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Dubliners march for same-sex marriage rights

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations folks. Glad to hear LGBT folk in Ireland are organising and campaigning for real equality.

    It’s tot as many as last, year when 5,000 marched (which in a city the size of Dublin is a large amount – equivalent, population wise to 40,000 people marching in London).

    Still though – last year LGBT folk didn’t even have CP Apartheid – they had zilch! I suppose those folk who thought that the introduction of CP’s mean the battle was won and therefore, didn’t turn out this year.

    Delighted to see that LGBT people are refusing to accept CP’s though.

    Although I suppose it serves to give the LGBT populationa sense of unity and strength in the face of such moronically inadequate legislation.

    Despite the introduction of CP legislation, LGBT people in Ireland are STILL denied access to civil marriage based solely on the fact that they are LGBT.

    Making this march and annual event (but moving it to October perhaps) is a good method to remind the politicians that we’ve not finished with them until we have equality.

  2. Inspiring to see that Irish LGBT people are actively campaigning for marriage (equal). Just shows how the CP laws are so inadequate around the world, this one is only a few months old and is beginning and I guess always shown signs of inadequacy and inequality. Ours is only less than 5 yrs old and is creaking at the seams as well it seems ……

  3. Demand marriage equality … separate rights are not equal rights.

  4. Thankkfully Ireland does not seem to be lumbered wirh a less than useless, disgustingly homophobic organisation like Stonewall, who pretend to campaign for equality, but whose actual purpose is to maintain the homophobic status quo.

    Ireland’s LGBT equality groups actually seem to do the job they claim they do ie campaign for real equality

  5. “Everything but the name of marriage” civil unions (like UK CPs), which provide virtually identical rights to those enjoyed by married couples, are still wrong and discriminatory; separate is not equal.

    Nevertheless, we should never let the wider public forget that the vast majority of civil unions and domestic partnerships around the world are _not_ “everything but the name” arrangements. In almost all jurisdictions which offer partnership recognition but not marriage, essential rights are being denied to same-sex couples, harming their families and impeding their lives. That is why people are out in Dublin complaining about Irish CPs but not in London (yet) complaining about UK ones – the two institutions are not the same, and the use of the name “CP” is a canny bit of false advertising by the Irish government.

    Many important rights are missing from the Irish legislation. Crucially, Irish CPs will not protect children with same-sex parents. The lack of legal protection in Ireland for children whose birth parent dies is frightening, unacceptable and requires immediate legislative action. As a Northern Ireland resident with a US marriage but about to move to the Republic, I am acutely aware of the rights my family and I are losing by moving south of the border. In the North, my US marriage is considered a UK CP. I find the name offensive and explaining it to people is inconvenient, but it has almost no practical differences from marriage. In the South, even when Irish CPs come in, I will still be a legal stranger to the children my wife carried. That keeps me awake at night – and that’s the difference.

  6. Now lets see an even bigger march for full marriage quality in London, long overdue. The squeaky wheels gets the best results. StonewallUK should be disbanded to make way for full equality. It,not our government is the main obstacle to getting our full equality. Its going to come whether they like it or not, but StonewallUK will be left behind in the dustbin of oblivion where it belongs.

  7. Tim Hopkins 23 Aug 2010, 3:26pm

    The equal parenting stuff here in the UK was mostly in separate bills that each did a major overhaul of the relevant area of parenting law. The Adoption & Children Act 2002 for England and Wales, the Adoption & Children (Scotland) Act 2007 for Scotland (not sure about NI adoption law), and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 for the whole UK.

    However I guess of course that if the Irish Govt had really wanted to do it, they could have put it all in their Civil Partnership Bill!

  8. At least the consensus among ALL the political parties in Ireland seems to be that CP’s are merely a stepping stone and are inadequate and discriminatory.

    I suspect that after a couple of years with CP, when the electorate sees that the sky hasn’t fallen in, then marriage equality will be pretty easy to accomplish.

    Unfortunately in Britain the homophobic bigots at Stonewall UK have pretended to those in power that they represent more than the mere 2% of the LGBT population who they ACTUALLT represent; and they have allowed those in power to think that discriminarory CP’s will suffice.

    When is Stonewall going to disband? They are the scum of the earth for refusing to support equality, and also not acknowledging each and every time they speak to government that they represent a mere 2% of the LGB population.

  9. Oh fekk-off StephenC / s’murph. You’re irish, and ardent in you’re support of marriage equality. So were you at the march, one of the 3000 ‘filling’ the streets of Dublin? No, I gather from your posts above, but stuck behind your computer in whatever p1ss-poor job it is you have that allows you so much time to type your endless bile into these forums, on the company’s money. If I had some impression that you ever do anything in the way of getting off your complacent arse and *doing* something about the things you profess to believe in, then I’d give more credit to your views.
    So get off your butt, Si, and organise 40000 people to throng the streets of London. When you’ve done that, I’ll respect you’re right to call Stonewall homophobic bigots, call on them to disband, and call yourself someone who believes in LGBT equality.

  10. Its happening all over the world , except of course in the bomber states of the islamic extremists.

    Civil partnerships aren’t the real thing, but they are a far step away from the death camps that the catholic hierarchy probably wishes of gay people, and the same re some anything but Christans.

    JUst look – In the last couple months, Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, Portugal, Costa Rica have made great progress. Finlands moving to marriage from partnerships, Denmark is giving gays the right to adopt. Chile may join Argentina in marriage (or CUs).

    And there are others as well, eg Nepal, and even communist china is beginning to recognize gay people exist.

    The world is being dragged into the 21st century of human rights, kicking and screaming, but it is happening.

    And in the USA the UCC, Episcopal, UU, MCC, evangelical Lutheran, Presbyterian USA and jewish reform and some conservative are all at equality or moving in the right direction.

    While the youth show their lack of homophobia and hatred by playing the gay chicken kissing game. Whose real goal is to show how stupid society is re its phobias – induced obsessive compulsive mental disorders. I am a str8 supporter of gay peoples rights, and yes, I finally got the balls to kiss a gay guy on the cheek. It wasn’t sexual at all. It was simply an act of respect for a young man who could probably have any chick he wanted, but is gay, and I sensed has suffered from it.

    The pix of me kissing him hangs over my desk. As does the pix of me kissing a lesbian friend.

    Two great advantages – helps the wife understand, and gets me more pussytime as well.

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