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Gay discrimination ordinance is withdrawn in Tennessee at request of LGBT rights group

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Reader comments

  1. Religious bigots at it yet again.
    ‘the ultimate question is where – does all of this end? From here, then to the school[s], to the teachers. Where does this really stop?’
    Er – excuse me – but equality does not stop until everyone is treated equally.
    These bloody religious homophobes are a real pain in the neck.
    May I ask – Where does their bigotry end? Maybe I already have the answer – it is ENDLESS!

  2. Karl Rosenqvist 27 Aug 2010, 5:31pm

    Yer, where would it end indeed. Will religious bigotry stop at school? At Work? In the churches? What will you ban next, huh?

  3. This makes me want to boycott Tennessee, I’m off on holiday there in June. Bugger.

  4. Where will it all end? With a society in which people are able to live their lives free from the fear of bigotry and discrimination? One where it’s not OK to tell a child (or an adult) they are evil and disgusting and deserving of the violence that comes their way? If we had a society like that, what would the religious bigots have left to talk about?

  5. I hate this kinda of retard attitude makes me so mad What the lgb community should do is hold a press conference announcing that they will comply with the wishes of those who don’t like em and all stop being openly gay the go get jobs everywhere they are not wanted In stealth mode then once they do get as may other lgb’s a job there too until all those jobs (daycare,teachers,council workers etc) are mostly staffed by us (fly in more homes if necaserry I will help lol) then have a mass cumming out then if they wana sack u they have no daycare no teachers no classroom assistants and no council workers

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