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Review: Bisexuality conferences tackle hate crime, censorship and Shakespeare

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Reader comments

  1. it was amazingly good fun, even though I only managed to get their for 2 days people were partying round the clock. The event is amazing inclusive and varied, I’m accepted and included even though I’m a dyke. Can’t wait till Leicester

  2. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 3 Sep 2010, 11:21pm

    Would it not just be simpler to make everyone EQUAL, in the eyes of the Law, based on the fact that we are all born Equal by the mere fact that we are born Human and have the same rights, feelings and emotions as our counterpart Hetrosexual fellow Human beings.
    Discrimination has just too many forms and faces, and its time to realize just that, we are and allways have been treated as second class citizens.

  3. I was in two minds about going to that.

  4. Kay from New Zealand 6 Sep 2010, 10:17am

    It sounds great! We’ve run Bisexual Conferences in New Zealand but much smaller than BiReCon. It’s sad too to know that biphobia is an issue in the UK too.

  5. Interesting how this article has so far drawn 2 supportive comments and 2 dismissive ones. Goes to show how invisible and dismissed the B in LGBT really is, even to readers of PinkNews. Good on BiCon and BiReCon and similar events for marching on and having such events to raise awareness, make it less comfortable for people to be rude or dismissive of fellow LGBT people, and for providing a safe space for bisexual men and women to be once a year where our identities are not questioned, dismissed, elided, attacked or made fun of.

  6. Interesting conclusions. I have been bi since age 7 having sex with my female playmate, at 13 being gangbanged and loved it, than an intense 4yrs with my first love in the military followed by 29 years of happy marriage with a beautiful woman. Now after she died I am concentrating on macho men. My point is that all of this feels perfectly natural. The only trouble was bullying in grammar school, not because of gay behavior but because I was too well behaved. Of course, I did not basoon being bi on the street corner and my friends never showed any distrust nor antipathy.

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