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Attitude magazine tackles mental health issues in gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Mark S. King 25 Aug 2010, 11:12pm

    One of the sociological causes for poor mental health among gay men is the constant barrage of youthful, perfect bodies depicted is gay culture. A lot like the model on the cover of this magazine. Attitude Magazine, heal thyself.

    Mark S. King

  2. Have you read it Mark? Probably I’d say another big cause of mental illness in gay men is being surrounded by judgemental gay men who are the first to attack everything and anything around them. Just one of the topics they talk about in the magazine. Try taking your own advice Mark.

  3. something you yourself just did Paul. The reason for this, as I am sure the magazine will present (haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet) is that it is a multilayered and complex issue, with factors contributing to it arising both internal to and external from the gay community

  4. I’ve not read the magazine yet but my guess is that the virulent (even if non-violent and non verbal homophobia) that is present in the school, the home, the society has a deeply damaging impact on self-worth and self-esteem of most gay men.

    And when they come out they think that their problems will be resolved. The trouble is that the same negative effects have been absorbed by the other gay men they meet, so there is little real support.

    Add to that the body fascism; the glorification of perfect bodies, obsession with youth, the easy availability of drugs, and the fact that men in general (not just gay men) are less equipped to deal with their emotions and compassion than women are, that it leads to this situation.

    Gay men may suffer more mental illness and addiction than straight men.

    But straight men I suspect suffer more mental illness and addiction than straight women.

    Maybe I’m generalising. But I suspect that women are a LOT more emotionally intelligent and evolved than men are.

  5. society is geared to protecting women and persecuting men. there
    was an article about unidemtified railside suicides all but one were men. Prostate cancer kills 10000 men annually and it get no publicity where breast and cervical get a lot of exposure. Men are more likely to commit suicide and be homeless so it’s not great to be a man in the uk at the moment and no one gives a damn

  6. and we also have to deal with the imposed lifestyle of Ikea cocktails and kylie and if you don’t fit there’s not much choice

    I haven’t read any gay mags or papers for around 6 years I feel they’re written for vapid teenagers there wasn’t much food for thought just club reviews and escorts.

  7. “ciety is geared to protecting women and persecuting men.”

    Which explains why women receive 83p for every £1 men earn for doing the same job as a man in the UK?
    And why domesticn violence and murder of women is far higher than against men.

    I didn’t say that being a woman was easier than being a man in the UK. That’s clearly not true.

    Women are just better equipped emotionally than men are, and are allowed to express emotion and fear, and tend to be far more mutually supportive of each other than men (including gay men).

  8. Gary Everett 26 Aug 2010, 3:27pm

    Homotopia & Dadafest International 10 present

    The Powerhouse Of Supermen : Does gay culture exclude ‘otherness’
    Saturday November 20th at 2pm
    Bluecoat Centre, Liverpool

    We are surrounded by images, ideas and confections of gay lifestyles, the ‘scene’ and its culture. Muscle, hedonism, youth and homogeneity is everywhere and even perpetuated in the gay media. Is it narcissism, is it healthy and does this quest for the perfect body exclude ‘otherness’ ?

    The afternoon will feature a lively and provocative debate chaired by Matt Fraser including panelists Jane Czyzselka (Editor DIVA) David Hoyle (Artist & thinker), Leroy Moore (Sins Invalid) and Robert Softley (Disabled Persons LGBT group)

    Free event

  9. men also work longer and die earlier. and women mutually supportive maybe I can tell you’ve never had real male friends

  10. There are just too many:

    The constant feeling of persecution and finding out the world has moved on and your persecution is the past and not the present and feeling that others owe you something because they are living in better times.

    Acting outrageously camp over the top and crowding everybody else’s space and finding out you are just a boring old clown that people want to avoid.

    You have slept with so many people and been to so many parties and done so many things and you now find yourself alone in a bedsit.

    You feel that you need some privacy in your life and you no-longer want to tell everybody that you are gay
    but you feel you have now become closeted again.

    And blah blah blah blah blah blah. None of them are necessarily true.

    The bedsit seems to be the biggest one. And getting older and people who you used to turn your nose up at are now you.

    And you know what it isn’t a gay thing it’s a people thing but it isn’t news unless it is bad news about gays
    people are too fat people are too skinny people do this too much people do that too much..

    That’s the nature of news. God help the news people if we are all happy.

    I hope there’s not too many spelling mistakes I had to rush I have so much paperwork to do and I will be publicly humiliated if I don’t do it.

  11. @dean
    But it isn’t true that lifestyles are “imposed” and we have no choice but to buy Kylie CDs. Just don’t conform. I like Gallows and Enter Shikari – not exactly trad “gay” fare.

    @Mark S. King
    Of course a magazine is going to put beuatiful people on its cover. I like seeing attractive people. I can never be as physically attractive as these people, but I like a bit of eye candy, don’t you? If you don’t then just don’t buy the magazine – use your purchasing power to buy magazines featuring only ugly people. That’s capitalism – the consumer is king.

    The existence of consumer preferences doesn’t make you into a victim. There are no victims.

  12. I quite agree, JohnnyH (as I often do with what you write). I’m getting tired of the assumption that gay men have no choice but to conform to some imposed pattern. Last Sunday’s Observer article on this issue of Attitude had one or two spectacularly misguided follow-up comments on its website, notably one claiming that the writer was ‘hoodwinked’ into following a lifestyle he was now dissatisfied with: the victim mentality at its least sympathetic and most irritating.

    (PS: what’s an Ikea cocktail?)

  13. I think pervasive, deep-rooted homophobia is the key word here.

  14. But “pervasive, deep-rooted homophobia” is three words.

  15. Or is it four? I’ve never known whether to count a hyphenated phrase as one word or two. I guess it’s one of the deep mysteries of life, alongside the other great philosophical questions, such as: Why are we here? Is there a god? In what social situations (if any) is it acceptable to use the term “spooge”, and (most mysterious of all) what are the precise ingredients of an Ikea cocktail?

  16. Enter Shakira is better then Gallows though I think and there’s many groups better then both

  17. johnny

    eye candy sounds quite harmless but good looking men are expected to be that and attract a certain type of man. it’s pretty awful when you like a man who then takes you round to his mates to show off. You stop being a person and become an object

  18. @dean
    Seriously dude, stunningly beautiful men are victims? The tears rolled down my cheeks involuntarily as I read your account and contemplated the terrible lives of those born with transcendently good looks. Next time I see some such person on the cover of a magazine I’ll remember how bleak and painful it is to be cursed with physical beauty and thank my lucky stars that I look like an emaciated version of ET. Thanks!

  19. johnny if you had men literally following around clubs into toilets of resturants, offering you drugs, money, holidays all while you’re with your boyfriend.  Then your boyfriends mates hit on you then your mates boyfriends hit on you and your mates get pissed off cause youre always get the guys they fancy. and to top it off most of the men chasing are chasing you for looks and physique they couldn’t give a fcuk about character or charisma. ok doors open but Its not all great, good look alone can make strangers become enemies.

    1. god bless you if you are an ugly girl. of course, too pretty is also your doom. everybody harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room. god help you if you are a phoenix and you dare to rise up from the ash. a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy while you are just flying past.
      – ani d.

  20. Ah, *now* it’s clear. You choose to go out to clubs (I mean I assume it’s a choice – I assume no one’s forcing you at gunpoint) where you have to suffer the irritation of declining offers of “drugs, money and holidays” because people think you’re so preternaturally good looking. Now you’ve made it clear, I find myself *chocked* with emotion at the circumstances of your tragic life – in fact, I’m going to have to stop writing now because I’m about to well up again…I’m sorry….(sobs)

  21. don’t hate me cause I
    pretty bitches

  22. Of course not. I hope my comments didn’t come across as too harsh – it was just a bit of fun. Couldn’t help myself.

  23. no problem I’m not all that

  24. Dear God, the Issues issue is certainly bringing up some issues …!

  25. Help—–How do i find this magazine or article on line?

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