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New US poll report finds changing attitudes to homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. As the older generation dies out, homosexuality will no longer be a major issue.

    And those figures showing the divide between catholics and protestants are truly shocking and surprising.

    I suppose they just mean that while the catholic cult is bigotted and fascist, that ordinary catholic people are a lot more accepting than protestant people.

    Sort of makes sense – I mean if all the catholic, straight women who were on the Pill were excommunicated, then there’d be no female catholics left.

    And the examples of Spain; Portugal; Belgium; Argentine and Mexico show why the fact that a country is catholic does not mean that the cult can control the law.

    That is refreshing.

  2. Canadude31 23 Aug 2010, 2:06pm

    It’s about freakin’ time! Welcome to the next century. Embarrassing to see what’s happening in California. Who knows, you might actually make it to the twenty-first century In a few decades but I’m not really hopeful.

  3. I think that in recent decades ordinary Catholics have had to become more and more used to taking doctrine with a pinch of salt, and picking a chosing what they want to follow.

  4. It’s just amazing that heterosexuals have to give approval period. That’s just like saying WHITE Angelo Saxon Americans have to give approval for for Africans, Latinos or Asians to be able to marry. Amazing how denial of bigotry works in the white community. I just guess that you have to be an oppressed minority to realize and learn what bigotry is. I honestly feel that people use the catholic church to hind behind and not recognize the prejudice in a supposedly free country. But also, the Roman Catholic Chruch reinforces it.

  5. StephenC, that’s the reason why our own political parties can no longer use the religion component to sustain the ban on same sex marriage in our own country. As more countries allow it, its going to make it increasingly difficult for western governments to ignore it. I predict, the UK will get on board sooner, rather than later, now that its out in the open and all three parties are taking note, its going to happen, inevitable.

  6. Catholics more accepting of gays , not sure that is true in Europe, particurlarly Scotland. But maybe so among latino Americans.

  7. Jess Conrad 24 Aug 2010, 9:23am

    It’s about time the USA Did something of value in the humanities field.

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