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Mexican gay rights activists and Catholic protestors clash

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Reader comments

  1. The Cardinal would do well to direct his attention and concern to the ‘many innocent Mexicans’ who have been harmed by child molesting Catholic priests, rather than to the imagined harm he believes will result from gay marriage. People in very fragile glass houses shouldn’t even throw paper planes, let alone stones.

  2. I would have thought that most of the activists are also Catholic. Not sure the headline is the best way to frame this.

  3. Well of course the catholic church would never bribe anyone to do anything would they did or keep quiet about anything naughty, distasteful and downright inhuman……….would they?

  4. Seems to me that Mayor Ebrard has every proper reason to sue the bigoted bishop. I’m not sure, but I believe that it would be regarded as slander in this country.

  5. I’d echo Steve’s comment. I bet most of the LGBT protestors there in Mexico are Catholic as well. Equality laws have been welcomed in Catholic countries like Spain, Portugal, Argentina and even Ireland (civil unions), as well as Massachussettes.
    Let’s not confuse bigoted and closeted bishops with all Catholics.

  6. mmm.. steve makes sense..

  7. “…the country’s Supreme Court was bribed by Mayor Marcelo Ebrard’s government to do so.”

    Uhm, Pinknews, why did you say that?
    It was the catholic church who suggested that rumor, and he denied it and wanted to sue them for defamation. Unless you link us to proof he did so, then please stop spreading lies that those opposed to gay rights have made up.

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