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Londonderry’s first gay Pride parade a success

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  1. No, Mr Campbell. Stop spouting historical rubbish (religious nutters are fond of that)to rationalise your disgusting prejudices. Greece and Rome did for Egypt, Rome did for Greece, and Germanic tribes and tax-exempt bishops did for Rome. F***ing of any sort had nothing to do with it, except possibly in the sense of f***ing over.

  2. I seem to remember Christians being thrown to the lions.

    Perhaps reverend Jonathan Campbell would like a trip down memory lane.

    Ignorant and a fool.

  3. I am delighted that we annoy dear reverend Campbell so much. Reverend Campbell probably went home that evening and had a good wank over the twinks that were strutting their stuff eariler that day.

  4. “Homosexuality brought down the ancient civilisations of Rome, Greece and Egypt. It will be our downfall too.” Rome was brought down by Goths and Vandals and Huns. Egypt and Greece were destroyed by the Muslim invaders; all three were Christian at the time by the way! He should read a bit of Histroy as my friend Riondo above suggests!!!

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