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Manchester council hopes to ban anti-gay protesters from Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I quite enjoyed waving and blowing kisses to the haters when I marched on Saturday with the LGF. It shows they are the minority, not us.

  2. Christian Voice love to use that dreadful garbage “Leviticus” against us. Of course, they should realise its not Christian law but ancient Jewsish superstion. They just choose the bits about same sex people! So why do they irgnore that every woman in the Uk who has given birth is a whore unless she has taken a lamb to the temple/church for a burnt offering to purify her sins???? Or stone people who eat prawn cocktails? Or condemn people who wear wool and cotton garments? PATHETIC LOT GET AN EDUCATION you so called Christian Voice – ers! You don’t even know your own religion!!

  3. Harry Barracuda 1 Sep 2010, 11:44am

    Stick and Stones is a better solution than curtailing free speech.

    Sad that it comes to this. It’s not as if they are violent, just deluded.

  4. I look forward to seeing how those religious haters react to the same kind of protests against the Pope!! Wonder how dignified they’ll be?

  5. Stuart Neyton 1 Sep 2010, 12:37pm

    I don’t want them banned. There were more pro-gay christians marching in the parade than anti-gay christians protesting it. There were THOUSANDS of people watching and celebrating. Homophobes like this are becoming a tiny minority. It only helps their cause if they can play the victim.

  6. BTW I forgot to mention the sins of eating a nice pork chop or a sausage(!!!!)

  7. Good gosh, no!

    Don’t ban them.

    They are such fun!

    Best recruiting advert for atheism you could get! :-)


  8. Hodge Podge 1 Sep 2010, 2:03pm

    Oh no, I missed them!!! Gutted!

  9. freedom of speech and expression covers all and at to attempt to ban these kind of people is just more ammunition for them to use.
    Let them rant and rave and just laugh in their faces, that gets them really wound out. Trying to ban them will only make them more defiant in the end.

  10. PumpkinPie 1 Sep 2010, 2:42pm

    If white supremacists would be banned from black pride, straight supremacists should be banned from gay pride. I respect freedom of speech, but only when it is allowed equally across the spectrum. I don’t believe some should be immune to it while others are affected by it. Thus, seeing as how this country will never allow white supremacists freedom of speech, I welcome Manchester city council’s efforts. And I look forward to the day when straight supremacists have the same rights as white supremacists.

  11. Did anyone see the counter-copunter protests this year? I think “Bible quotes make you gay” was my faiverate…

  12. Peter Jacobs 1 Sep 2010, 4:28pm

    I was in the parade again this year and they’re not violent or aggressive and we enjoy seeing them. Let them be. They are a tiny minority. Banning them or prosecuting achieves nothing.

  13. Steve in Brazil 1 Sep 2010, 5:19pm

    Whilst I applaud the efforts by Manchester City Council to keep Manchester gay-friendly, I agree with most comments on here… Why ban them?

    As someone else said, it just turns them into martyrs and they provide the ´Best recruiting advert for atheism you could get!”

  14. The Christians are the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. There were bigots in the crowd also. Two abused me and people in the parade with homophobic and racist comments. I have film of them and will be writing about it on my website:

    I got them on camera:

  15. I’m unsure what banning them is really going to acheive. It plays straight into Stephen Green’s martyrdom complex and gives Xtian voice more publicity than if we just ignored them.
    I was at Liverpool pride this year when a similar protest was mounted and to be honest apart from a few cat calls and someone shouting at them from the other side of the street to “shut the F*** up” followed by a quick round of applause, by far the best way of dealing with them were the majority of the crowd who just stood with their backs to them and enjoyed the parade whilst ignoring them totally.
    Mind you there were only about 15 of them.
    I heard the preacher say something about “I look out on the crowd today and it’s like I’m watching a crowd of skeletons”. I was itching to retort “I’m looking at your lot and it’s like watching a bunch of braindead zombies!”
    But in fairness, as with playground bullies they’re fishing for any kind of response to latch onto so I’m happy to blank them.

  16. I was standing about 20 yards from the Christians, well within hearing distance. So I wonder if it emboldened the creeps next to me?

  17. I hope they dont use these anti hate laws against this bunch of dinosaurs.
    Freedom of speech is too important for all of us.
    We should actually pity these half wits with their mis interpretations of the Big Fairy Book.
    Its sets a precedent. For example could I be banned when I am protesting against the pope this month.
    I have waited all my life to let him know exactly how i feel about his cover ups and lies and using these laws would only serve to silence the truth as well as lies.

  18. Don’t ban them!

    They’re there to remind us why we march & get together. Homophobia like this will always exist & brushing it under the carpet could make people less aware of what’s out there

    They were the minority on Saturday & I think members of the parade enjoyed shouting down.

    The only thing I worry about with them sort is their kids. I’ve known young ppl to commit or attempt suicide and/or suffer depression because they have parents like that.

    I always say facts are stronger than beliefs nowdays!

  19. Is it fair to say that “Manchester council hopes to ban” these people? One councillor, who does not even represent the City Centre ward where the march took place, has said he’d like to see them banned. That doesn’t represent a Council policy. Pat Karney has form on speaking out after events to generate publicity for himself.

  20. Banana Boy 2 Sep 2010, 12:25pm

    Rather than banning them, just have a kissing contest directly opposite. If they claim that we can be “cured” then surely we could do the same think in reverse and make them see the error of their ways ;-)

  21. I agree with comment 17. I hate these religiou attacks on us, but freedom of speech is fundamentally important!!!

    “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your RIGHT to say it.” — Voltaire

  22. While I agree these guys are unpleasant
    I think it’s important that they have the right to protest I don’t agree with a word they say as a gayboy how could I but our freedom of speech is fast being eroded and this is the latest instance
    We should all stand up and demand it be returned let these fools rant who would listen anyway lol

  23. let them have their charming little protest and let everyone see how ridiculous and silly they and their leviticus looks. no point in gristing their mill. we can all be bigger ppl.

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