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Texas appeal court says gay couples cannot divorce

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Reader comments

  1. Texas almost sounds like it is encouraging polygamy here.

    It is illegal to be married to different people… but they don’t allow the divorce, because it isn’t official enough for them?

    I’m guessing this means that since they can’t get divorced, cause their marriage “never existed” says Texas, then they can just have two marriages (get a hetero one in Texas) and confuse the hell out of the states with gay marriage.

    ^Why state by state won’t work…

  2. its good to see texas protecting gay marriage, what with all the talk of protecting other marriages. nothing makes a marriage more likely to last than outlawing divorce :)
    back in 2006 when they banned gay marriage they also accedentaly banned all marriage, which had to be corrected in 2008, maby they will accedentaly ban all divorce? that would be protecting marriage :D

  3. hah, no real surprise here, just some judge being a troll.. (a favorite American past-time I may add since I witness it so much)

    honestly im very surprised ANY gay couple would want to live in Texas. get the hell outta that place, I sure would! When America does tip in favor of gay marriage Texas will be the DEAD LAST place to ever see it, you can quote me on that one.

  4. They should go to Maasachussets and get it. Simples

  5. Dan, Texas is a great state and nobody should have to move to get their rights. Many LGBT people live in Texas and love it. Dallas and Houston both have vibrant LGBT areas, as does the great city of Austin. In addition, the mayor of Houston is a lesbian.

    Texas is a wonderful state.

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