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‘Ex-Gay’ organisation denied charitable status in New Zealand

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Reader comments

  1. Not so much a ‘charity’, as a sort of ‘anti-charity’, i.e. a voluntary organisation which seeks to do *harm* to the community it ‘serves’. Curious concept.

  2. Yes, as you say JohhnyH, Exodus is an anti-charity.
    It’s great that NZ has refused to give legitimacy to these dangerous anti-gay bigots, they should be closed down and prevented from operating.

  3. Well done NZ… as for the financial trouble Exodus is currently having, they can cry me a river.

  4. Excellent news . . . when is the UK charity commission going to ban the British EX-Gay charity “True Freedom Trust”

    Note how the media Christian “Anne Atkins” is on the governance team with this organisation.

  5. As a kiwi I am proud that New Zealand is leading the way once again (did you know that we were the first country to give women the vote?) Let’s hope that more countries move against these bogus christianist organisations and wipe them and their harmful agenda off the face of the earth.

  6. Quite distinct from homosexuality which is not listed as an illness or disease of any kind but is recognised as one of the three major sexual orientations heterosexuality, homosexuality & bisexuality…there is ego-dystonic sexual orientation.

    “like the DSM-II (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual), the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) added EGO-DYSTONIC SEXUAL ORIENTATION to the list, which refers to people who want to change their gender identities or sexual orientation because of a psychological or behavioral disorder.”

    I am left wondering whether there is a name for those who compulsively seek to change the sexual orientation of other people and whether this should now be added to the lists of mental diseases and illnesses.

  7. I am delighted that New Zealand has elected to deny recognition to this bogus organization which has caused so many so much heartbreak in recent years. If only the rest of the world would see through the “exgay” propaganda as clearly as the Kiwis have done. Congratulations!

  8. Well done NZ Charities Commission! Makes me very proud to be a Kiwi.

  9. paul martin 2 Sep 2010, 12:06am

    What fabulous news! I am an ex leader of Exodus and saw first hand the damage that happened when the ideas that same sex attraction are disordered and outside the will of the guy that created the universe!

  10. Katie Murphy 16 Oct 2010, 3:50am

    these creeps are behind the genocide of gays bill in Uganda. Their whole game is to convimce their victims that their “salvation” will not occure and they will burn in hell.

    And given the guilt that these groups build in their victims, the resulting mania in these victims is beyond comprehension. They should be shut down,and their leaders sent off to some deserted Island. Let them build a new Australia, a reasonably progressive country.

    But I predict that these monsters and the monsters they create would quickly begin fighting among themselves. And based on leviticus, find reasons to kill off each other, for the glory oef God.

    But for the rest of the world, it would be goof F…..g riddance. If only we could hang their rotting bodies from a cross, and stream over you tube their just deserts – the maggots consuming them. It would be fitting.

    BTW, one of the headds of Exodus in the USa. after 20 years, admitted he was still gay, the thing is a hoax,. He left and married his boyfriend.

    Some people do have a lot of intestinal fortitude, eventually.

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