuing sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland, this guy sounds like big trouble!

  10. Simon Murphy 3 Sep 2010, 10:19pm

    Speaking of Northern Ireland – whatever happened to that teenage-loving, homophobic slag Iris Robinson? Is she still ‘recovering’ I wonder?

  11. Simon Murphy 3 Sep 2010, 10:27pm

    Oh and just 1 more point. The UUP in Northern Ireland is in an electoral alliance with the Tories in Britain.

    Seeing as the NuTories are super-gay-friendly these days, I want to see what the Tories reaction to this guy is.

    Do the Tories want to be aligned to a homophobic, sectarian bigot?

  12. Tom Elliott seems to be a good man who stands for what is right and says that openly. He must become one of the examples in today’s filthy world.

  13. Squidgy: I thought it WAS you, as it’s the sort of thing you usually say, and I fully support it. The man has not voiced an opinion. He simply wishes to abstain and has every right to.
    Believing something and actively voicing it are two entirely different things. There is no law that says you cannot be a racist or a homophobe. There are ones however, that stop you spreading those opinions. This crap smacks of ‘thought police’ and is the thin edge of a very nasty wedge.

  14. Moonsmurf 5 Sep 2010, 1:52am

    How can he feel he can honestly and without prejudice represent all of his constituents?? Even Iris Robinson offered to disagree with our choices but fight in an individuals corner when needed……

  15. It is not surprising that in the actual vote the UUP voted for Tom Elliott – another nail in the coffin.

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