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Proposed film may test Greek attitudes to gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Hi, congrats for the idea.. but i hope the film makers prepare themselves for just how violently Greeks can show their hate for gays…but since the author is based in Greece he might know that..
    i also hope the film does not only focus on gay men but a lot on lesbians as well who are basically non existant in Greece – gay men are ridiculed around the clock on Greek TV but lesbians (as in NOT girl on girl porn or just to please a man) shock them to their core. the majority of Greek women and men alike completely deny them.
    good luck for the movie, good luck for finding a location that is willing to serve as a platform for the movie… I really wish i could be in it haha…
    maria, german lesbian living in greece

  2. As long as the powerful Greek-Orthodox Church is One with the State, expect no change in the Greek laws. It is a shame, if one can take into account Ancient Greece’s famous homo-bi-erotic past. The only solution I see is if clever Greek Gay and Lesbian Unions embrace the gay marriage strategy of the two US super-lawyers towards fundamental human rights. Good luck!

  3. globetrottr 24 Aug 2010, 8:41pm

    I had the unfortunate experience of visiting several destinations within Greece with my partner several years ago. We were there to enjoy the sights, not to rob, rape and pillage the locals.

    Our reception, as we traveled throughout the country, was “somewhat less than welcoming.” I would NEVER return to Greece with it’s citizens gleeful aversion to publicly humiliating gay travelers.

  4. Another country is targeted for moral filthiness.

  5. I have read this article and it’s comments with interest as I shall be staying in Greece with my partner next month. I naively assumed that it’s willingness to be part of the union had ensured certain minimum obligations to human rights had been met. I will gladly give all a full and detailed report of our experiences in this country. I hope it makes for a dull and uneventful read regarding homophobic encounters. Watch this space, as they say. If any have advice to offer other than to stay away from the places of worship which are the real parliaments. I would be glad to hear from you.

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