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Tory colleagues accuse William Hague of naivety over gay rumours

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Reader comments

  1. Blimey, talk about dragging out a story. It’s getting boring now. Clearly there’s nothing new for PN to report!

  2. Pink News will have to get back to bashing Stonewall!

  3. You just have to wonder, if this was smoke without fire why would you respond to a small buzz on the internet by making a detailed personal statement and having one of your special assistants “leave” office. Also why hire a twenty five year old with nowhere near enough personal experience when you already have two qualified and respected aids, especially when the party has already stipulated that it would prefer that only two aids be retained? Also the pictures of them two of them clearly show that neither was dressed in suit or tie and so they obviously didn’t have any kind of business planned for that day. Also, why sleep in the same room? If I were planning a trip with someone who I wasn’t intimately involved with the idea wouldn’t even enter my head. Also why have your special aid drive you around during the election campaign? I dunno, there just seems to be alot of questions. I feel for his wife 100 percent tho. tldr? Why address an internet rumor, ran by a blog only read by politicos and therefore propell the whole thing into the national media spotlight? Because you’re desperate to squash it before it gets any bigger, me thinks.

  4. I’m getting confused what the issue is now? is it being gay/bi? is it miscarriages? giving a job to a person for sexual favours?

    I think he needs to go back to the drawing board…

    Confused I think you’re rights PN should get back to bashing Stonewall, they certainly need to get their arses kicked around… There’s certainly plenty of people queing up to do the same… Ever taken the time to wonder why?

  5. who cares if he shared a room?

  6. I think I can hear the creaking hinges of the door being pushed open while Hague is shuffled out of it…
    I suspect that up to now he has thought that he was immune from hostile press scrutiny (and for a long time he was; lots of top Tories were until recently), and it has made him careless.

  7. As Marcus commented in previous article about Hague:
    “Has William Hague apologised for his revoltingly homophobic voting record yet?

    In light of him and his wife’s alleged infertility, does he still oppose lesbians being allowed access to IVF treatment?

    Why did he choose to share a bedroom with Myers when his other staff were housed in a cheaper, different hotel?

    Why did Myers quit his job if they had done nothing wrong?

    Why did Hague need 3 advisors?

    What qualifications did Myers have to work in the Foreign Office seeing as he had only recently graduated from university?

    None of these reasonable questions have been addressed.

    The homophobic Hague shouldn’t be allowed to sweep these very reasonable questions under the carpet, simply because he claims his wife had a miscarriage.

    He’s a public servant who is refusing to answers that are in the public interest to know”

    You can blame Gay Smears all you want but Mr Smears is not the Foreign Secretary while Mr Hague is (at the moment anyway)

  8. I don’t get the big deal about sharing a room, I would where possible if I knew the person and considered them a friend.
    It makes sense…

    I’m less concerned about room sharing and his sex life and how well he can represent the people of this country abroad when he’s a homophobe Who obviously cares little for equality

  9. I guess if I were a multi-millionaire I think I’d go for the seperate room option myself… it’s ok bunking up as a student in a YHA but gosh sharing loos etc with a work colleague , what a nightmare!

    But Adam he’s the same person as he was prior to this business why question whether he is suitable to represent the UK now?

    I think Marcus questions are reasonable and need a straight answer ….obviously if it’s proved that the only reason the guy got the job is for sex then it’s pretty outrageous (is that the implication?) – also he should explain his lgbt voting record if he proves to be gay and make amends and real changes within his party!

  10. I thought it quite amusing that Hague was answering questions on his sexuality, while in a press conference with the gay German foreign minister.

  11. “I have never had a gay affair” does not preclude quickies, one night stands, and/or worshiping at the gloryhole. Amazingly, Hague is also under intense pressure to answer questions about gifts given to Myers and – you couldn’t make it up – holidays spent together! Given Hague’s uncompromising stance on Section 28 he deserves everything that is coming to him. The Sunday newspapers are now crawling all over Myers private life.

  12. I wish they’d all shut up and go away.

  13. As rumours about Hague’s being gay have dogged him since his university days you’d think he would have been extra careful not to rouse suspicions, I guess he felt overly confident he’d shaken this off for good having acquired the “beard”.

  14. “Pink News will have to get back to bashing Stonewall! ”

    Pink News does not bash Stonewall.

    It is the LGBT community who bashes Stonewall due to their moronic and incomprehensible homophobia.

  15. “I don’t get the big deal about sharing a room, I would where possible if I knew the person and considered them a friend.”

    The Foreign Secretary can be friends with who he likes.

    but if said ‘friend’ is an employee and a ministerial aide (despite being blatantly unqualified for the job) then it is inappropriate behaviour to share a bedroom with him.

    Especially as the other 2 (experienced) ministerial aides were shunted off to a cheaper, different hotel.

    And it really is appalling that Hague would use his wife’s reproductive health to try to ‘clear’ his name.

    William Hague is ot long for the political life.

    Good riddance. The sooner politics is rid of homophobic scum like him the better.

  16. Remember, we heard in an earlier spread that “confused” is actually posting from Stonewall!

  17. We will have to wait and see what the Sunday newspapers come up with on Myers. Of course, he could sing like a canary or save himself for other rich ‘head’ hunters.

  18. Please Note People:-

    Somebody is using my name to write for me in threads. Before abuse is made Please make sure I am the person who wrote it.

    I wish PinkNews would stamp this practise out but it seems PinkNews support such acts clearly for their own reasons.

  19. Bill Perdue 3 Sep 2010, 3:41pm

    The Tories are eating their own because of a clueless Gay Panic Attack.


  20. I think it says a lot about Mr. Hague, our society and people’s STILL dark ages attitudes about homosexuality that he clearly felt that the MOST important thing was to prove that he was not GAY rather than to prove that he didn’t cheat on his wife.

    I long for the day that being accused of cheating on one’s spouse is cause for a defensive response but being “accused” of being gay warrants no more defence than if one were “accused” of being left-handed or Welsh. In fact, I long for the day when the word “accused” is not used in terms of speculation over one’s sexual orientation. It really is offensive that people “accuse” people of being gay (as opposed to “question” or “assume” or “speculate”) and it’s even more offensive that people so “accused” respond as if they were being “accused” of a heinous crime.

  21. I’m currently reading Christopher Hitchins’ excellent autiobiography (“Hitch22”, recently published) and he says that while he was at Oxford he slept with two fellow students (both male) who subsequently became members of Mrs. Thatcher’s cabinet! He doesn’t say who they were/are. But I’m sure it should be pretty easy to figure out. Does anybody care to do a little research?

  22. The difficulty with Hague’s they think we are all naïve not them. ‘Tell them I can’t have babies anyway.’ ‘Tell them my insides are all wrong’, makes them sound more like Edward and Tubbs of Royston Vasey.

    Of course, it’s not the first time a man has been driven to the brink, in this case allegedly into the arms of another man, over an unproductive uterus. Millionaire Cliff Richard is another extreme example, after almost a hundred years of denying malicious rumours and innuendo he ends up sharing his farter with a man half his age. (Or maybe more like a quarter.)

    Mind you, William probably always behaved like the perfect gent with Christopher – except when he…eh, well, you know!

  23. @16:13

    I googled that when I first read it some months ago. Peter Lilley and John Redwood both popped out with the latter being described as having very impressive low hangars.

  24. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 3 Sep 2010, 6:59pm

    Torries backstabing Never !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but for their honesty, come on for once they may just have a point, as there is more to these “aligations” that meets the eye and said previously “friends” or not, you just dont share your hotel room with the hired help.

  25. Simon Murphy 3 Sep 2010, 7:24pm

    I suppose Hague should feel relieved that it is Tebbit and Redwood who are accusing him of naivete.

    They are both on the more lunatic fringe of the Tories.

    I find it hilarious how spectacularly this has backfired on Hague.

    Serves him right – both for his homophobic voting record and the disgusting way he is exploiting his wife’s reproductive health to defend himself.

  26. Cracking on 50 years old?
    Top Cabinet position?
    And naive?
    Pull the other one.

  27. “Pink News will have to get back to bashing Stonewall! ”

    Pink News does not bash Stonewall.

    It is the LGBT community who bashes Stonewall due to their moronic and incomprehensible homophobia.”

    NO. The LGBT community bashes Stonewall due to Stonewall’s incompetence, arrogance, stalling, and hypocrisy.

    Quite frankly, we’ve been stonewalled.

  28. Some people are straight, some are gay, and an awful lot fall somewhere in between the two extremes. This third group probably contains many people who are homophobic, at least in the early stage of their lives, when they are scared or in denial of their same-sex attraction and turn that into fear and hatred of other people. If they are senior politicians and during their homophobic phase actively instrumental in damaging the cause of acceptance of gay people in society, they have even more of a problem than others in their category when they try to acknowledge their feelings of intimacy with same-sex members.

    To me it’s really not hard to place William Hague. If his personal statement had concentrated on explaining that while he is basically straight he sometimes has intimate feelings for men, plus that he is extremely sorry for his homophobic activities in his political past which were in large part a consequence of his own confusion, then I would start to admire him. Sadly he doesn’t appear to be ready to do that even though the social and political climate in Britain now seems to be one where such a statement by a senior politician has become possible, even in the conservative party. A pity, because there are many men and women who are in a similar confused position with their personal feelings but have no benchmarks under which to place them.

  29. Time and time again we see that those that do the biggest harm to the GLBT community are in fact dysfunctional, self loathing gay men with feeble out of control personal lives that are shames.
    Who knows the truth about Hague but I think the community is right closely question his behaviour. It’s incredible, you don’t treat staff differently and you certainly don’t share your hotel room during your off duty time – why the favouritism ? This is the man making decisions about the UK foreign policy and yet this is the level of his judgement !
    If Hague is indeed hiding his sexuality and betraying his wife, betraying the nation and betraying the GLBT with his voting record then he deserves to be stoned in the media.
    Time he explained his judgment.

  30. Gosh if the guy is to be outed then I sincerely hope they come out with somekind of fool proof evidence soon and put the guy and the rest of us out our misery, this is getting a bit silly….

    That’s all we have so far is that he slept in the same room as another guy, strange for a multi-millionaire etc but not conclusive?

    I’m left with either feeling pissed off with Hague for denying he is gay and being so ashamed of it (if he is gay?) or feeling even more pissed off with the media for thinking that being gay is somekind of disease and what an awful thing it must be to be an mp and gay…

    If someone is to be outed then please get some good evidence and do it quick or not at all and please all you closest gay mps come out and spare us this media agony and start being men and women not a bunch of wimps…

  31. It may take a few years yet. The papers will keep an eye on the hunky Mr. Myers and if they find him coming out of gay clubs or whatever they’ll let us all know.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Hague has absolutely nothing more to do with him. “Obviously, in the circumstances, Chris. . . You know how it is . . . Better just leave this alone, old chap.”

    Or will it be a case of “Dear Christopher, I can’t bear my life without you . . . “?

  32. Mihangel apYrs 5 Sep 2010, 2:51pm


    Hague’s a politiician: he’ll dump the guy without a backward glance regardless of the relationship.

    Frankly I don’t care who Hague shags, that’s between him, his wife, and any third person. What does concern me is putting an underqualified friend on the public payroll, and maybe voting against us while gay himself. The former is corrupt, the latter hypocritical

  33. Simon Murphy 6 Sep 2010, 12:07am

    I wonder if we can soon expect an announcemenby by Willie Hague that he is retiring from politics to ‘spend more time with my reproductively challenged wife’?

    Ffion Hague is the person who has my sympathy here.

    What does it say about Hague that he would throw her private business to the press wolves simply to prove he’s not gay.

    Utterly appalling!

  34. Simon Murphy 6 Sep 2010, 12:19am

    The Telegraph reported today that Willie Hague took Christopher Myers on a publicly funded trip to Afghanistan earlier this year, before Myers was even on his payroll.

    Hague should be sacked for wasting taxpayers money.

  35. Hague should be sacked for wasting taxpayers money.

    Then the same should apply to all those who use tax payer money to fund such unnecessary war to begin with.

  36. Poor Ffion, William Hague has no sense and very poor judgement, I think he has shown himself unfit to handle Britains foreign interests.

  37. “Poor Ffion, William Hague has no sense and very poor judgement.”

    You mean like the time Hague commended Jeffrey Archer for his ‘integrity and probity’ shortly before Archer was jailed for perjury?

    Is Hague going to be sacked for stealing taxpayers’ money to bring his unemployed ‘friend’ on foreign trips on public expenses.

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