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William Hague denies gay affair with ministerial aide

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Reader comments

  1. I have often shared a hotel room with my boyfriend, why is everyone making such a fuss just because William Hague & Chris Myers do the same?

  2. In 2010 I am getting pee’d off with all this outing people rubbish. I’m not sure what gain there is. If anything surely it’ll start to cause resentment.

    I’m all for outing those doing harm to the LGBT community but I think when we have a government who supports us we should at least give them a chance. Yes I know some do love to live in the past but seriously I thought this kind of witchhunt reporting was a thing of the past.

    It does us no favours!

  3. So they shared a hotel room – so what?! I’ve shared a bed with plenty of female friends before and can assure you there was nothing more than sleeping going on!

    If anything it show signs of good financial management: why fork out on two hotel rooms if you are just crashing there to sleep on a hectic campaign trail?

  4. Mike, I agree. It strikes me as completely and utterly fatuous to suppose that two guys can’t be friends without their being gay. It may provide titilation to some to imagine that the two are having a gay affair, but there really isn’t even a story here, just some rather idiotic innuendo. And, naturally, Mr Hague is miffed by the suggestion that he is cheating on his wife. I hope this non-story dies the death it deserves.

  5. Anybody willing to sleep with Hague needs help!

    The man too creepy :D

  6. Whatn is Hague’s voting record on LGBT issues?

    I’m betting it is appalling. And I’m betting like that contemptible little quisling Crispin Blunt, he has not apologised for his bigotry.

    Outing people who try to harm the LGBT community is acceptable.

    If Hague has had gay relationships and also voted against the rights of other LGBT people then he absolutely should be outed.

    Policial hypocrisy is absolutely in the public interest to know.

    That said – sharing a hotel bedroom is not evidence of anything. I’ve shared hotel bedrooms with friends before.

    Time to do some digging.

    Where was the hotel?

    Was it a double bed in the hotel room, or 2 single beds.

    Is there any former male lover of William Haguen lurking in the background willing to share his grief about having his heart broken in exchange for some cold hard cash.

    William Hague’s voting record on LGBT issues will determine whether or not these are in the public interest to know!

  7. And here is his voting record:

    In summary William Hague:

    Voted against gay couples adopting
    Voted to keep Section 28
    Voted against lesbians being allowed to access IVF treatment
    Was absent from the vote on Civil partnerships
    Was absent on the vote about the equal age of consent.

    His record is pretty dreadful .

    If he is gay then he is fair game to be outed.

  8. Oo-er Missus ooo no 1 Sep 2010, 10:12am

    Hague has a good record on gay equality votes; he voted to equalize the age of consent, unlike many other Tories. He has been one of the most gay friendly Tory Mps around. This is a non story, the scandal is in the reporting of it.

  9. No 8: “Hague has a good record on gay equality votes; he voted to equalize the age of consent, unlike many other Tories. He has been one of the most gay friendly Tory Mps around.”

    No he doesn’t have a good record on gay issues – see my post number 7 above.

    being absent on the vote for equalising the age of consent is not something he should be commended for.

    And he voted to keep Section 28 and against gay couples being allowed to adopt. If that is gay friendly for the Tories then we are doomed!

  10. Mihangel apYrs 1 Sep 2010, 10:46am

    He’s denied it.

    If it proves to be true, he’s toast (justifiably)

    Until then, there’s nothing really to say

  11. Unfortunately, the tabloids (The Daily Mail etc) are looking for a way to persecute people and keep themselves relevant.

  12. Seems he and Seb Coe used to indulge in a bit of topless wrestling, which might sound a bit homo-erotic to some but neither William Hague nor Seb Coe rouse me erotically whether separately or together.
    Hague’s sudden marriange to Ffion after the gossip around the topless wrestling bouts with Coe and speculation then about his being gay made people think at the time that the marriage was a cover-up, an expedient marriage of political convenience…well that’s what some people thought anyway.

  13. marjangles 1 Sep 2010, 11:14am

    Although this seems a pretty poor and unlikely story, there is a deeper issue. It appears that Hague created a third special advisers position for this guy at the FCO, you’d wonder why he needs 3 special advisers, especially given that this one is 25, has no experience of foreign affairs and Cameron is supposedly on an economy drive.

    So, if this guy is Hague’s secret lover, Hague is funnelling public money to him as well as using public money to fund his extra-marital getaways. That’s pretty bad.

    Having said that though, I still don’t believe a word of it and I think Hague’s denial is genuine. It just proves though that you can’t shake rumours once they start.

  14. BobbetStillTheSame 1 Sep 2010, 11:42am

    Coming from a Tory, what a surprise!! Give him some money and a younger “aide”. That’ll surely alleviate his frustrations.

  15. I always had a thing for Hague. His accent is absolutely adorable! :)

  16. OMAR KUDDUS 1 Sep 2010, 12:03pm

    Sharing a bed with an aid may be “inocent” but his record of Gay Rights however is not and his actions show double standards.

  17. People, just do your own internet research and you’ll unearth all the reasons for the rumour that Hague is gay.

    And don’t miss all three of the photographs of Hague and Myers that were published in The Daily Mail last week.

    Seems like Hague has really got the gay press running scared, eh?

  18. BobbetStillTheSame 1 Sep 2010, 1:09pm

    Mama’s boy

  19. Yawn! I thought it was a well known fact he was Gay but perhaps in denial; I know someone who slept with him before Ffion came along(!)

  20. de Villiers 1 Sep 2010, 1:54pm

    William Hague is a vile and disgusting peddler of hate and a vicious self-hating scumbag.

    This is true because I have said it. I have now said it twice.

    He should be outed. He is a self-hating, poisonous murderer who has caused the death of gay people with his vileness.

    And he is a Tory. We know that Tories want to hunt down and murder gay people in their beds. Tories want people to die if they are poor or gay or both. This is a FACT.

    Enough said.

    But there also questions to ask.

    WHO appointed this man to speak for others?
    WHY does he think we will believe his pathetic public statements?
    WHO does this man think he is to sit in judgment over us?

    We have to hurt William VAGUE. We have to hurt every vile, anti-gay, poisonous snake and stamp on their cold blooded hearts until they scream in agony and for the mercy that they have never shown us. We must torture them until there is nothing left but a twisted corpse to match their bitter and twisted soul. They must pay in blood and pain.

    These people have no compassion.

    We must expose such nasty vipers and show them up for what they are. And what they are – they are worthless scumbags. They do nothing but spew HATE.

  21. Mihangel apYrs 1 Sep 2010, 1:56pm

    you actually KNOW someone with so little taste? Or worse: would claim to have done so even if not!!

  22. Someone at his level should not need to share a hotel bedroom with his driver. There’s no excuse for it; he has a wife, for goodness sake, and hotel rooms go begging in a recession. The writing is on the wall for Hague.

  23. Hague’s homophobic voting record is notorious and his support for retaining Section 28 was public and blatant during the 2001 election campaign. His private antics, including in hotels, are pretty well-known in the party according to what a little Tory bird once told me.
    Sorry, folks, I think he’s fair game for the spotlight, if only to make him and other Tories repeat out loud and in public that they are now completely reformed characters as far as lgbt rights are concerned.

  24. My gaydar is not registering anything when pointed towards WH. If this is true, then the whole world is gay.

  25. Squidgy,No.3…outing is important when the very people who vote against our rights are gay themselves. Its nothing more than despicable. Another thing, what straight man in his right mind, in particular one who is in politics would share a hotel room with another male? Its not common and its not usual.

    Anyone would have to be naive to think that just because someone happens to be marrried to someone of the opposite sex that they can’t be gay or bisexual, in most cases, deeply closeted, as Crispin Blunt, among others, has proved. The first reaction is to deny it. Even if Hague turns out to be gay or not, no matter the denials, his past record has been despicable and he should offer an apology regardless. That goes for Labour too. They all should who are or who have been in that situation. Apologies first, forgiveness forthcoming. Its a matter of common decency.

  26. Myers needs help – it’s not natural for a young man to cavort with an old and crumpled Tory minister.

    This story, as Pavlos lays out, has been running for years, and it’s truth known in inner circles for all that time. It’s about time it finally came out into the light. And will.

  27. @Squidgy – “I’m all for outing those doing harm to the LGBT community”

    What would you call Hagues voting record if not “doing harm to the LGBT community”?

    What then would qualify as doing harm in your conservative book? Would it necessarily include gas chambers and firing squads? I can’t imagine how ANYONE could do more damage than to support all of the legislation that this man supported, promoted and voted for.

    It seems that you’re wearing blinders when it comes to Tories.

  28. Myers has resigned over untrue and malicious allegations!!!

  29. Surely we should be questioning why a third aid was taken on at (presumably) considerably expense. That’s fact! WH being gay is PURE conjecture. As someone here has already said – WH has denied it – if it turns out to be true then his career is at an end. Would he seriously gamble with that? Let’s focus on the facts, people, and question those.

  30. Jess Conrad 1 Sep 2010, 5:34pm


  31. Sharing a hotel room reminded me of this clip from Little Britain

  32. Steve in Brazil 1 Sep 2010, 5:44pm

    Hypocrisy is the issue here. (If) WH is gay or bisexual, then he is fair game for outing. “Do as I say, not as I do” he is telling us.. Sorry mate, not if you are a politician, and especially one in so high a position within government.

    It´s like a politician lecturing about and voting for protection for women from domestic violence, then going home and regularly battering the wife.. No, its not a ´private matter´ and outing the details is in the public interest..

    As voters, we need to know that the politician who is saying homophobic things is actually sleeping with guys… It does rather put his public utterings into their correct context?

    Not to mention funding gay extra-marital cavortings at the taxpayers expense? Yeah, all matters of public interest guys!

  33. @Dave – how do you know that the allegations are malicious and untrue? The truth is YOU don’t know any more than anyone else. They very well could be true. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a married man was accused, denied and subsequently was found to be lying about such an affair.

  34. Steve in Brazil 1 Sep 2010, 6:12pm

    @31, Thanks. Hilarious clip, though given the circumstances and WH, I would think this clip is far nearer and more appropriate…

    …and sounds just as plausible as WH´s denials! :-)

  35. guilty as sin. Seen it before, will see it again. just let him be. after all, what percentage of the “ordinary” people do this?

  36. “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinski”………sound familiar?

  37. There’s something of a bad Mandleson smell about all this!

  38. I never believed a word of the rumours anyway. It is perfectly normal for a millionaire to share a hotel bedroom with a man half his age. Cliff Richard probably does it all the time, but in his case a man two-fifths his age.

  39. Egon Ronnie 2 Sep 2010, 9:24pm

    Lol davie. You win.

    Oh I loathe William Hague. Once sat and watched him rant on and on about how he didn’t want gays to adopt and it just reeked of jealousy from a man that never had kids.

    So now he’s making his wife’s private miscarraige misery a shield to keep his cred in tact, as if miscarrying babies prevents a man from being bisexual! How ridiculous and I feel, scummy in order to take the spotlight of himself.

    Honestly I hope they HAVE got it wrong and he’s not gay because why would gays want such a self-hater if that were true, and a hater of the wider gay community. His voting record stinks. He may have mellowed in recent years but his past record speaks for itself.

    And if what fellow posters are saying about him and past hotel hijinks are true… well. Apparently Seb Cow has split from his wife.

  40. Hey, I shared a room with a male friend in Barcelona once and kept him awake all night as I tackled a fearsomely energetic Brazilian hooker. This is news, not the Hague story :)

  41. Have a look at William’s close friends long before this – I think you will find it interesting …

  42. ………….and……..???????

  43. In the words of Mandy Rice Davies: “Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?”

    Yes he would! Anyone who’s in the know is fully aware that he’s using Ffion to obscure the truth. Such a nasty piece of work.

  44. WilliamJMyers 28 May 2012, 8:58am

    Meanwhile, Facebook are censoring this image, which is hardly offensive, but might be upsetting Hague:

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