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Tasmanian LGBT activists welcome recognition of Interstate and overseas same-sex unions

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Reader comments

  1. Only 3 nasty Liberals(Conservatives) voted against it! Rene Hidding, Michael Ferguson and ‘ex-Family First’ now Liberal, the stunning, Jacqui Petrusma!

  2. Tasmania is a very beautiful place with very beautiful people! Good on them for doing this.
    If Abbott gets in as PM, however, I’m sure he will try to veto this bill.

  3. Hopefully all goes well!

    I’ve always liked their crest and shield there. The Thylacine has to be one of my favorite animals, even though it is extinct.

  4. Hey well my partner’s from Tasmania . . . this makes me happy . . .

  5. Ken Underwood 2 Sep 2010, 12:43am

    As seems to be the norm Tasmania leads other Australian states in same sex issues and law reform. I lived in Tasmania with my partner and we registered under the Tasmanian system, Tasmania being the first Australian state to bring in such a process. Moved to NSW last year, NSW home to the world famous Sydney Mardi Gras, there was no such samesex recognition in NSW until July 2010. The State government promised that with that the law they would also recognise similar recognitions from other states at the same time. They failed to do so. See the Governments relevant site at
    Where it states “The legislation provides for the Government to make regulations recognising interstate registered relationships in NSW. However, no such regulations are currently in place.”
    NSW is yet again behind the times on this issue.

  6. Paul Mitchell 2 Sep 2010, 5:05pm

    Now will it pass the ultra-conservative upper house (Legislative Council)??????

    And Ken Underwood you are WRONG – actually there are regulations here in NSW called the “Relationships Register Regulation 2010”!!!!!!!

    See this website:

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