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CORRECTED: Liberal church group criticises ‘unhelpful’ protests against Pope’s visit

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Reader comments

  1. movements like the LGCM achieve nothing effectively and only seem to appear in the LBG media!

  2. Who cares what Christians think whether they are gay or otherwise? I don’t anyone that believes in supernatural gods or goddesses seriously.

  3. Steve in Brazil 1 Sep 2010, 5:02pm

    “the Christian body has said it will hold a prayer vigil instead of a protest to show the Pope that his “homophobic comments affect real people”.

    Oh yeah, THAT´ll show him!


    “In a statement last week, the LGCM said that while it disagreed with the Pontiff’s teachings on sexual orientation, his UK visit will be an “occasion for celebration”.

    Errrrr…. WHY?

    What can there be to possibly celebrate about this homophobic bigot going to the UK at the taxpayers expense? That he is given another chance to spread his homophobia? That he will obviously use his visit to criticize the UK for its equality laws? Yeah right!

    The ONLY cause for celebration would be if this homophobes visit was canceled.

    As this is not likely to happen…


    Far more effective than a ´prayer vigil´…

  4. Har Davids 1 Sep 2010, 5:15pm

    Can one be progressive and Christian? In the black-and-white world of Papa Ratzinger’s predecessors, the Inquisition would have stepped in to mete the kind of punishment for progressive thoughts this ‘God’ doesn’t have the time for, even though smiting is his thing in his Book of fairy-tales.

  5. I don’t see how any protests, as long as they’re not violent, are unhelpful against this ghastly theocrat.
    I personally would like to see all plans for the visit suspended until allegations that Benedict xvi has encouraged British catholics to break British law, both in the matter of concealing paedophile priests and conspiracy to break anti-discrimination law, have been investigated. If the allegations are borne out, he should be refused entry, or arrested and deported if he arrives(Ditto muslim wack-jobs, of course).

  6. So far the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement appear to have been completely sidelined and ignored by leaders of both the Anglican and the Catholic churches.
    Only praying for the Pope to change his corrupt and homophobic stance will be about as ineffective as doing calisthenics exercises in the hope of changing the Pope.
    Get out and protest the Pope LGCM or continue to be ignored.

  7. George Broadhead, PTT 1 Sep 2010, 5:50pm

    This shows how completely useless LGCM has become since the feisty Richard Kirker left it as General Secretary some years ago.

    At this time LGCM was always in the forefront of protest against religious homophobia from whatever source and Kirker never pulled his punches. I know this because I was then his counterpart in the Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association(GALHA).

    LGCM has obviously become as ineffectual as a campaigning organisation as the gay Catholic group Quest which I’m sure will be grovelling in awe of “his holiness” despite his implacably hostile stance on gay relationships and gay rights.

  8. Indeed, George. In many ways one has slightly more respect for Quest: at least they are intellectually honest in grovelling before his holiness

  9. After these biggots walk around at pridde handing out leaflets telling us we’re sinners and holding up signs saying we’re going to hell?!
    I’ll be there when the Pope visits, and i’ll be protesting noisily that he bothered to come here and preach hate!

    The real celebration is when the pope goes home, not when he gets here!

  10. Pelt him with rotten eggs and rotten fruit and if you happen to have the odd petrol bomb…well you know!

  11. Their ineffectual approach to protesting brings to mind a Smith and Jones skit I saw a while ago, advertising a pointless eco-friendly household bleach.
    The slogan ran “It doesn’t kill 99% of all household germs but it DOES get really disappointed in them”.

  12. Vo Dong Cung 1 Sep 2010, 7:55pm

    @tagra 07, why don’t you bring the sign saying “POPE IS GOING TO HELL”.

    In my thought, Pope did kill millions people, recently kill millions people with AIDS and is going to kill millions people and unborn children.

  13. Vo Dong Cung 1 Sep 2010, 8:12pm

    @ Helen, I don’t think throw rotten eggs and fruit to him, that is violence and cost our money. We better put our kitchen trash allover on the way he will follow thru. He will see what dirty his ways for the world.

  14. Dr Robin Guthrie 1 Sep 2010, 8:18pm

    “Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement”

    Is that similar to a bowel Movement.

    When will these idiots realize that the Bible
    is a construct, there Pope yet another.

    Brainwashed fools.

    I will not see them in hell, as it does not exist.

  15. Lucio Buffone 1 Sep 2010, 8:38pm

    I find some people’s atheism as scary as the born again brigades Christianity. Not that Catholics are born again, anyway, I’m just waving the flag for big bang believing, evolutionist, but lets throw a loving deity into the mix agnostics everywhere. Apparently praying has a stronger than placebo effect on helping people through illness, so I hope God answers the LGCM’s prayer. Lets spread a little peace people x

  16. well said Lucio! x

  17. Peter Baird 1 Sep 2010, 9:51pm

    Prayer Vigil EH?

    Prayer is the last resort of scoundrels.

  18. Vo Dong Cung 1 Sep 2010, 10:42pm

    Religion is all about “thinking” not “realthing”. I better go to doctor when get sick than praying.

  19. Mihangel apYrs 2 Sep 2010, 10:25am

    agnostics don’t say “let’s throw a loving deity into the mix”

    agnostics say “I don’t know if there is a loving deity to throw into the mix…”

    The issue here is that the Bishop of Rome acts in both the spiritual and temporal realms: he interferes in the lives of people beyond his flock

  20. davevauxhall 2 Sep 2010, 10:32am

    Peoples’ right to believe whatever they want should be respected but not the actual beliefs. Respect has to be earned. It is ridiculous for the Lesbian and Gay Christian movement to suggest that protests should be with respect. Religion should not command an automatic right to respect just because the beliefs are strongly felt. The pope and the Catholic church are politicians and a political body and do not hold back in criticising others and show no respect for LGBT people and constantly attempt to affect the lives and opportunities of others. The idea that one political group is above criticism or should command automatic respect no matter how foolish or dangerous their ideology is ridiculous. It would be a shame if this man is invited to the UK to spread his idealogy and politic without any criticism. He should be held responsible and accountable for the consequences of his speech and actions.

  21. Andy Armitage 2 Sep 2010, 10:48am

    Davevauxhall makes sense when he says, “It is ridiculous for the Lesbian and Gay Christian movement to suggest that protests should be with respect.” People marching for these Catholic causes are not treating with respect the people they would criticise (among them, gay people). It’s one thing to respect a human being’s right to hold a view and also – this goes without saying – respect his or her right to remain unmolested, but to go on a protest and hold respect for the person you’re protesting about? What would be the point? How can anyone have any respect for Ratzo and his ilk?

    Your typical Christian would, of course, trot out the old chestunt that they love the (so-called) sinner but hate the (so-called) sin. But how can they split the two when the “sin” is a natural part of the “sinner”? Are we expected to hate Ratzo’s mind but love his other bits? My sexuality is part of me, so I am both sinner and sin. But you never hear journos put questions like this to clergypeople they interview.

    Talking of which – a wee bit off message as far as Ratzo is concerned but continuing from my lazy-journos statement – I heard an interview on the BBC’s Sunday prog talking to a nutjob pastor about BP’s shocking oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico recently, and said nutjob was saying they were praying to God to help clean it up. The journo didn’t remind him that, according to the nutjob’s beliefs, God caused the thing in the first place, so wouldn’t it be arrogant to suggest he didn’t know what he was doing when he caused it? What would be the point of causing it, and then cleaning it up.

  22. Mihangel apYrs 2 Sep 2010, 12:43pm

    Andy Armitage

    “God” allows evil and disaster to allow humanity to clean it up, thus allowing himself the glory of people’s actions.

    Total BS, and as philosophically logical as saying “I raped her,so she could gain kudoes by forgiving me”

  23. I’m gay and Christian and I can’t see anything to celebrate about that evil old man coming to the UK. Why doesn’t he keep his filth where it belongs – in the Vatican’s backyard?

  24. Egon Ronnie 2 Sep 2010, 9:37pm

    The only divine intervention that humanity has seen was when respectively, Wallace and Darwin’s moms and dads got together and got randy and later someone had the foresight to build a ship called The Beagle.

    Thank you guys.

  25. douglas in canada 3 Sep 2010, 3:55am

    I read this somewhere…

    If the Pope really believed in god and thought that his god would protect him, he wouldn’t need the protection of the pope-mobile. The very presence of the pope-mobile proves the pope’s own disbelief !!

    Even the pope knows that prayer is useless in such a situation. All you followers of this idiot, take note and learn, not from his words, but from his actions.

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