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September 2010

  • 30th September 2010

    Stonewall responds to open letter on marriage equality 44

    Stonewall said it was consulting supporters

    5:38 PM — Gay rights charity Stonewall has responded to an open letter asking it to clarify its stance on marriage equality for gay and straight couples. The response said that Stonewall was consulting its supporters and identifying objections that could be made against a change in the law.

  • US suicide teenager may have asked for help over webcam spying 14

    Tyler Clementi may have asked for help before killing himself

    5:22 PM — The American student who killed himself after a roommate allegedly recorded him having gay sex may have asked for help, reports suggest. A strikingly similar plea for advice was posted on a gay community website.

  • Tory MP Nick Herbert addresses Republican gay dinner 13

    Nick Herbert told the US gay group that conservatism and gay rights go together

    4:33 PM — Gay Tory MP Nick Herbert addressed a US Republican gay group last week and said conservatism and gay rights are not incompatible. He was speaking at the Log Cabin Republicans' annual dinner in Washington.

  • Indonesian gay film festival disrupted by protests 3

    The film festival was disrupted by protests (Photo: Ryan Baxter)

    3:49 PM — Indonesia's annual gay film festival was disrupted by angry protesters in Jakarta this week. The festival, called Q!, showcases films about HIV/AIDS, LGBT issues and human rights at a range of venues around the city.

  • Tasmania to recognise foreign gay marriages 4

    Tasmania will recognise foreign gay marriages

    3:15 PM — Tasmania is to become the first Australian state to recognise gay marriages performed abroad. They will be recognised as Tasmanian deeds of relationship, which are similar to civil partnerships.

  • California governor Schwarzenegger signs ‘gay cure’ repeal bill 3

    California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the repeal bill

    2:24 PM — California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill to remove a 'gay cure' provision from the state's laws. The 1950 law instructed California's State Department of Mental Health to investigate and research "the causes and cures of homosexuality".

  • Soap star Adam Rickitt to host Conservative gay party 25

    Adam Rickitt will host Conference Pride

    1:00 PM — Former Coronation Street actor Adam Rickitt is to host the Conservative Party's official gay night at its annual conference in Birmingham. Conference Pride is now in its second year. It was said to be one of the most popular parties at 2009's Tory conference.

  • US teenager kills himself after roommate ‘taped him having sex with a man’ 37

    Tyler Clementi apparently killed himself by jumping from the George Washington Bridge

    11:08 AM — An American student committed suicide after his roommate allegedly taped him having sex with a man and streamed it on the internet. Tyler Clementi, 18, a student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, is thought to have jumped from the George Washington Bridge on September 22nd.

  • Lesbians and bisexuals ‘not represented enough’ on the BBC 23

    The BBC undertook research into portrayals of LGB people

    8:21 AM — The internal research, conducted with gay and straight people, found that lesbian and bisexual people in particular feel underrepresented in the broadcaster's programmes. It also found that one in five people is uncomfortable with seeing gays and lesbians on television.

  • 29th September 2010

    British army claims having openly gay soldiers has ‘increased productivity’ 9

    Gay Trooper James Wharton on the cover of Soldier

    11:43 PM — Following the defeat of a vote in the US Senate to debate ending the US army's Don't ask, Don't tell' policy, the British army claims that allowing gay and lesbians to openly served has improved the armed forces.

  • Labour’s top gay MPs stand for shadow cabinet 3

    Former culture secretary Ben Bradshaw is standing for a post in the shadow cabinet

    5:47 PM — Four of Labour's best-known out gay MPs are among the 49 standing for the shadow cabinet elections. Former ministers Chris Bryant, Ben Bradshaw, Angela Eagle and Stephen Twigg were on the list on nominees published at 5pm today.

  • Gay Labour MP Nick Brown resigns as chief whip 4

    Nick Brown stood aside as chief whip

    5:13 PM — Labour's chief whip, Nick Brown, has resigned at the request of new leader Ed Miliband. Mr Brown, who was one of three gay cabinet ministers before Labour lost the election, withdrew from the race today to keep his job.

  • 21 years in jail for man who killed London trans woman 2

    Destiny Lauren was killed last November

    4:09 PM — A man convicted of killing trans woman Destiny Lauren has been sentenced to at least 21 years in prison. Leon Fyle, 22, was found guilty of Ms Lauren's murder last month.

  • Sir Ian McKellen: Gay marriage has to be on Stonewall’s agenda 15

    Sir Ian McKellen said there are still inequalities for gay people

    3:11 PM — Stonewall co-founder Sir Ian McKellen said today that the gay charity should lobby for gay marriage but issues such as tackling homophobic bullying must take priority. He becomes the second co-founder of Stonewall to call on the charity to campaign for gay marriage, Michael Cashman authored a column for PinkNews.co.uk on Monday entitled, "What part of 'equality' can't Stonewall understand?"

  • Gay campaigner Peter Tatchell honoured with blue plaque 38

    Simon Hughes, Father Bernard Lynch, Peter Tatchell, Councillor Veronica Ward and Sir Ian McKellen (left-right). Photo credit: Chris Houston

    2:12 PM — Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was honoured with a blue plaque outside his home in south London today. A large crowd gathered to watch the unveiling of the plaque in Southwark and actor Sir Ian McKellen spoke at the ceremony.

  • Lesbian mother wins legal battle over child support 8

    The lesbian mother won her case at the European Court of Human Rights (Photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    1:33 PM — A lesbian who had to pay more child support than if she was in a heterosexual relationship has won her case at the European Court of Human Rights. She was awarded £2,550 in damages and £15,275 after the court ruled that she had been discriminated against.

  • 28th September 2010

    Judge rules sacked lesbian flight nurse should be reinstated

    Major Margaret Witt should be reinstated, a judge ruled

    4:25 PM — A flight nurse sacked under Don't Ask, Don't Tell should be reinstated, a federal judge has ruled. Former Major Margaret Witt was sacked in 2007 after 19 years of service in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves.

  • Ed Miliband ‘proud’ of civil partnerships and Pride marches 23

    Ed Miliband gave his first speech as Labour leader today

    3:57 PM — Ed Miliband gave his first speech as leader of the Labour Party today and cited changes in attitudes to homosexuality as proof of Labour's achievements. Addressing the party's conference in Manchester, he said that the new generation of Labour has "different attitudes, different ideas, different ways of doing politics".

  • Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson ‘relieved’ at coming out 12

    Kieron Richardson said he received 17,000 emails of support

    2:41 PM — Kieron Richardson, the actor who plays Ste Hay in Hollyoaks, has said he is relived to have announced he is gay. The 24-year-old came out on This Morning earlier this month.

  • Police detain gay cruisers in Beijing 9

    Up to 80 gay men were said to have been arrested

    11:33 AM — Dozens of gay men have been detained at an outdoor cruising site in Beijing, China. According to AFP, a gay rights campaigner claimed that more than 80 men at a forested pick-up spot in Mudanyuan, to the north of the city, on Sunday and Monday.

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