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Gay couple challenge Wyoming’s same-sex marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck to them. I hope they will get some professional legal support as it will be an important case.

  2. Good luck to them. If more people knew couples like Anne and Liz, they’d be supportive of equal rights. This couple is beautiful!

  3. I wish these gentlemen great success, and judging by the decision in the other case, they have reason to be confident.

    \however, if unsuccessful, the article does suggest a solution. Gay marriages from other states are recognized in Wyoming. The state of Iowa is very close, as is the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

  4. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 26 Aug 2010, 2:23am

    And funny that because this is the state that profoundly calls itself on the motto:

    “The equality state”

  5. Melanie Nathan 26 Aug 2010, 7:22am Exposed Plaintiff been in prison this is not a good case to bring in this way…ejeclic

  6. As usual ‘only’ equality for some! The USA always says how it fights for justice around the world and yet it continues to allow discrimination against so many of it’s own citizens! AND wrongly influences Australian foreign policy!

  7. Jesse Bozarth 26 Aug 2010, 6:35pm

    I wish you all the best in luck. It time our government does something for us for once. End this once and for all. Give us the same rights as straights and enforce it in all states. This has been going on to long. We have a life not a life style. We don’t chose to be this way no more than straights chose to be straight. So the states and government needs to get over and pass EQUAL RIGHTS for all not just the select few.

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