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New legal standard to be applied to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

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Reader comments

  1. John(Derbyshire) 25 Aug 2010, 12:45pm

    This is all so much nonsense- Why don`t they just get rid of it!

  2. The US Army is a fascist organisation thanks to this hideous law.

    It is an embarrassing joke.

  3. Robert (Kettering) 25 Aug 2010, 4:40pm

    I wonder why this black president has totally failed to get rid of a piece of sheer discrimination? I wonder how he’d react if there was still segregation laws in force? Funny how he would pull out all the stops to outlaw discrimination based on colour, religion etc yet dithers when it come to ridding America of this last piece of Victorian prejudice???

    I have grown to distrust Obama more and more I have to say, a ditherer like Clinton.

  4. Actually, the U.S. military is rife with fundamentlist religious bigots at the highest echelons, is it no wonder DADT doesn’t get a speedy boot up the rear end?

    Robert (Kettering), Obama does in fact support segregation, ironically, when he has stated many times, that he supports civil unions at the federal level giving gay couples similar rights of marriage under a diferent name, just like civil partnerships. He also believes that civil marriage is connected to religious marriage, one man one woman only. This is a man who is supposed to be a scholar of the U.S. constitution who understands nothing of its 14th amendment. He’d be great as head of StonewallUK, another same-sex marriage naysayer and proponent of separate but equal nonsense.

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