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Tory gay group says it will campaign against blood donation ban

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 1 Sep 2010, 6:15pm

    In light of their appalling voting records on LGBT matters I wonder if Crispin Blunt and Big Willy Hague will support this campaign.

    Simply to try to make amends for their previous toxic homophobia?

  2. Simon Murphy 1 Sep 2010, 6:18pm

    “LGBTory is not part of the Conservative Party”

    Why not?


  3. Brucechndlr 2 Sep 2010, 3:41am

    They say that mostly gays get hiv, but as am awhere straight people can get it just as easily as gay men.

  4. Unlike people HIV and other STDs do not discriminate!

    The ban is a disgrace and not necessary. Stop the stereotyping and lift the ban!

  5. Oh dear me, another group jumping on this bandwagon without showing any understanding of the reasons why the ban was introduced and remains in place.

    It’s there for sound epidemiological reasons and is there as an instrument of infection control – not to hurt the feelings of some gay men.

    First, gay men remain a major focus of the HIV epidemic in the UK. Over 80% of HIV transmissions that occur in the UK are amongst gay men. Heterosexuals do not have the same risk of HIV as gay men – HIV-prevalence amongst gay men is as high as 8% in some parts of the UK – heterosexual HIV prevalence doesn’t top 100 of 1 per cent.

    The currently available HIV testing technology – even fourth generation tests – cannot completely exclude a positive sample entering the blood supply. Peter Tatchell claims that this is highly unlikely to happen – but a case occurred in the US within the last five years.

    It’s not just HIV – gay men have much higher rates of other blood-borne infections than other groups. The ban means that there is no self auditing of sexual behaviour – as any sexual health doctor will tell you, few people are honest about their sexual risk behaviour, and conveniently forget high risk encounters.

    I’ve campaigned long and hard for gay equality – but this isn’t an equality issue. It’s misplaced and misguided activism and energies would be better spent challenging the real prejudices that exist.

  6. MCC: At last, a gay man with some sense!!
    I have argued this point for years. I would rather it be seen as inequality than some innocent end up with a terminal illness just because we feel left out.

    My argument is, you wouldn’t have unprotected sex with a stranger, so why should other people be expected to use their blood?

  7. @MCC & Spanner – I think you have got it wrong. Currently if you are a man who has had sex with a another man (*even just oral sex*) just once in your life = LIFE LONG BAN!

    This is discriminatory as:
    – heterosexuals also practise risky sex (e.g., anal sex).
    – hetero- & homo- sexual oral sex carries the same risk factor
    – not all homosexuals practise risky sex (i.e., not ALL of them are into anal sex)
    – homosexuals in committed monogamous relationships are as likely to contract STDs as heterosexuals.

    It is about time the screening of donors is done on ACTUAL risk and not PERCEIVED risk based on stereo types.

  8. Paul: “It is about time the screening of donors is done on ACTUAL risk and not PERCEIVED risk based on stereo types.”

    “Peter Tatchell says the ban on gay blood donors originates from homophobic myths that stereotype and demonise gay men.”

    “Researchers at Ghent University in Belgium compared the genetic info of viruses isolated from more than 500 patients – male and female, gay and straight, Caucasian and non-Caucasian – who were newly diagnosed with the HIV virus between 2001 and 2009.

    Those infected, they said, were almost all white, male, gay and young.”

    Stereotypes are often based on common general knowledge. Just because something is stereotypical does not make it inaccurate.
    This latest research is not hearsay, conjecture or opinion. It is clear, hard, FACT. It is about time people woke up and admitted that gay men are not all sweetness and light, they are still the number one major HIV/AIDS carrier, and trying to deflect the argument by using pithy straw man arguments like “heterosexuals also practise risky sex” is really pathetic. All you arguments fall down under these results. Until gay men can learn to keep their dicks in their pants, or at least take protection, they should be subject to lifelong global bans for everyone. This is not homophobia, it is simply common sense.

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