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California state won’t be forced to defend Prop 8

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Reader comments

  1. I hope that all people can marry- gay or straight and be with whom they love. My gay dollars will go to suppport any canidiate who supports gay marraige

  2. Arnie, clown though he is,obviously sees where the tide of history if flowing. Pity the whole thing is so drawn out, though.

  3. Calling a man thats made his way from the very top of the bodybuilding world, to the top of the film industry, to being elected a governor of California a “clown” is a little naive I feel. My respect for him is certainly on the way up with his attitude towards Prop 8.

  4. Matt –
    I never argued that a clown can’t be astute or good at what he does(show business). But, along with the election of Reagan, such political success stories are strong evidence that America was long ago conquered, at least in part, by Hollywood. But I support what you say re Arnie and Prop 8.

  5. Fact is Arnie is a legend and is very popular and is actually from an outsiders perspective good at what he does he’s done well. I just wish he could be president as he would be good, strong, commanding yet shows by his stance on lgbt issues he’s open to learning , reason and change … Pretty progressive

  6. There is no law or anything relating to law in California that forces a defendant to file an appeal if it doesn’t want to. An appeal is granted at the request of the losing side if substantial evidence exists that the facts were wrong or that new facts have been discovered — it is NOT automatic. This applies to state governments and district attorneys as well.

    This is the first time I ever heard of such nonsense of suing somebody to FORCE them to appeal.

  7. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 4 Sep 2010, 5:33pm

    Would it not just be simpler to make everyone EQUAL, in the eyes of the Law, based on the fact that we are all born Equal by the mere fact that we are born Human and have the same rights, feelings and emotions as our counterpart Hetrosexual fellow Human beings.
    Discrimination has just too many forms and faces, and its time to realize just that, we are and allways have been treated as second class citizens.

  8. @ OMAR KUDDUS, You cannot have “equality” without liberty. When people are free to govern themselves and own their own personal sovereignty that person is therefore equal in the sense of humanity. However in reality we are not all “born equal” as many of us come from different nationalities, backgrounds, class, race, religion, upbringing etc. Many of us are born in countries where individual rights are infringes or where such rights are not recognized. But we cannot expect for the government to “give” us equal rights. Because whatever the government can grant or give it can also take away. Rights are inalienable.

    Equality is unachievable no matter how noble, liberty is for everybody.

  9. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 6 Sep 2010, 11:04am

    My view of Equality is base either on the US constitution or those of the Free west where Homosexuality is legal and especially on the EU Human rights Act, that prevents discrimination,or “inequality”

    In the UK LGBT’s are not given the same rights as fellow Heterosexuals, an thus provides a uneven balance or makes “us” second class nationals, where we are not treated similarly to our fellow human beings.

    In addition, it provides so many conflicting “rights” an “laws” that makes it confusing an also produces “inequality”.

    Everyone is the same in the free west, or should be by the fact that we are all born human an should apply to everyone equally, an nobody should be above the law, an why i have fought to change laws an have several name after me in the House of Lords in England, that inshore that every part of society and individual should not make anyone above the law.

    I appreciate that we live in a world that different, races, religion an cultures, make this unrealistic to becoming a world wide phenomena, but at least in the “free West” we all should be treated Equally, irrespective of our sexual orientation, an grantee the same rights and freedoms as our fellow Heterosexual Human Beings, by the mere fact that when born we are all but the same an thus should have the same an similar rights as everyone else.
    But does that include civilised countries in the “free west”?

  10. westcoastkid(USA) 6 Sep 2010, 8:37pm

    Great news.

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