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David Cameron backs William Hague over gay rumours

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Reader comments

  1. marjangles 2 Sep 2010, 2:06pm

    This whole thing has been badly handled by the Tory party. From Hague sharing hotel rooms with his driver onwards. Hague should not have made that bizarre statement last night, Meyers shouldn’t have been given the job in the first place, never mind resigning once this story emerges and Cameron should have kept out of it completely. I didn’t believe the rumours yesterday morning but with everything that’s going on I’m starting to wonder.

  2. I don’t care, Hague is still one of the most creepy men in the country. I have been told this story was leaked from inside the Tory party itself to end Hagues hopes of ever being prime minister. Hague is the pin up boy of the Tory right wing and seen as the natural successor to Thatcher.

    So it could well be David Camerons centrist camp that leaked it.

  3. It certainly was badly handled by the party – it should have been left.

    I would have admired Hague if he had ignored them and simply said that he was married and that that was all there was to be said – there was no need to vehemently deny the rumours like he did.

    He rose to Guido’s attack and gave the man exactly what he wanted.

    This whole thing stinks of homophobia.

  4. IM married so I cant possibly be gay……………. yawn

  5. The full support of one’s Prime Minister is often the prelude to the knife.

  6. That will have been an interesting conversation with Guido Westerwelle, who is gay and out.

    Hague possiby does have a bisexual past, but I wouldn’t assume he was having an affair with Myers just because they shared a room. More MPs should be doing that sort of thing to cut down on expenses. Certain journalists have just got carried away hoping to unearth something on Hague’s past, but it could all be in the past, like with Michael Portillo.

  7. “Now people are asking why a multi-millionaire needs to share a bedroom,” Mr. Clifford said.

    Indeed! Why does a multi-millionaire 49-year-old man choose to invite a young 25-year-old to share his room?

  8. 1. Why did William Hague need 3 special aides? Is this not needless extravagance and evidence that Cameron’s statement that he is cutting back is merely a pretence?

    2. What qualifications did Christopher Myers possess that qualified him to be a special aides to Hague, seeing as he was such a recent university graduate?

    3. Why did William Hague choose to share a bedroom with Christopher Myers, while his other staff were housed in a different, cheaper hotel from the one Hague and Myers stayed in?

    4. Why, if there was no impropriety did Christopher Myers resign?

    5. Why has Hague not specifically apoogised for his disgustingly homophobic voting record. I am referring specifically to his vote against allowing lesbian couples access to IVF. In light of the alleged difficulties Hague and his wife have had conceiving, his vote against allowing other people being denied access to IVF, needs further investigation, as it stinks of self-serving hypocrisy.

  9. Dromio, do you seriously think that all MPs should be sharing rooms with others wouldn’t draw the attention of the gutter press and other yellow tabloids? Its naive to think that sharing a room to cut costs would be bought by the public at large? It leaves the door open to any kind of interpretation, least of all saving costs. Hague should have known better, bad judgement call on his part to put it mildly.

    In any event, if it later turns out that he is bisexual, then Cameron has backed a liar, blindly. Hague’s voting record is pretty dismal on gay issues in the past. I expect this will galvanize him to now oppose any future equality laws such as same-sex marriage.

  10. Mr Clifford said: “Why would a multi-millionaire chose and have and need to share a room with another man?”

    Because he was gagging for it, Max, dear.

  11. Ian Bower 2 Sep 2010, 4:25pm

    Yawn, yawn, yawn.

  12. “Mr Hague denied ever having a relationship with a man”

    Bill Clinton denied ever having had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky … just as technically a blow-job is not exactly the same thing as full sexual intercourse sex is not technically the same thing as a relationship.

    I’m quite concerned for Chris Myers who has lost his job and is now likely to be the major victim of this avoidable mini scandal.

  13. “I’m quite concerned for Chris Myers who has lost his job and is now likely to be the major victim of this avoidable mini scandal.”

    I’m sure the cash he will receive for an interview with a tabloid will be most comforting.

    Myers should call Max Clifford. Why should he have to suffer, simply because William Hague is an extravagant, homophobe?

  14. Deeside Will 2 Sep 2010, 5:01pm

    For heaven’s sake, who cares two flicks of a camel’s prick whether that little twerp William Hague is gay, bi-sexual or heterosexual, or whether or not he has ever had a sexual relationship with another man? I certainly don’t.

  15. “who cares two flicks of a camel’s prick whether that little twerp William Hague is gay, bi-sexual or heterosexual, or whether or not he has ever had a sexual relationship with another man?”

    – The people who were fighting the repeal of Section 28 (which Hague wanted to keep).
    – Those gay couples who have adopted children (which William Hague opposed)
    – Lesbian couples who have accessed IVF (which Hague did not want them to be allowed access to.)

    Very interesting article on William Hague in the New Statesman which condemns him for exploiting his wife’s reproductive abiities in order to save his own skin:

  16. marjangles 2 Sep 2010, 5:34pm

    Deeside Will, my issue isn’t whether Hague is gay or bi or whatever but whether he has potentially been using either Tory party or public money to fund his extra marital affair or to ensure that his lover has a nice job at the expense of the taxpayer. It’s the same issue for me as if Hague was potentially having an affair with a woman.

    There are a lot of questions hanging over this and it may simply be that Hague identified a kindred spirit and wanted to nurture that talent. But does he really need three special assistants in this day and age of austerity, particularly one who has only just graduated and has no experience in foreign affairs beyond chauffeuring around the shadow foreign secretary during the election campaign? Hague has been at least naive in all of this.

  17. He has obviously made an awful lot of enemies along the line. I remember seeing on television as a school boy speaker at a party conference. I almost threw up.

    The writing is on the wall for Miss Hague and it says, Mischon de Reya and/or Max Clifford PR.

  18. Why are accusations of being Gay still such an insult?

    After all as sane thinking people know – Religion is a lifestyle choice – being Gay is a natural state….

    Hague should have simply said ‘Thanks for the compliment, I am however hetrosexual – but don’t judge my sexuality too harshly…

    some hope.

  19. Marcus you asked: “Why did William Hague choose to share a bedroom with Christopher Myers, while his other staff were housed in a different, cheaper hotel from the one Hague and Myers stayed in?”

    Well, Marcus, just have a look at Myers and you’ll see the reason! He’s a lantern-jawed hunk and everything that Hague isn’t. All that black hair could make a bald man swoon!

    Pavlos, well-observed, when you said, “Bill Clinton denied ever having had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky … just as technically a blow-job is not exactly the same thing as full sexual intercourse sex is not technically the same thing as a relationship.”

    In Hague’s and Myer’s view they may not have been having a relationship, but were just “playing a round”. So, a better question for Mr. Hague would be: “Mr. Hague, have you been having a fling with Mr. Myers?” or “Mr. Hague, have you ever had a fling with man?”

  20. Good GRIEF!! So much media attention on so little media fact.

    So we think we are reaching a more equal society. I don’t think these hysetrical musings demonstrate much maturity. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Very poor journalism all round on this one – including in this set of comments. Honestly Marcus, where do you get your information?

    Same place as everyone else – from innuendo and gossip.

  21. @19:
    And Davo, Chris Myers does bear a passing resemblance to Hague’s former wrestling partner and close friend Seb Coe, albeit a younger and perhaps more attractive version.

  22. I’ve met quite a few striaghts who are quite partial to a bit of a fiddle now and again. I wonder what exactly the definition of gay is or affair or improper relationship is …..

    If the guy has had a bad record on LGBT voting then he deserves what he gets. Sorry he’s an mp, he’s one of the guys who initiates laws and votes on them on our behalf, a bad decision is a bad result for us.

    The image of the perfect Tory straight married couple which gets forced down our throats every election or everytime an adorable new baby is born is nauseating. Families are not all like this and are quite diverse….we aren’t all perfect like the image of the perfect tory family that must be preserved at all cost….

    Why hasn’t he answered the question , why would myers had got this job and why on earth would you share a room with him, he’s rich, he’s powerful, he’s been accussed of being gay in the past – what idiot mp would put himself in this position

  23. Jess Conrad 2 Sep 2010, 8:14pm


  24. Should that not NOW be, DON’T BE VAGUE SCREW HAGUE!

  25. Egon Ronnie 2 Sep 2010, 11:04pm

    The more pertinent question for me is: why has Myers QUIT his job?

    If here’s nothing to run from and you can hold your head up, why on earth give up your job at the mere whiff of untrue ‘scandal’? Doesn’t make sense.

  26. I’m not homophobic, at least I wasn’t when I looked in the mirror this morning. However I’d vote against any and all forms of ivf because I don’t think anyone has a right to children and there are too many of us anyway.

  27. @Ian

    That’s really awful. Really a genuinely ugly outlook on the situation.

  28. Elena Gordon 3 Sep 2010, 1:57am

    @ Matt: not nearly as ugly as the severe if not catestrophic consequences of over-population. I cannot see any justification for *any* fertility treatment on the NHS. Infertility is a consequence of our lifestyle and the way the human race has polluted to planet, it is a highly necessary re-balancing mechanism that we are subverting at our collective peril. I can feel sorry for people but a lot of the disappointment is based on the sense of entitlement to children in the first place.

  29. Hague is around 49 , he’s old enough to adopt myers.

    Don’t know what the details of hague’s miscarriage problems are, don’t know how old FFion is etc but why are being told about this now…. Funny way to say I’m not gay.

    Miscarriage must be awful for some but this isn’t the issue here…If the guy is gay and has bad lgbt record then I hope he comes out and votes differently in the future

    I also don’t like being part of the pulic where some click media and mps all know who are gay in westminster and VIP lounges and drunken dinner parties and yet we are the general public and as gay public who rights are affected by these people are kept in the ark…

  30. I would have been more impressed if Hague had stated before his speech “Whilst there is nothng wrong with two men loving each other however…”

    This whole issue leaves a very nasty taste. The media are to blame for not dealing with this properly. I thought this kind of media witchhunt of the whose gay thing was a thing of the past. Whilst certainly no fan I feel sorry for William Hague. This kind of media bullying surely has no place. All this does is cause resentment and I can’t see how this helps our case!

  31. But it’s not the gay media that are doing the bullying – we just have a straight perspective of the whole thing.. the issue is that if MPs are gay and they do not stand up for gay rights or worse vote infavourably on lgbt issues then that also does not help our case!

    We are a minority group , we are still pretty discriminated against, we still don’t have the same rights as straight couples eg marriage and with more openly gay mps then that is more likely to have an affect on any laws that are initiated and voted upon. In what way does a closet mp help bring about change or attitude towards gay people…If we can’t see them then we don’t know they exist. We have the impression that everybody is happily married to people of opposite sex with kids, this isn’t the real world…

    Every time a person is outed it does leave a sour taste , no-one benefits but still they remain in the closet …WHY do they continue to do it, they are public figures, they are going to be scrutinized and they do use the image of perfectly married couples or bachelors when it suits them. It would take an awful lot of lying and deceit to hide the fact that I am gay and have a partner. How do they manage to hide these facts anyway, it must be pretty hard work , the longer it goes on the most complicated the web of lies (eg laws sitution was ridulous, how could he possibly hide a long term partner like that- the lies and deceit in the end affected his work and his integrity – no-one trusted him?)…. I don’t really think I want my mp to cover things up, be deceitful, do you? …. Apart from wanting more gay mps, I’m quite interested in knowing some background about the person. It’s not unusual or a crime and you don’t have to have an ulterior motive to ask about someone’s family life you know, I don’t want a pack of lies though!

  32. @ John

    Who said it was just the gay media?

  33. I guess the gay media are just reporting the straight media and I don’t see any gay perspective on any of the reporting…. What would the impact of proving that Hague is gay and that other cabinet ministers and tory mps and others in government were gay? Do you really think that would have no impact at all on the gay community and the general public ???? Would that help our case???

  34. I’ve heard of lovely rugged Ray Mears but who is this Gay Smears we keep hearing about?…Is she a relation of Straight Smears?

  35. An interesting line in the telegraph says about Hague

    “…He raised eyebrows among some in the party during the leadership campaign when he came out in favour of homosexual marriage. ”

    If he brings this up again with Cameron then I don’t give a bugger whether he is gay or not or on any other past bad voting he has had on any lgbt issue – but all of you please come out who ever you are, what is the point of all this, it’s all legal now and acceptable, the more gay mps who are out of the closet the better …..

  36. Has William Hague apologised for his revoltingly homophobic voting record yet?

    In light of him and his wife’s alleged infertility, does he still oppose lesbians being allowed access to IVF treatment?

    Why did he choose to share a bedroom with Myers when his other staff were housed in a cheaper, different hotel?

    Why did Myers quit his job if they had done nothing wrong?

    Why did Hague need 3 advisors?

    What qualifications did Myers have to work in the Foreign Office seeing as he had only recently graduated from university?

    None of these reasonable questions have been addressed.

    The homophobic Hague shouldn’t be allowed to sweep these very reasonable questions under the carpet, simply because he claims his wife had a miscarriage.

    He’s a public servant who is refusing to answers that are in the public interest to know.

  37. Is it important, anyway?

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