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California senate finally repeals 60-year-old ‘gay cure’ mandate

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Reader comments

  1. Deeside Will 24 Aug 2010, 6:14pm

    Go it, PFOX! The more ridiculous you show yourselves up as being, the better.

  2. In what doublespeak universe do PFOX describe themselves as “…Friends Of Ex-Gays and Gays”?
    “I’m your friend but only on the understanding that you’re intrinsically wrong and I intend to alter everything about your personality to fall into line with my own narrow moral code”.
    With friends like these, who needs enemas?

  3. Whenever I hear or read about groups that believe it is their calling to “change” gays and their “lifestyle” I recall the American TV comedy show “Will and Grace” and the episode that covered this topic so humorously. Great stuff.

  4. Acknowledging, understanding and overcoming religious addiction or How to cure the effects of Toxic Religion.
    Perhaps this is where California State Department might usefully direct their investigative research “the causes and cures of homophobia”.

  5. BobbetStillTheSame 25 Aug 2010, 11:24am

    Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX)
    What a joke !!!!!!

  6. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 26 Aug 2010, 3:48am

    Now will the republican Governor sign this gay cure repeal law????

    500 bucks says he will veto this law!!!!!!

    Typical Republicans!!!!!

    Here is a list of what this republican Governor vetoed:

    * Same sex marriage (twice he vetoed this law);
    * Prison safety rights for gay men and lesbians (he vetoed this last year);
    * Transgender identification rights on birth certificates (he vetoed this last year also);
    * Religious freedom within marriage (he vetoed this three times)

  7. Gay residence 27 Aug 2010, 12:41pm

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