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Thousands attend parade and celebrations at Manchester Pride 2010

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Reader comments

  1. Travelled from Glasgow down to mancs for Pride and what a time we had
    The festival was great , entertainment brill and all the local mans peeps were friendly and welcoming
    Hats of the producers and directors who put this Pride on and a massive thanks to the mob from corrie who signed authographs, all for a good cause, so many thanks to the peeps of Manchester for showing us “Glaswegians” are really good time and showing us how a PRIDE should be done. After the disatrous one we witnessed at Glasgow this year, plenty of good idea’s sought, maybe even share them with the mob who done Glasgow Pride…shame on you (glasgow)
    Big Thanks to Anthony, Mrak, Christine, Abigail, Lynne, Thomas Gerry and the many other who made our weeknd in Manchester that wee bit different…hopefully the weather will be better next year.

  2. Hodge Podge 31 Aug 2010, 6:09pm

    S’onewall weren’t there, I was very disappointed, I wanted to heckle them :(

    But Ian McKellen was cool.

  3. Splendid and wonderful… I hope everyone had a good time :D

  4. dave wainwright 1 Sep 2010, 10:32pm

    Hundreds gathered for the parade in Truro for Cornwall Pride 2010 , and picniced for free in Victoria Park Truro but got no coverage in the gay press ?

  5. shame many venues were charging to get in (pubs/bars) what exactly is the point of buying a damn band if I’m being charged extra to go into venues for a drink (which are also higher in price than any other time)
    Afraid I will be avoiding future Pride events in Manchester until it becomes a little less commercial..

    It’s also a shame that some of the businesses in Manchester that rake in millions extra over Pride cannot contribute even a small amount to any of the charities…

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