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Faith school denies place to daughter of lesbian couple

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Reader comments

  1. Why on earth would that couple want to send their daughter to a
    (f)hate school?

    They’ve had a lucky escape. Their daughter would have been taught to be a nasty little bigot if she’d been sent there.

  2. apparantly were 4 years behind America we can thank Blair for the state were going to be in. I can’t believe I used to vote labour

  3. Galadriel1010 24 Aug 2010, 12:14pm

    @Dean: I’m not sure how you figure that one out. In the UK the school wouldn’t be allowed to turn the child away because she has two mums, and the country acknowledges her parents’ right to be married, even if they haven’t worked out that Civil Partnerships are not marriage yet. The UK is way ahead of the US, largely thanks to the measures that Blair’s government put in place, in spite of his own personal religious beliefs.

    And @StephenC, again with the faith bashing. If they thought that the school was a moderate one, which would teach the core principals of christianity as her mother believed them, then the school was a good choice. Once they found out that it wasn’t as moderate as they’d hoped, they didn’t want to send their daughter there. Presumably they would have removed her once they’d found out as well.

  4. Sounds like a truly horrible place to work and learn but I wonder what their position is in relation to divorced parents and whether or not they ask each parent to prove that they have never been unfaithful or have never coveted anything (after all those are in the top 10).

  5. No 3: Galadriel: you say:

    “@StephenC, again with the faith bashing”

    And in this instance you’ll agree that the faith bashing is absolutely deserved.

    That Anglican school sounds like a group of putrid bigots.

    Ih the VAST majority of cases religion has nothing of any value to add to society.

    Religion defines itself by hatred, intolerance and moronic, fake superstition.

    It’s not mean if it’s true you know.

  6. Thank God Poseidon that I am not a Christian hypocrite like the bigots running St Vincent’s Cathedral sect school.

  7. I think this child and her parents had a lucky escape. What toss-pots.

  8. Galadriel1010 24 Aug 2010, 2:03pm

    @StephenC You should have asked ‘why would they want to send their child to a conservative faith school?’, to which the answer is that they didn’t know it was so conservative. Clearly her mother’s faith hasn’t harmed her acceptance of her own or others’ sexuality, and she still feels that her faith is important to her, so why should she turn her back on that?

  9. Her mothers aren’t going to school, their daughter is. Clear teaching? Did somebody discover a scripture that says thou shalt not admit the daughter of a lesbian couple in thy school? Yeah, I can see how perfectly that follows the teachings of Jesus to love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. Good job, Christian school, keep carrying the banner of Christ and leading people to Jesus with this selfless act, and keep leading by example, so that your version of morality prevails. Because goodness knows if you allow a daughter of a lesbian couple into your school, it will completely destroy the church and probably dethrone God in the process. Your religion must be extremely delicate if that is your final answer. I’m a Christian, but I’m increasingly less apt to identify as one because of a continuous crap parade like this.

  10. As always, to me anyway, part of the tragedy in this, is that this sort of situation could not be farther from the teachings, or the real life actions, of Jesus of Nazareth. The real problem with modern Xtianity (and by modern I mean pretty much all the degeneration on all sides that has happened since the split of 1054) is a lot like the “New World Order” Republicans in the US, they know nothing about their own history and follow none of the principles of the political faiths they pretend to. And yes, for anyone who has studied all sides of ancient history, in its present form Xtianity it is very little more than just another political party, much like the rest of the religions that now pollute the world and cause most of the pain in it. If there was a second coming they would kill the Nazarene, even more quickly this time most likely, because they would hate him even more than they hate us as he would support none of the current pretenders to the Christian faith.

  11. Although I am a Christian and likely share many of the schools values, I neither condone or condemn its position. For one thing I have insufficient information. I do feel though if I were in their position I would want to open the school up to a wider clientel if they accept the schools codes etc. and be pleased that they would want their child educated at my school.

    What should be realised is that in our country faith schools are often oversubscribed because of the quality of education on offer (it might be similar in the US given the number who are home schooled. Many such schools operate a selection criteria, one of which is that the parent’s subscribe to the faith represented. One reason for this is that it is one of surest ways to safeguard the schools ethos, which it seems in this case most, if not all, the parents support.

    Schools vary considerably in this regard yet the ethos of the school, irrespective of faith, has a bearing on such things as standards of manners and discipline and educational attainment.

    Hope you don’t mind a different take on the subject to that offered so far :-)

  12. Jesus had two fathers.

  13. I am still not quite understanding why you would send you child to a school that is going to teach them that their moms are going to hell? Seems to me that they would have known what the Christian schools curriculum was before they enrolled their daughter. They had to have known that the school would have frowned upon knowing of their relationship. I don’t think a private entity such as a Christian school should be forced to take in these kids, but I also think that if they do not they should not receive any government help. just as churches should not be tax free when they are a constant political drive.

  14. LUCKY Olivia !!!!!

  15. When children are very small, faith schools do not tend to go in depth with the whole ‘mortal sin, eternal damnation’ thing. It’s all very innocent and sweet- Jesus hugging baby lambs, playful songs, etc. It could be that the couple were only intending for her to go to school there for a short time before the school began to preach hatred, as it does when children are old enough to understand what they’re saying. FIRST, it’s ‘Jesus loves you and everyone’. THEN, it’s ‘except the gays/fornicators/etc’.

    They learned how conservative the school would be in its teachings and NO LONGER want to enrol their daughter. I see nothing wrong with this decision and I don’t see why some commentors are bashing the religious mother when she is clearly not self-loathing or overly zealous, considering that she is in a relationship with another woman.

    My point being that the girl is four. Fire and Brimstone doesn’t start until AT LEAST five and a half.

  16. Galadriel1010 25 Aug 2010, 11:05am

    @Claire: Lol, pretty much.

    It also has to be said that not all church schools preach against gay people. I went to two christian schools and, whilst neither was particularly supportive (of anyone, really), I have never been told, outside the internet, that homosexuality is wrong. Not even in church.

    Shocking, I know, that some religious people are actually capable of acceptance, love and kindness like their God taught them.
    And b*ll*cks to the ones who aren’t.

  17. 21stCenturySpirituality 26 Aug 2010, 3:15am

    Disgusting! What if this was the only school in a particular area? Essentially they would then be denying the child an education. I don’t think I have ever come across a clearer demonstration that faith schools are devisive cliques for social engineering and indoctrination of prejudice and intolerance. Abolish these outmoded and parochial institutions NOW! They do not create peaceful, harmonious, happy, civilised or evolved societys or adults.

  18. Belief Without Evidence School denies place to daughter of lesbian couple.

  19. I’m sure hitlert in his early years as chancellor would have done the same re Jews in his church. The catholic church. And he is still Unexcommunicated.

    But the RATZI pope in 2009 UNexcommunicated a holocaust denier. A bishop williamson. Who was an Anglican who became extremist catholic, wonder why (he doth protest too much?)

    At least Argentina threw him out of the country. And its quite possible that his presence there helped to put in place the gay marriage law.

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