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Australian Sex Party does well at polls

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Reader comments

  1. Actually, lets be honest and accurate here, EVERY single country in the world with marriage equality, INCLUDING South Africa, Argentina and Canada, have longer “Christian heritages” than Australia.

    Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Iceland have “Christian heritages” MUCH longer.

  2. john sharp 24 Aug 2010, 4:17pm

    super sex party
    i am in
    church and religion out

  3. This is a tiny footnote in both the 2010 Australian elections and in the struggle for full equality before the law in Australia. The Australian sex party failed to gain any senate or house of representatives seats.

    Of greater significance was the ongoing rise of the Greens Party who fully support same-sex marriages. When the new senate forms ( the senate is fixed term and out of sync with the house of representatives) it will have 9 Greens senators holding the balance of power. 1 Greens MP was also elected to the House of representatives where there is a hung parliament.

  4. The Sex Party polled quite well for a new political party. It was wonderful how they stirred up all of the wowsers! The Sex Party’s video on YouTube was one of the best during the campaign! LOL Overseas people may enjoy looking at it!

  5. ditto Harleymc – this was the significant story – hung parliament with greens holding the balance of power in the senate and one of their main policies being marriage equality!

  6. Just think of all the christian puritans playing with their genitals, drooling at the mouth, while also babbling about abstinence, gay is wrong, and all their other droppings stuck to their asshairs.

    As someone said “what is the similarity to captain kirk of the starship enterprise and the hand with which you wipe your ass.

    Answer – they both orbit around UrAnus, looking for Klingons.

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