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Gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham urges footballers to come out

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Ringler 2 Sep 2010, 8:44pm

    World isnt going to accept what one isnt willing to self accept. The more people that stop living in denial of there truth the more acceptance there will be. Denial is a form through some perceptions saying your admitting to something that is wrong;essentially you are just as much the problem as you are the solution;hence,balance,and equality. To live a life in faith,living a life in love and not fear is vital;for manifesting positive change

  2. Egon Ronnie 2 Sep 2010, 9:29pm

    Michael Ringler, did you lose your way en route to the Latter Day Saints convention? It’s stage left, hon.

    Matthew Mitcham is dive-ine! Wise words, Matt, wise words.

  3. Congratulations Matthew, although in main stream media we hardly see or hear you(compared to Ian Thorpe) you are an inspiration to many. Thank you for your courage.

  4. He’s too cute lol.

  5. He’s gorgeous!

  6. Any pics of him in speedos? Or indeed, without them?

  7. Not only intelligent and articulate, but cute as a boxful of puppies. What’s not to like about Matt?

    And riondo – try here:

  8. Matthew for PM!!!!!

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