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Archbishop of Westminster’s aide says gay rights have made Britain a ‘wasteland’

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  1. Mihangel apYrs 2 Sep 2010, 2:53pm

    coming from a man who wears a dress to do his job, that’s a bit thick!

    I know a hell of a lot more gay men than priests who undertake heavy physical work when necessary (e.g brick laying, demolition, etc) while this wilter is still on his first sweet sherry.

    So just f*k the hell off and persecute a choirboy-molester

    (it’s almost as theough they’re asking for us to give papa Ratzi a hard time so they can scream “persecution!”

  2. Ian Bower 2 Sep 2010, 3:01pm

    These people are SO out of touch with reality, decency, respect for diversity that it truly sickens me that some people still believe the vile hatred that they promote.

  3. He truly sounds mentally infirm. What is he against feminisation or laddishness? He can’t even make up his mind. It’s stupid comments like this that create hundreds of new atheists at a turn. If the church is to survive as a relevant entity it has to eliminate homophobia from its ranks and be seen to be truly striving for equality. Some churches have proved themselves capable of this and they will be the future of religion as catholicism continues its rapid atrophy.

  4. Richard Evans 2 Sep 2010, 3:15pm

    Would someone please help me, my palm appears to be stuck to my face.

  5. Well, his coat’s not nailed to the wall. I am sure the visa office at the Uganda and/or Zimbabwe high commission are open 10 am – 4 pm most days.

  6. Bascially all this ranting from the Vatican reveals how out of touch, ignorant and backward thinking the RC church really is . . . the brash rather crude statement is really code for

    “come and have a go if you think your hard enough”

    The RC’s were always bullies, and think they can bullying us into submission, compliance and shame.

    The shame is sadly on them

  7. D Lambert 2 Sep 2010, 3:30pm

    Rwanda and genocide spring to mind.

  8. another troll called Mr Orange has appeared sadly!
    the female stuff is a bit rich considering he’s in a frock and submissive to other men! what gay agenda? why is it bigots always spout the same old pathetic BS? it’s people like this who’ll never see how out of touch they are or why their particular beliefs should die out like the dodo etc

  9. He’s a catholic is he not?

    How can he expect anyone to take him seriously? The hierarchy in his church is nothing but a paedophile protection ring.

    Why has the catholic hierarchy done so much over so many years to protect child rapist priests?

  10. And he expects there to be no catholic bashing after this? This is proof positive that the Roman cult that devolution exists. What a bunch of neanderthals they are. They have absolutely NO moral authority to pass judgement on anything given its history (millenia old) of sexual abuse of children and women. Nothing has changed and it never will.

  11. Using biblical language, he spoke about the role of women and the importance of heterosexual marriage.
    so why is the pop single?

  12. His rantings about gay people are totally expected, and his talk about ‘the role of women’ can only make me shudder to think. Ironic, for a religion that preaches love and acceptance. And tell me, if God is everywhere and if he knows all, then surely he knows from the moment of conception whether or not a child is going to heaven or hell, so what does it matter how you lead your life? And the ‘free will’ retort is redundant also — if you have free will, why are the 10 Commandments not the 10 Advisory Points? God put the male G Spot up the arse for a reason, people!

  13. this guy sucks… cock! what a dickhead

  14. His whole argument is set on a wrong premiss.

    Gay rights and gay marriage rights have no impact on the declining marriage rates. Indeed allowing people to be open and honest about their sexuality will stop some people divorcing in latter life to be themselves.

    As for the actions of heterosexual men its not the gay community feminising them or ultra masculising them. Its a generational reaction to the hetro normative status que.

    The more people like this tells people who they should be, the more they will react and go against it.

  15. D Lambert 2 Sep 2010, 4:33pm

    Compare this wasteland to when the catholic church used to set fire to people. This wasteland starts to look rather lovely.

  16. The catholic priests would still be engaging in industrial scale child-rape if the secular state had not intervened.

    Cattholic clergy and hierarchy are despicable scum!

  17. Deeside Will 2 Sep 2010, 5:09pm

    Just a correction here on a matter of fact. Edmund Adamus is not a priest. He was once, but he left the Catholic priesthood and got married.

  18. Paul Mitchell 2 Sep 2010, 5:10pm

    The church and religion is the actual wasteland!!!!!


  19. “…feminisation of masculinity”? Why, this here homo will quite happily kick ex-priest’s bigoted ass ’round the block a few times.

    He of course MUST have the same opinion or WORSE of other countries like Spain, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Portugal, Argentina, Norway, Netherlands.

    Another uninformed opinion.

  20. Haven’t those who choose a lifestyle with their religion caused enough ‘wastelands’ – Being Gay is a natural state – not a lifestyle choice – From where I sit Gays have enriched humanity –

  21. Oh dear oh dear here we go again. Got to blame someone for the sad and declining state of marriage. I know, lets blame the very people who are not allowed to join the club!!

    I am constantly surprised at the lack of intellectual rigour that accompanies these statements from the church’s greatest thinkers.

  22. If I had a spare hundred quid I’d bet it on Mr. Adamus being found in a hotel room with a bag of crystal meth and slew of rent boys before the year is out. There’s a dreary inevitability to these things.

  23. “Wasteland”, LOL. I cannot speak a great deal about England, but in the US show me a gay neighborhood and I will show you high property values, low crime, clean streets, etc. etc….. Show me a hard core Catholic neighborhood and I will show you a slum!!!

    And after 2000 years what has the church, any church, done to end poverty?


  24. interesting. Mr. Adamus is wasted then for living in a wasteland. Or where is his senses? Damned fool.

  25. Deeside Will 2 Sep 2010, 9:06pm

    I think it’s simplistic, VP, to think that all homophobics are closet gays. Some are, of course, but there are other reasons. Many, I think, are just so screwed up that they have a problem with sexuality in any shape or form, although they reluctantly recognize that heterosexuality is necessary for the propagation of the human species. There are others who have something else to hide, e.g. they may be secret paedophiles.

  26. Egon Ronnie 2 Sep 2010, 9:15pm

    The homophobes are up in arms against the ‘gay agenda’ and anything else that they claim has ‘laid waste’ to Britain. What ‘gay agenda’? A bunch of taxpaying, law-abiding, non-criminal gay community members want equal rights?

    Actually the one thing that has caused war, death, intolerance, bloodshed and uneccessary poverty the world over has been….religion. On a massive scale. No other gripe can compare to the destruction and suffering man-made religion has caused.

    And just because after 2,000 years of being bossed around gays and gay-friendlies have started to find a voice the church fundies start losing their marbles, revertign to ‘evil agenda’ mode. They actually think they have the right to imply we go back to living like we did 2,000 years ago, as if that was the ‘better’ more saintly time somehow.

    I bet this man is not troubled by one single gay individual, yet chooses to attack gays daily and accuse others of having an agenda. But reading his statements he appears to throw many groups, not just gays, under the bus.

    Please let this create more atheists.

  27. Well… at least he has a pretty cool name.

  28. Thanks Mr Orange . . . you have finally revealed your homophobia

    So according to Roman Catholic supporter Mr Orange . . . all gays are Pedophiles

    Really ?

  29. Deeside Will 2 Sep 2010, 9:58pm

    My God, you’re naïve, Mr Orange. I actually approve of Pope Benedict’s attempt to stop gays from joining the priesthood. In the past far too many gay Catholics have tried to cop out of being gay by entering the priesthood. It doesn’t work, and they find themselves trapped and their lives wrecked – although some lucky ones have managed to escape. So Ratzi is doing broadly the right thing, albeit for the wrong reasons. But this will weed out very few, if any, of the potential abusers. Most of them will slip through the net.

  30. pedos are pedos and hetero actually
    this link of pedos to LBG is only ever in homophobes head and done to demonise LBG

  31. George Broadhead, PTT 2 Sep 2010, 10:03pm

    Yet, despite the homophobic rantings of that evil litle man in the Vatican, which the Catholics received as a gift from Mussolini, and this outburst from Edmund Adamus, gay Catholics, notably those in groups like Quest, will still help swell the coffers of this vile religion and pay homage to “his holiness” when he comes to the UK later this month. How masochistic can you get!

  32. Mihangel apYrs 2 Sep 2010, 10:09pm

    Deeside Will@28

    when I re-read it I picked up that e was not (no longer) a priest.

    The fact that he abandonned his lifetime and sacred vows for fornication hardly fits him for his position: he ought to be cleaning bedpans in an old priests’ home, not pontificating against others.

  33. The man brings shame upon the Church – he should resign or be sacked

  34. westcoastkid(USA) 2 Sep 2010, 10:55pm

    Dear Mr. Orange. Lay all the crap on gays you can think of, but when you blame escalating teen pregnancy rate on gays I afraid sir your barking up the wrong tree sir . Look elsewhere for that sacrilege.

  35. Don’t let the facts get in your way, Mr. Orange. But the John Jay College Report on child sexual abuse in the catholic church concluded that homosexual priests were NOT the cause of the problem. They concluded that the majority of cases of abuse were caused by about 4% of the priests between 1952 and 2002: .

    In the US, a very large number of priests are gay, but never abuse anyone or betray their office (heterosexual men find celibacy too difficult; young gay adolescents are often talked into the priesthood to spare their parents the shame of their homosexuality).

    It doesn’t help when the catholic hierarchy is constantly looking for ways to scapegoat gays as a group, and grandly announce that no homosexuals will be allowed to become ordained priests. Who do they think they’re fooling?

  36. Does anyone really care anymore what the church says? It’s so damn backward it’s not really worth acknowledging anything it says!

  37. Hey Mr Orange, don’t you think teen pregnancy & spread of STI’s might, just might, be linked to the Catholic lack of teaching about sex and contraception?

  38. Nasty man!… he sneaks around putting cats in wheelie bins!

  39. Ev Steward 3 Sep 2010, 12:28am

    This is a bit rich given that Edmund Adamus was a priest in the Salford diocese and forsake his vows to chase a bit of skirt whom he eventually married. Anyhow can’t understand how he has such a high profile jobs as ex priests according to church law are not supposed to have these kinds of jobs!

  40. Keith SALFORD 3 Sep 2010, 1:04am

    Why has the thread on William Haig-don’t-be-vague been closed?
    Too near the knuckle?

    Anyone see the pic in the press today of him and thinggy?
    Mutton dressed as lamb…a clear case of.

    Last fling before the ‘winter’ sets in?

    We’ve all done that in our dotage; I know I have.

    Christmas tree; camp as.

  41. Were Jesus here today, I think he would be in among all the slags and filthy queers, you moral snob, Adamus, you Pharisee; has NONE of the N.T. sunk in..?
    If Adamus is so ill at ease here, then why does he not knob off and take up residence in the Vatican with all the other nonces; I am sure his Uncle Bernie Law would give him a few pointers and Great Uncle Joe would ”assist with relocation” should that prove favourite.
    You have a lot more to worry about than a few dollies showing their builders’ crack, vomititious as that may well be, or a few queens strutting their stuff on the back of a float in MANCHESTER PRIDE week.


  42. A priest told me, in the confessional, over 50 years ago, that my homosexuality was an illness and then he gave me the address of a doctor who would shock me into normality, as he put it.

    I never went to Mass or even into a church ever again.

    I would rather stumble across a boozed-up trollope in the street; I can cross over and avoid her and her mates.

    But I cried for decades over that statement from that priest, until recently, in fact, because rather than go thro’ electro-therapy I just simply abandoned the Church and the practice of my religion literally overnight.

    I would not lift a finger against any tanked-up trollope; I’d just walk on by.

    But if I ever met that priest again I would lamp his head against the nearest brick wall for the guilt and mental pain he has caused me down the decades.

    He is still drawing breath; in Wales now, spouting his nonsense.
    I wonder if the years have changed his outlook.

    He got that wrong, totally.

    And it just makes me wonder what else he/they get wrong.

    So Adamus, and your boss Nicholls, take a hike; you have nowt to say.


  43. If you don’t like it, then go somewhere else but then again you are one of a long line of males living off the collection plate, given by people who have been fooled and intimidated!

  44. douglas in canada 3 Sep 2010, 4:47am

    1] A common practice when the ship is going down… bring more people on board, so you can stand on their shoulders and drowning bodies, so that you yourself can stay afloat. The church is going down and the administration knows it, so they’re doing what they can to protect themselves — to hell with the people they use in an effort to accomplish that.

    2] They know they’ve done wrong, with all the child rape [not only molesting, but rape!] and so they are trying to divert people’s attention by pointing fingers and demonizing gays. And once their people pick up on the homophobia, the catholic priests stand at the back, behind the altar boys, doing what they love to do most.

  45. Well it has been a lovely night not sleeping again, peeps.

    I hope I have not bored all your tits off but if I have, well then tuff titty..

    Never mind..

    I have had a marvellous evening/early morning trawling YOUTUBE

    The link below is LIBERACE & JACK BENNY

    Absolutely hilarious..

    I would far rather see Liberace in his camp get-ups and listen to him for a month and see his smile than listen to 10 seconds of po-mush Archbishop Vincent Nicholls in his camp get-ups, his boss in his, or any of his pompous crew… even nude on a bike.

    Boa noite a todos..!


  46. Jess Conrad 3 Sep 2010, 6:24am

    Keith, An Old Bishop Will Tell You The Same Thing He Himself Was Told When He Was Eighteen…..Words Of Wisdom From JESS!

  47. I have been talking about this issue for a long time now about GAY MEN who do not know how to act and be MEN. Too busy being GIRLS and being effeminate. It is embarrassing to be GAY now. Have really lost it. The gay community is on the brink of extinction because you all wanted to be normal like heterosexuals, not gay. I believe in GAY SEPARATISM. Should never become mainstream. It has ruined our lives.

  48. This man’s comments were so outrageously over the top that it’s hard to see how anyone could take them seriously anyway.

  49. An organisation that enforces celibacy and dictates sexual morals to others, is akin to an anorexic dictating what people should eat – What a fool.

  50. This is why I’m anti-religion and I support people like Richard Dawkins.

    These religious freaks do not keep their deluded views to themselves.

  51. John – there’s many very non-girly guys about but you can’t or don’t or won’t see that

  52. As a gal, I said, “Screw you, Mr. celibate whatever who’s forever in a frock!” Go mind your own business as opposed to all things related to children, women, homosexuals and morality.

  53. “Should never become mainstream. It has ruined our lives.”

    John, I think enough of society thinks we’re “different” (to put it mildly) enough to still warrant feeling “separate”. As for gay men being “too busy being GIRLS and being effeminate”, well, that’s just rather naive of you to say. A pack of malnourished bitchy queens on the dancefloor of the local bar is not the entire gay community, or representative of gay men in general. And I *AM* normal, thanks you. The fact you imply gay is NOT normal says something really disturbing about your state of mind and self worth.

    Maybe stop listening to the stereotypes and you can move past the prejudices that come with them – its considered the intelligent and enlightened thing to do.

  54. Yet another religious nut using texts to justify his discrimination. What a bunch of hypocrites. I’ve yet to hear any LGBT person claim a religious person should be put to death for Their lifestyle, yet it seems religion can call on it towards how people are born. The amount of murder religion seems to justify again not an issue from the LGBT community.

    It seems the churches need to look at the thing they fear most…. themselves.

  55. John, ‘Your’ problem with so called ‘fem’ guys is a phobia which is as bad as all of those homophobes out there! Grow up and recognise that all people are unique in regard to their sexuality and how they express it! Your reaction is homophobic because it means you are not comfortable about yourself! What right have you to tell gay people HOW to be! Disgraceful!

  56. Interesting how Archbishop Nicholls has said these are the views of Edmund Adamus (is that name for real???) and do not necessarily reflect his own views! HOWEVER, How can the Laddish and Ladette culture be anything to do with us Gays? There are Butch Gays and Fem Gays after all How can Gays be femanising Masculinity? One look at a Gay S&M film will show you extreme “masculine” bonding(age) ;-) These so called religious experts should look inward and see why people no longer trust the church; its all their nasty dirty little scandals and disgusting abuse, both physical, sexual and mental of innocent children (the ones Jesus said needed to be loved and protected by the way! When he said suffer little children to come unto me, he did not mean it as an excuse for child abuse!)

  57. The Archbishop of Westminster and his aides have made Britain a ‘wasteland’.

  58. squidgy – being gay isn’t always about sex, many people seek a committed stable loving relationship and not just casual sex, groups aren’t just the stereotyped BS that the media loves to peddle. many straights are obvious but that doesn’t matter to scum like him as it’s heteros etc

  59. I often wonder whether these nutty comments from these so called relgious people actually do us a favour. They’re so nutty and outrageous that most people (I hope?) would try to distance themselves from them…..

    These guys don’t have any say on LGBT issues in the UK, do they? I’m never quite sure whether their opinions, apart from influencing some hard cord fanatics, matter when it comes to LGBT rights?

  60. “…the feminisation of masculinity and the laddish culture that haunts the development of young girls and women …”

    Well, make up your mind, which is it? ‘Laddish culture’ is hardly the result of feminisation!

    Besides which, I hardly think think paternalistic attitudes are exactly free from haunting the development of women in the past.

    As has been pointed out above, sometimes these people do the world a favour by showing their bigotry in glorious technicolour. How anyone can take a muppet like Adamus seriously is beyond me.

  61. Squidgy, that kind of stereotyping you portray of us is just that. We’re not all promiscuous any more than straights. The reason why we’re targeted is because its more about homophobia to denigrate and dehumanise us. Don’t you see that? Straights never had to fight for their right to equality, its a birthright, but not for gays in our country at this point in time. You don’t think that straight couples kissing in public, holding hands, movies portraying straight sex scenes isn’t about shoving their sexuality in our faces least of all anyone else’s? You’re falling into the trap which is what homophobic cultists such as Nichols want you to do and gives them indirect, maybe unintentional support to their agenda to discriminate against us and villify our existence. Everyday, I read something in the papers about men abusing women, far more than gay men abusing other gay men; women being raped, groped, adultery, prostitution, the list is endless, overwhelmingly all straight. Buying into one grain of this homophobe’s statement is a dangerous step whether we’re gay or straight. As for who among us would not give a damn if we had marriage equality or not, that’s yet another trap you’re falling into similar to the homophobic stand StonewallUK makes on this one issue. You’re enabling people like Nichols and his ilk to spew their venom, the kind of language that sends a clear message to homophobic bullies, that its ok to beat us up, kill us even. Be careful what you wish for. Just because you may not want the right to marry or maybe you do, doesn’t mean that the rest of us who want to marry should be banned from it. Nobody is trying to take civil partnerships away, quite the contrary. They should exist along side same-sex marrriage for those of us who want that option and straights should be allowed to opt out of marriage for a CP. If we want full equality then we shouldn’t be banned from marrying. When our own people are against marriage equality, then they’re supporting discrimination and homophobia against not only us who want to marry, but themselves. You’re actually validating StonewallUK’s refusal to support it. Ten countries now allow us to marry which proves that most gay people around the world do most certainly give a damn. It was enough to compel their respective governments to do something about it without much prodding. Don’t forget, the majority of them had some form of same sex legal union long before we did. They can’t all be wrong.

  62. So Mr. Orange, which criterion does the Roman cult use to screen out potential hetero paedophiles and philanderers? The reason why in the U.S. there was more same-sex molestation cases was that there were more males avaiable to the perpetrators, some of whom were actually straight. Roughly 20% of the cases were straight priests molesting boys and girls. In many cases of paedophilia in the U.S., the majority of the culprits did not distinguish the gender as their target for abuse. this is nothing more than a red herring by the Vatican to distract and demonise and scapegoat us. If you can’t see that, then you’re another shining of example that devolution exists.

  63. Are people forgetting that, not in so distance past, early pregnancy was much higher. People got married sooner, had kids earlier in their lives – and basically started their life much sooner that today. Also, child molestation was not talked about openly, only whispers between friends – if that.

    And this was just last century! So I don’t think teenage pregnancy and “feminisation of masculinity” was our fault. I think he should talk to the people who invented “the pill”; it has changed more than people think – or perhaps the woman’s rights movement? Perhaps they are to blame?

  64. Mr Orange – who says Robert takes poppers? that’s another example of your ignorant bigotry, you also need to put times and dates on comments! the point is that many bigots like you always attack same-sex displays of affection/sex/love yet ignore hetero displays. I really doubt that you are gay anyway

  65. its ridiculous these self righteous conservatives who espouse all manner of negativity about being homosexual and then retreat behind a wall of unavailabilty, accusation, and censorship. jesus and paul took their understandings into hostile gatherings to allow the testing of their ideas. to date those who attempt to cast negative aspersions for being gay are continually more protective about their opinions because they cannot stand up to any testing. they cannot answer the simple question of “how gender pairing and choices of errogenous zones to express sexual intimacy, choices also practiced by heterosexuals, can have any importance about anything.

  66. Please Note People:-

    There is someone using the same name as me but with a small ‘s’.

    I wish PinkNews would stamp out the use of duplicates but it seems they revel in it and what it can lead too!

  67. Comment (62) DOES NOT represent how I feel. People who have seen me write hopefully would recognise a fraud is yet again amoungst us!

    I am Sick of PinkNews allowing this to happen.

  68. Hodge Podge 3 Sep 2010, 3:56pm

    I hadn’t bothered reading this article because I knew I would just get angry and stop me getting stuff done. Everything that has been said has been said, what an idiot.

  69. Erroll Clements 3 Sep 2010, 4:15pm

    ANOTHER one of those dress up and be nice on Sunday’s Christians…who spend the rest of the week being their normal ignorant, vile and unchristian selves !

  70. Your own report SIGNIFICANTLY omitted the fact that Archbishop Vincent Nichols has distanced himself from Adamus’ views, even if some of the comments note this! Adamus is extreme in his views and has little influence in the Archdiocese of Westminster, even if he thinks he has! I understand many of his former brother clergy in Salfod Diocese were quite surprised when he left to marry, given his conservative reputation!
    He has continually blocked any publicity on his ‘Pastoral Affairs’ section of the Diocesan website for the Soho Masses which welcome LGBT Catholics,parents, family and friends at the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption & St. Gregory, Warwick Street.

  71. Rev Laurie Roberts 3 Sep 2010, 4:19pm

    ‘increasing numbers of teenage pregnancies, violent crime, STDs and drug addiction’

    Yes, us gays are the cause of ALL of this ! Feck off !

  72. I just feel really sorry for the committed Roman Catholic worshippers who have to put up with all these disgraceful and unwarranted slurs against the gay members of their communities.
    How do they manage it?
    Their faith must be severely stretched at times, so I suggest they hang in there and wait for this dreadful German Pope to meet his inevitable end, when hopefully, things will change and the church will then realise what Christianity and the teaching of Christ is all about.

  73. OMAR KUDDUS GayasylumUK 3 Sep 2010, 6:30pm

    And this is Vatican History:
    Clement VII had sex with page boys.
    Benedict IX was into bestiality and bi-sexual orgies.
    Boniface VII was described as a “monster” and a criminal.
    Benedict XII was a notorious drunkard.
    The reign of Innocent VIII was called “The Golden Age of Bastards”.
    Leo I was a sadist and torturer.
    Julius III sodomized young boys.
    Clement VI frequented prostitutes.
    Anacletus was into raping nuns.
    Paul II enjoyed watching naked men being racked and tortured.
    Then of course there is the child sex abuse scandal in current times.
    Meanwhile…- “Gay marrage `is eeeeevil!”-
    Or is that more appropriately“People in glass house…Shouldn’t throw stones.”-
    “God hates the sordid tacky….He hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it.
    PLease! whwn will the Church sort out their own before critising gays/LGBT’s.

  74. Jen Marcus 3 Sep 2010, 10:39pm

    Sadly, the institutional imperial hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has turned the church into an ignorant, backward wasteland of superstition, mediocrity and irrelevance on par with belief in magic, unicorns, fairies and goblins.

  75. Ev Steward 4 Sep 2010, 12:50am

    Edmund Adamus is a failed priest who couldn’t even keep his vows. Why is anyone listening to this moron!

  76. @martin: you should realise that the Soho masses are for a bunch of people who haven’t got the intellectual honesty to understand that the church they are fool enough to want to belong to is never going to change; that by their attendance at these masses they are prepared to accept and actively participate in an mediaeval institution which tells them they are “disordered”; and that they are by such participating actively giving aid and comfort to gay people’s principal enemy in this country. Gay catholics should be treated with contempt, as the hypocrites they are, by BOTH sides.

  77. Don’t you queers know any other words than Homophobic and bigotry. That is the impression I am reading. Some times making OBSERVATIONS of oneself and others does help. Self-criticism helps.

    If Gay men want to be accepted and respected, then you will have to learn to act as men. That is who you are supposed to be. At the moment you are an embarrassment to yourselves and to your masculinity and to the male species. Need to take a good hard look at yourselves and your identity of manhood.

  78. Does he think that fvcking men is feminism or feministic – its the female fvckers that need the help.

  79. How about these words, John: your sick, historically vile religious nonsense, i.e., the catholic church, has killed, maimed, and destroyed individuals and whole societies in the name of Jesus. The cover-up of child rape- another fine catholic tradition stretching back for generations- has been uncovered and exposed and makes a mockery of the “morality” of catholicism. Don’t like it? Too bad! Truth to power!

    Your definition of gay men is similar to what was done when the Jews were labeled Christkillers by your church. You find gay men standing up to and justifiably criticizing your pope and church, and the shameful scapegoating of gays, and you seek to trivialize & marginalize the argument. Your criticisms of gay men sound a lot like the pot calling the kettle beige.

  80. “At the moment you are an embarrassment to yourselves and to your masculinity and to the male species.”

    LOL! Keep off the prescription meds, there’s a good chap….

    The only embarrassment to the species is people like you John, uneducated idiots are too common in the gene pool, as blatantly proven by your ridiculous comments. You’re laughable!

  81. westcoastkid(USA) 7 Sep 2010, 12:02am

    Comment by Jack — September 4, 2010 @ 17:07 … Amen, brother, amen!

  82. Dave North 9 Sep 2010, 11:06am

    “If Gay men want to be accepted and respected, then you will have to learn to act as men.”

    John 17:07

    It is not us Gays that want our objects of desire to be wrapped up in pink fluffy frilly nonsense or smelling of cheap flowery perfume.

    Give us a bit of rough and sweat any day over that feministic cr@p.

    Who’s tha man now.

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