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Gay men ‘continue to top list’ in contracting STIs

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Reader comments

  1. “The rise in popularity of websites such as Gaydar and the new Grindr iPhone app have been cited as possible contributing factors to the rising STI statistics among gay men.”

    There’s no point in trying to find a scapegoat.

    I think it’s a statistical fact that gay men have more sexual partners than any other segment of the population, which causes these figures.

    I’m not meaning that in a disparaging way incidentally. It’s merely true.

  2. Not all gay men do, but perhaps taken as an average across all gay men. The number of sexual partners isn’t really the issue- it’s whether people are practicing safer sex with their partners. Evidently the AIDS crisis hasn’t done enough to convince certain people of the need to take precautions against STI transmission.

  3. HelloKittyKitty 25 Aug 2010, 11:40am

    If this guardian article is anything to go by, the peak age for young men getting STIs is early 20s, so I would imagine the AIDS crisis isn’t something they’d remember. I’m 30 and I vaguely remember it back in the 80s but never really understood or cared what it was. Why would you being a child?

    The other issue I think, is there isn’t a great deal of education out there for gay men. There is so much talk about how all sexual health education is inadequate in this country as it is. Plus you have the over-sexualisation of society thrown in which doesn’t help. Another point raised by the guardian, is the difficulty negotiating using protection, especially with a new partner, especially if they are uneducated in condom use. They say this in reference to young people, but I wonder how often this could be a factor for those who are older?

  4. What is alarming is the amount of men (gay or straight, lets not discriminate!) who have sex knowing they have an STD because they are unable to ‘keep it’ in their pants while being medicated to clear it up! Very often just 2 weeks.

  5. dave wainwright 25 Aug 2010, 2:25pm

    I find the way this item is headlined very disturbing , surely it should read “some gay men” and not “GAY MEN”, it is an awful slur and negative stereotyping of gay men, one expects this from the str8 media, one expects better of the gay press.

  6. I blame bareback porn 24hr saunas and drugs. where’s the glamour gone

  7. @ dean

    Those are just excuses. Each individual is responsible for their own actions. It’s people that chose to behave the way they do no matter how much you want to dress it up as everything else’s fault.

  8. ALL men are promiscuous. FACT. It’s just str8 ones don’t get the opportunities like gay ones. Women regulate how much sex str8 men get. They are also very conscious about getting pregnant, so they tend to be rather more careful than men.

    It’s only when gay men start dropping like flies like back in the 80’s that the self-centered queens will realise it could affect them. If gay men had as much brains as they do cock, we wouldn’t be in the crap we are in now.

  9. nothing says IDIOT like caps.

  10. surely the stats are flawed though… the only way a gay man gets counted is if he goes to the GUM/quacks office if he thinks/has an STI – only then is his sexual orientation noted. so won’t this skew the results?

  11. Mark S. King 25 Aug 2010, 10:42pm

    I’m afraid the facts do, in fact, suggest that sexually active gay men like me have more partners than our straight counterparts. Why? Men are pigs, the terror of the 1980’s has worn off, and AIDS is no longer the death sentence among white gay men that it used to be. Here in the U.S., crystal meth has fanned the flames, to be sure.

    Mark S. King

  12. Why areb so many venues promoting club events and club nights such as Pig Filth and sleazy non stop.

    Bareback videos outsell vids with condoms and its on every dating site that bareback is the best.

    If we keep ignoring the facts are we not in denial and leading by a very bad example

  13. it seems our new found freedom is giving us the rope
    for a new epidemic

  14. Could this be due to the fact that gay men are more likely to get tested and treated for STIs? Therefore appearing more on the official statistics.

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