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George Michael pleads guilty to drugs charges

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder where George appeared on that survey that Stonewall did on role models and pop stars?

    Just shows nice boys go astray as well just like straights… What was the relevance of that survey again?

  2. Just a note that George Michael wasn’t on the Stonewall survey on role models for young gay people.

    (Pink News may track this comment if they wish)

  3. “I wonder where George appeared on that survey that Stonewall did on role models and pop stars?”

    I’ll bet if George Michael donated cash to Stonewall, he’d be on their ‘best gay popstars’ list, irrespective of his alcohol and drug accidents.

    Stonewall are amoral whores after all, who seem willing to sell out all values to the highest bidder (have a look at their ridiculous Top 100 Employers – all of which donate money to Stonewall).

    Stonewall refuse to listen to what the LGBT population says about marriage equality for reasons only known to themselves.

    I’d trust George Michael more than I’d trust Stonewall.

  4. he’s out of order he might kill somone. but when he told elton john to do one I had a bit more respect for him. He better get 2 sympathetic 24hr chaffeurs.

  5. I think George Michael ought to be ashamed of himself. Irrespective of one’s sexuality, driving under the influence of drink or drugs is wrong. Personally I think he’s a completely arrogant moron.

    As for Elton John, he’s another arsehole who would sell his own mother for popularity.

    I used to respect Stonewall, but I have lost that recently. I have to admit it’s all corporate arselicking and although they’re capable of wonderful things – they’re more interested in their money obsessed donors as opposed to the gay men and women their actually meant to represent.

  6. Won’t someone please take pity and put this man out of our misery!

  7. George Michael is a bit of a tit whose (considerable) talent has been eclipsed by his enslavement to the satisfaction of his desires. I can’t really see what it’s got to do with his being gay, or why it’s of interest to PinkNews as anything other than a scrap of puerile tabloid idiocy.

    I especially can’t see why it’s an excuse to tip off at Stonewall. S’Murph, your obsession with Stonewall is well known. If you’d ‘rather trust George Michael than Stonewall’ perhaps you’d like to recount for us what he has done for LGB equality or, for that matter, what his position is on marriage equality?

    Or is it simply that you’re a dreary loud-mouthed c*nt?

  8. Am I really just a computer program artificial intelligence or am I laying in bed somewhere in a coma. What are the chances of George a singer and another George a singer? from the same period the 80s both being Gay and both being junkies and both having messed up sex life’s. And then his last name Michael having the same name as a Gay comedian? called Michael who is also a junkie with a messed up sex life.

    This simply cannot be true I am dreaming.

    Let me pretend for a minute that this is not a dream:
    George Michael’s brief success in the United States means he is a multimillionaire he could put his face in the crutch of the most beautiful Thai rather than groping old men in bushes. The man’s face looks like a battered up vagina. With the money he has he could at least have a facelift.
    And if he doesn’t want one could buy me one.

    Seriously Michael, sort out your life you have the financial opportunities that other people could only dream of you are free to travel the world and do as you like.

    Go to prison do your time and let your brain clear before you kill somebody’s loved ones.

  9. “your obsession with Stonewall is well known”

    I’m not obsessed with them. If they are mentioned in a story oer discussion then they are a valid topic of conversation. I’m sure even you would agree with that.

    But people need to be reminded that they are a honmophobic organisation.

    In order to achieve LGBT equality, Stonewall must cease and desist from claiming to represent us.

    They don’t. They represent 2% of the LGBT populaton.

    George Michael has done nothing for LGBT equality. That however is better than Stonewall who are actively hindering LGBT equality through their self-serving opposition to marriage equality.

    The truth hurts – deal with it.

  10. Ha ,Ha,Ha,George is a very good business man, when it
    comes to his career,think play on Lindsey Lohan,after
    all “faith” has been reissued, really we must have faith
    in the man.

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