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Miss Universe 2010 supports gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. good for her – she makes more sense then many who think they know it all like Carrie

  2. Simon Murphy 3 Sep 2010, 10:00pm

    She seems like a nice woman.

    But really. Is this news?

    She’s a beauty queen, for goodness sake!

  3. Yes this is news Simon – you and I may not have any interest in beauty pageants and may even question them e.g. on the basis of objectifying women, but millions across the globe do follow them avidly. For a Miss Universe to express such statements widely covered in the media, this will help to change minds and promote the growing consensus – Gay? So What? Whats the big deal? thus further marginalising the minority of rabid homophobes.

  4. This is important, Simon. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe watch the pageant, though I’m not one of them. Now if only David Cameron would have the courage and character to make a similar statement about marriage equality.

  5. A simple girl who does not know what she is talking about. I wonder what her arguments are on same-sex “marriage”. I bet many will laugh listening to them. Poor girl supporting poor cause!

  6. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 4 Sep 2010, 5:38pm

    Good on her, and about time that more and more “celebreties” , infuental personage and the media exposed just jow wrong it is to discriminate against LGBT’s.
    Would it not just be simpler to make everyone EQUAL, in the eyes of the Law, based on the fact that we are all born Equal by the mere fact that we are born Human and have the same rights, feelings and emotions as our counterpart Hetrosexual fellow Human beings.
    Discrimination has just too many forms and faces, and its time to realize just that, we are and allways have been treated as second class citizens.

  7. She is beautiful.

    Her support for equal civil rights makes her even more beautiful.

  8. Agreed. A beautiful young lady, inside as well as out.

  9. Good on her. Good thinking and apparently eloquent. Did the judges make a mistake? :-p

  10. Thomas says: “…you and I may not have any interest in beauty pageants and may even question them e.g. on the basis of objectifying women…

    So if we follow your reason the Mr Gay USA/Universe pageants are abhorrent because they “objectify” gay/straight men? Or how about the go go boy dancing in your local gay pub/club. Should that also be frowned upon as it “objectifies” gay boys? What about gay sites with pictures of sexy gay men all over the place? Objectifying? If its not, then why should only women be treated differently or special? Wouldn’t that be contrary to the whole notion of “equality.”

  11. @ OMAR,

    You seem to be obsessed in copying and pasting the same comment over and over again. But eh… here is a thought: Is there a difference between having laws that apply to everybody equally (as in nobody is above the law) and having everybody being equal in every facet of our lives? (as in everybody is the same, there is no diversity). Explain, because your notion of “equality” is quite intriguing yet unrealistic.

  12. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 6 Sep 2010, 10:54am

    Sorry bad habit, as it is meant to relate to different topics an also my time is limited an i am constantly multitask, dealing with “other” issues.

    My view of Equality is base either on the US constitution or those of the Free west where Homosexuality is legal and especially on the EU Human rights Act, that prevents discrimination,or “inequality”

    In the UK LGBT’s are not given the same rights as fellow Heterosexuals, an thus provides a uneven balance or makes “us” second class nationals, where we are not treated similarly to our fellow human beings.

    In addition, it provides so many conflicting “rights” an “laws” that makes it confusing an also produces “inequality”.

    Everyone is the same in the free west, or should be by the fact that we are all born human an should apply to everyone equally, an nobody should be above the law, an why i have fought to change laws an have several name after me in the House of Lords in England, that inshore that every part of society and individual should not make anyone above the law.

    I appreciate that we live in a world that different, races, religion an cultures, make this unrealistic to becoming a world wide phenomena, but at least in the “free West” we all should be treated Equally, irrespective of our sexual orientation, an grantee the same rights and freedoms as our fellow Heterosexual Human Beings, by the mere fact that when born we are all but the same an thus should have the same an similar rights as everyone else.

  13. huk – you are only showing how homophobic and ignorant you are

  14. Mr. Jimmy 6 Sep 2010, 8:59pm

    Dear Huk: While (most) readers of Pink News are fortunate to live in societies where they may express their opinions on any subject and in any social arena freely, it is a source of never ending amazement to me why someone who is so obviously and continuingly upset by positive or for that matter any gay news would daily visit, read and comment (almost always negatively) on the articles offered therein.

    Putting it succinctly, if you don’t care to read about or do not condone gays or the “gay scene” why do you visit Pink News? Save yourself the aggravation and visit sites more to your liking.

  15. @ OMAR,

    I see how since you clarified your views I now understand that you mean “equal treatment” (14 and 4 amendments to US Constitution) versus the notion that everybody will be “equal” as in everybody is the “same.”

  16. Huk says: “Poor girl supporting poor cause!

    Yet YOUR ilk has FAILED to explain and in detail defend their own cause against gay marriage in open court under oath. (Perry v Schwarzenegger)

    It is YOU that cannot constitute a good rational, coherent, natural argument AGAINST gay marriage because:

    It is YOU that blames gay people for the irresponsibility of straights (with regards to parenting and adoption), and would rather have kids starve to death than have them adopted by gay people.

    It is YOU who comes up with weird conspiracy theories saying that government is under satanic control from the gays at anti-gay marriage rallies.

    It is YOU who thinks that gay marriage is equal to genocide.

    YOU have failed to show any substantial proof of anything and retort to asinine theories, hence why you are failing,

    Hence why YOU are the one who “is supporting a poor cause.” HYPOCRITE.

  17. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 7 Sep 2010, 11:40am

    Sorry the “d” key seems to be sticking on the laptop, so my apologies for any mistakes,made in my comments.

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