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Australian school drops ‘gay’ from Kookaburra song

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 2 Sep 2010, 12:48pm

    Old news
    he’s changed his mind, and will use it as a teaching aid to show how language can change

  2. There’s an old Irish song with a line “I met with gay dancers as i passed down the way”.

  3. I always thought the Flintstones theme was a prime candidate for this… “We’ll have a gay old time!”
    Kind of explains why Fred and Barney spent so much time together in every episode “getting away from the wives”… could be seen as a prehistoric “Brokeback Mountain”.
    And who knows, if the penguins and swans can demonstrate same sex attraction, the Kookaburra may actually be gay.

  4. The semantic shifts that ‘gay’ has gone through are remarkable. Up until the early 20th century it was a scandalous word associated with lechery and prostitution (any sexuality) and drunken carousing. In the 70’s a friend of mine knew an ancient Anglican bishop of liberal persuasion who remembered the word’s Victorian meaning who said ‘I really think you people ought to have chosen a more respectable word..’!!
    The teacher should have left the word in. Apart from anything else, children need to learn that many words, especially in English, have several different meanings.

  5. Or he could of taught that it isn’t nice to laugh at people (yes, even when they’re gay)!

  6. Old news
    he’s changed his mind, and will use it as a teaching aid to show how language can change

    Can you cite a source for believing the teacher has changed his mind?

  7. How very silly! Words can have several meanings in English as we all know and Gay can still mean Happy, especially in the songs of the 1930’s and before (18th century songs are full of Gay Shepards but they are not “Gay” but “gay”)

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