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Anglican campaigner fails in call for boycott of Christian festival over Peter Tatchell’s appearance

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Reader comments

  1. Galadriel1010 26 Aug 2010, 12:01pm

    I wish I could have gone.

  2. Dr Lisa Nolland is clearly a Very sick individual!

  3. As Nelson in the Simpson’s would say

    “Ha Ha”

  4. Sorry Squidgy, I couldn’t agree less. I have just looked at Lisa’s blog (link in the article) and she makes many important and valid points that many Christians would endorse. There is nothing sick about that.

    Btw Pink News, you have again disappointed me in your choice of title “Anglican’s fail …” Lisa is one among millions of Anglicans, often with widely different views. How about “One Anglican fails …”?

    Its been a long time since I have been to Greenbelt (I’m too old in the tooth I am afraid these days to particularly want to go) but it can/should be a great event for Christian young people to attend and to engage with the nitty-gritty issues including those that Peter has such strong views on and has often made important contributions.

    Would I invite Peter if I were a Greenbelt organiser? – on balance yes – he does make important and valid points and ironically is often a voice for moderation (while he isn’t past disrupting meetings he disapproves off, he can imo be remarkably sensitive and understanding too), but with the rider that we won’t necessarily endorse all his views (in fact I would have said that 25 years ago when I last attended – there were some pretty wacky speakers then – and then gay issues weren’t remotely on hardly anyone’s radar).

    As for Dr. Lisa, rock on girl – you make several important points I would like organisers and anyone going to the festival to note these and respond accordingly.

  5. Dr lisa is another loon who obsesses over pedos only so I can’t see what points are valid from her john plus human rights should be important for everyone

  6. Chester, you probably know more about Dr Lisa’s views than me so I am at a disadvantage. As for her obsession over pedos, I can’t say but do you not agree paedaphilia is wrong / harmful? As for her points, from what I can make out he central concern is:

    “Greenbelt [GB], ‘the UK’s largest Christian festival’, is sending out a sub-text that is totally at odds with a Christian understanding of sexuality by including PT on its programme”

    Putting aside whether or not gay sex is good or bad, there is a lot of that PT seems to advocate (according to Dr Lisa) that seems to be at odds with what Christians believe e.g. having sex with multi-partners without any comitment and, pertinent to the paedo comment, “under-age”.

    Given that many who attend GB are vulnerable youngsters, I would have thought they should take seriously the suggestion they are sending out mixed messages by inviting PT.

    Interestingly, Dr Lisa is quick to praise some of PT’s work, and imo it would be a shame he did not have a platform to make this known more widely.

  7. ANGLICAN MAINSTREAM is neither mainstream Christianity nor Anglican in the traditional sense.

    Dr Lisa Nolland’s rant about Peter Tacthell and paedophilia, is not only a misplaced but a misunderstood; as once again Dr Nolland “divorces the issue from the context” in her feeble attempt to smear Peter.

    The issue Peter has raised time and time again, is based on the fact that until quite recently; the age of consent for sexual intercourse in Spain was 12. . .

    . . . Are we to conclude Dr Nolland that all SPANISH people are therefore “Paedophiles?

  8. @ John

    For anybody to suggest that inviting Peter Tatchell to an event “would put children at risk of sexual abuse” is not only extremely offensive but proves that the individual is indeed a Very sick person.

    It show hows damaging the christian church can be and such out-dated sterotyping is not only dishonest but the sheer lack of respect for others wins through everytime.

    It surely is the fact that this out-dated christian belief is the really abuse by not allowing people to be themselves.

    I am no fan of Mr Tatchell as most know but to make such accusations shows the christian religion yet again at it’s worst. It shows a religion desperate to clinch onto anything discriminatory and say it’s fine to do so.

    Thankfully people from the Greenbelt arts festival have shown some common sense and clearly people going to the event feel differently.

    It is people like Dr Lisa Nolland this Earth could do without as far as public speaking goes. Such intolerance towards other human beings thankfully is dying out. Hopefully religion will follow suit.

  9. “As for Dr. Lisa, rock on girl – you make several important points I would like organisers and anyone going to the festival to note these and respond accordingly.”

    You’re serious right? Astounding, absolutely astounding. You ought to be disgusted with yourself.

    The woman is evil. To assume that Thatchell is a risk to children shows ignorance, misunderstanding and complete lack of tolerance as well as spite and hatred.

    I can’t believe you’re actually supporting her.

  10. Thanks JohnL and Squidgy, you bring in valid points I wasn’t aware. Obviously, there is a lot about PT and Dr. Lisa I don’t know!

    I didn’t get the impression though that Dr. Lisa’s objection was to protect youngster’s against harmful predators, but rather that by giving PT a platform the GB organisors could be seen as endorsing PT’s views (which many Christians see as being opposed to the true Christian message).

    However, I agree that in itself is a minefield. Other GB speakers have said things that I feel oppose that message, and it has nothing to do with sex or gay related issues either.

  11. John – I only read what was in the link tbh, yes pedos are sick scum etc but she’s acting like LBG folk are equal to pedos which is a typical homophobes lie, she rants like he’s a danger to kids for his views which isn’t the case at all. have you ever heard of the phrase to “damn with faint praise”? she has and she’s doing that

  12. Thanks to my hero, Peter Tatchell, the issue of marriage equality wouldn’t exist in the UK, we should be grateful and thankful for his unending activism and courage to confront the issues where others have failed. The next time opponents of Peter make negative comments, they need to ask themselves, what have [they] done lately for equality? Peter has risked his life at times in defence of human rights, he deserves the Nobel peace prize for his contribution to humanity.

  13. Chester – thanks for offering this explanation – if she is equating LBG folk to pedos then that would be out of order (but that is not how her blog read to me). I am pretty sure that most of the LBG people who visit this forum would be just as concerned as I would be if paedophiles were able to prey on youngsters, whatever their sexual orientation.

    I honestly didn’t read her comments in that way at all but rather (as I said) PT has views contrary to those of many of Christians (including GB supporters) and there is a need not to give the impression that by inviting PT, GB are endorsing his views. The same, incidentally, should apply to all GB speakers.

    Looking back at my youth, before I became old and sceptical, I was susceptible to being taken in by any smooth talking operator, especially if they appeared to have the support of older people I looked up to.

    As a Christian who engages with LBG folk I, on the whole, welcome the opportunity for PT to share his perspectives as it will hopefully help to break down barriers and lead to increase understanding. Imo, we all need to think through the issues, including being exposed to different perspectives, and then come to a view.

    Actually, I hadn’t heard the phrase “damn with faint praise” before. I hope my first statement won’t be viewed in that light :-)

  14. Deeside Will 26 Aug 2010, 5:48pm

    Just a few reflections from a definite non-fan of Peter Tatchell.

    (1) As Peter Tatchell has already pointed out, his talks will not be about the age of consent.

    (2) Peter Tatchell has a right to hold the opinions that he does on the age of consent.

    (3) Lisa Nolland has an equal right to regard his opinions as wrong. I do too.

    (4) If there are going to be any paedos lurking around hoping to prey on children, they’ll be there anyway. What will attract them won’t be Peter Tatchell’s views on the age of consent, but the possible presence of the said children. Peter Tatchell’s presence won’t increase any danger that they pose, nor would his absence diminish it.

    (5) Peter Tatchell’s views on the age of consent are not the sole reason why Lisa Nolland objects to his presence, just the most sensational one that she can think of. She’d be carping about his presence just as much if he had never mentioned the subject in his life.

  15. As it so happens I am in complete agreement with Tatchell’s views on the age of consent. I see no virtue in the needless criminalisation of the young. I love Tatchell, and want to bear his children. Unfortunately, I lack a uterus, which renders this ambition somewhat hopeless. But if I had a uterus, I would definitely use it to bear Tatchell’s offspring.

  16. she’s spinning John! why is it always about pedos as soon as anything LBG is raised or spoken about? FFS – pedos are pedos and not hetero as many are preying on the girls when they are guys plus why can’t she and other scum see that?

  17. Is it possible to have these poisonous people be made to prove their assertions? Giving opinion as fact.
    I know I wouldn’t want a god botherer anywhere near young members of my family, they cant seem to keep their hands to themselves.

  18. I would rather spend the weekend cleaning out the drains than go to a christian festival. Religious loony happy clappys the lot of them, I would think Peter Tatchell will be the only sane one there.

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