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Conservative US chat-show host angers anti-gay group by supporting same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. How fantastic that Elisabeth Hasselbeck has changed her mind on gay marriage, and shes shown that it can be done. It is fantastic that a high profile Republican supporter in the USA is in favour of gay rights and while it’s only a small step, it’s still a positive move forward. Thank you, and congratulations Elisabeth Hesselbeck.

  2. Freedom is for everyone, every individual. All mankind are created equal and are entitled to life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness! The rest of the world continues to hope that one day America will start to move forward and grant all of its’ citizens total equal rights.

  3. I wonder when the mainstream press, TV (and celebrities ) are going to start supporting and making public the fight for marriage equality over here in the UK…. Apart from PN and a few article in some newspapers is this issue in the UK making any noise elsewere??

  4. First an ultra-conservative republican speech writer (Mehlman) coming out of the closet, then an avowed republican national talk show host embracing gay marriage, Cindy (John) McCain and her daughter throwing their considerable weight behind gay marriage in California and republican governor “Arnold” NOT contesting the judges recent ruling on prop eight, (a huge step in that case.)

    The cracks in the dam widen with every passing day.

    Now, if we can just get democratic president Obama on our side.

  5. Simon Murphy 26 Aug 2010, 10:30pm

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is 34 years old.

    People under 40 in the US are less likely to be bothered by marriage equality whether they are conservative or liberal.

    In another 20 years a lot of the current day bigots will be dead.

  6. Johnboy – don’t forget that Laura Bush is pro-gay marriage, I believe!

    Good for Elisabeth on changing her mind, but I still think she’s the most irritating, bitchy one on the view. Listening to her talk about abortion makes my blood boil.

  7. You are absolutly correct. Laura Bush came out some time ago in favor of gay marriage. I didn’t find that out until only a week ago. I certainly should have included her on my post. Thanks.

  8. “American For Truth About Homosexuality”… blimey!

  9. More pro-gay Republicans are distancing themselves from the toxic Religious Right which has taken over the party since the Reagan Era. More and more, please!

  10. Arnie wouldn’t appeal the Proposition 8 ruling himself, because he was against Prop 8 in the first place! The reason it was passed in the overwhelmingly liberal state of California was, ironically, the Obama team’s success in getting out the notoriously reluctant black vote. Sadly many of those new voters who voted for Obama were from black churches which supported Prop 8.

    You’ve missed out other famous pro-gay marriage Republican voices. There’s Ted Olsen, who was George Bush’s Solicitor General and lawyer in the 2000 election debacle, who headed the anti-Prop 8 legal campaign. There’s Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s campaign manager in 2008.

    Sadly Americans have always been much more suspicious of government power than we Europeans have been. That suspicion had intensified in recent years and is a now, thanks to the Tea Partyers, more prominent strain within conservatism than the Religious Right. It is now a common conservative view that the government denying some individuals the right to marry is unwarranted state interference in one’s personal life.

  11. I forgot the most prominent pro-marriage person – Dick Cheney!

    You might say it’s only because of his daughter – well so what? Why does the reason matter? Most former bigots (and I don’t even know if he was one) change their minds when friends/colleagues/family come out and the realisation dawns that they aren’t the threat they used to think they were.

  12. “Laura Bush came out some time ago in favor of gay marriage.”


    But why do these people ALWAYS wait until they have no more influence, before they support equality.

    When I heard Laura Bush supported equality, I yawned. She waited until her opinion was utterly irrelevant to do so.

  13. Peter LaBarbera is reputed to have one of the largest collections of gay porn in America. He frequents gay social venues, mainly sex oriented establishments and takes photos and claims they are evidence of what goes on in the gay world. Hmmmm….its quite revealing that he’s NEVER visited any straight swinger establishments that far outnumber their gay counterparts. I wonder why?

    StephenC, in America, its political suicide for politicians to come out in support of same-sex marriage because their careers, lust for power and wealth are far more important than the people they claim to represent. Why do you think Cameron or Brown didn’t? They kow-tow to religious cults first and foremost, not our right to full equality. Had Laura Bush or Cindy McCain declared support during their respective husbands’ election campaigns, they would have lost votes and in Bush’s case, the presidency. We have no Paul Martin of Canada or Spain’s Jose Zapatero type of real leadership in the UK (except perhaps for Nick Clegg) who declared full support for marriage equality in the run-up to the election. If Cameron and Brown had done just that, the media would be having this discussion. This takes leadership and we’ve seen NONE of that coming out of No. 10. Once Labour gains momentum on this issue and I predict it will, you’ll see Cameron forced into a corner and will probably have no way out but to declare support if he wants to remain in power at the next election. Its the only way he’ll secure more gay votes. If he’s intelligent, pragmatic enough (questionable), he should get on board and NOW!

  14. StephenC: I hear what you are saying about Laura Bush and agree, however; I still say she has big cajungas for speakingout, even at this late stage of the game her voice carries a lot of weight.

    While I’m sure the folks she associates with on a regular basis are somewhat “enlightened” let’s not forget, she is still the wife of a former republican president who has many politically far right friends. I am fairly certain they must ride his butt (figuratively speaking of course) about not keeping the “little lady” in line whenever the opportunity arises.

    Let us not turn our backs on these people who may be late out of the gate but non the less ready to champion our cause.

  15. Hi Simon M, good to see you back posting! :)

    Is this man’s name for real? Peter LaBarbera? How gay!

  16. AFTAH….. When are complete morons going to stop trying to sound like an actual organization by making up utterly stupid names so they can run around as a group of organized ass-hats?

    seems every day there is a organization popping up with some name like “Americans for” or “Christians for” or “protect family/marriage/children” A lot of simpleton fancy talk to sway the sheep.

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