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Anti-gay student loses legal appeal

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Reader comments

  1. Fake blonde

  2. Her skin looks a little fake too – she looks like a Second Life avatar.

  3. The return of Skeletor-in-a-blonde-wig.

    Seriously though, it’s nice (even though inevitable) that logic won. Bigoted? Don’t be a counsellor.

  4. “Viewpoint discrimination” – ! Yes, it’s called not promoting backward bigotry from the backwoods!

    Glad to hear that Reason can actually overcome “Christian” prejudice in the US after all.

  5. Yes, I thought “viewpoint discrimination” was rather amusing. She is, of course, entitled to whatever views she likes. The matter is different if she wants to inflict them on others. She is clearly unfitted by her prejudices to be a counsellor, and I wonder why she chose this occupation – presumably to push her Christian beliefs onto others, which simply isn’t the job of a counsellor. It’s not much of a story. She’s a bigot, and common sense prevailed.

  6. douglas in canada 23 Aug 2010, 5:32pm

    @JohnnyH Why did she want to become a counsellor? Could it be the same reason that the child with bad teeth wants to become a dentist? Or why the one who can’t see wants to become on optometrist? [just guessing]

  7. Her views are not appropriate for a counsellor, but some of the comments above aren’t cool either. Her hair colour, appearance, and weight are not the issue.

  8. @ Rhian

    Well her religion tells her do no judge or you will be judged too.

    She judged us for who we are, now we are judging her for who she is.

  9. Back off about her appearance, everyone. That’s not the point of the article.

    I’m very glad to see she lost the case. While I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion/religious views (even if they’re rude and bigoted), I don’t believe any counselor should suggest conversion therapy to a person who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community. It’s pretty much the same as having an evolutionary biologist who doesn’t believe in evolution or an atheist becoming a priest.

  10. There is nothing reasonable about this religiously damaged individuals opinions/beliefs.
    Homosexuality is not a moral issue, not is it a choice… and conversion therapy has been completely discredited, so she’s got it wrong on at least three counts.
    I’m pleased the judge made the right call on this.

  11. @ 11:
    That should have read “nor is it a choice” please excuse typo.

  12. 21stCenturySpirituality 23 Aug 2010, 6:17pm

    Q Simpson-esque ‘HA HA’.

  13. Steve in Brazil 23 Aug 2010, 6:29pm

    Common sense prevails…

  14. She wants to be in a position of power to influence those who are seeking help or vulnerable. Thank goodness for common sense.

  15. Jessica - in Maryland 23 Aug 2010, 6:53pm

    Jennifer Keeton is another example of what is really wrong in this world~! So sad

  16. PumpkinPie 23 Aug 2010, 7:00pm

    According to the judge’s ruling, Ms Keeton stated in both class discussions and her papers that she condemned homosexuality, that sexual orientation was a matter of choice, and that, given the opportunity to counsel gay people, she would recommend “conversion therapy”.

    Her case looked bad even when we only had info from her side of the argument. Predictably, given the full facts, we can now see just how badly she didn’t have a leg to stand on. How could she possibly have thought she’d win this case?

    Q Simpson-esque ‘HA HA’.

    I came here specifically to do a “Nelson”, too. :D

  17. westcoastkid (USA) 23 Aug 2010, 7:04pm

    Ya, this one looks like she’s a real adherent of “Christian Values.”

  18. These religious wackjobs are more and more taking the p***s. ‘I should be exempt from observing the ethics and standards of a training course that I knew about before I signed up because of the invisible spirits I believe in.’
    Good on the judge. Kick her out.
    PS to PN – will you PLEASE stop using funny typography and punctuation in the two-word sign-in box? I repeatedly have to close and re-open the comment board until a legible combination comes up. Have pity on my 54-year old eyes!

  19. Someone should offer her Conversion therapy to deal with her bigotry. This idiot should not be allowed anywhere anyone to counsel especially in a school! She stands for everything that is wrong with the radical Christian Right! They are bigots that even Jesus would condemn. Hate minded people like her will get their comeuppance when the die because these are the ones that go to hell! These idiots cherry pick the bible to whatever suits their agenda. Now she just needs to come out of her closet! :)

  20. @Riondo
    No need to close & reopen the comments board. Just click the two-arrow (refresh) sign immediately above the loadspeaker sign in the panel to the right of the word box. Another pair of words will come up. Keep clicking until a decent pair come up. :-)

  21. Waaaahhhhhhhaa hhahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa bitch

  22. Glad to see that common sense has prevailed. The woman has no business wanting to be a counsellor.

  23. Peter Baird 23 Aug 2010, 8:56pm

    Bet she has sex with Surgical Gloves on.

  24. This young “lady” reminds me of Carrie Prejean, the “god fearing” contestant that won the Miss California contest a year or two ago. In an interview she said she did not support gay marriage due to her religious beliefs. During the bru-ha that surrounded that episode it came out she had, among numerous other cosmetic surgeries, breast implant surgery. Looking at her photo it was difficult to tell the real her from the post-op her. Oh, and then there were also those (confirmed) nude photos of her that later surfaced … christian values indeed.

  25. “”This is not a case pitting Christianity against homosexuality . . . [but] the right of a public university to enforce reasonable academic standards”.

    Precisely. But she wanted a special exemption from the rules No-one was discriminating against her – it was SHE who wanted to discriminate.

    I was absolutely horrified to read that she wanted to become a school counsellor. What? So she can play mind games with vulnerable teens?

  26. “This is not a case pitting Christianity against homosexuality . . . [but] the right of a public university to enforce reasonable academic standards”.

    True, but it was due to her christian values that this case was bought before a federal court.

  27. Oh my, forget her anti-gay stance – she’s looks so unwell. Someone close to her – and cares about her well-being needs to help her. She seems to be looking to please so many she’s forgetting to look after her own health!

  28. I am not homosexual, and I am a Christian. However, I believe in being a good person and not judging others. I also don’t believe that homosexuality is a choice and that everyone should be treated equally. (I guess I’m a Rebel Christian) Treat others how you want to be treated. This girl would be a horrible counselor, especially working with children and teens that are developing their own identities. I’m disgusted with her and very happy that the ruling was against her.

  29. I know it’s not completely nice to snipe at her appearance, but (since she has revealed herself to be not completely nice) I hope I may be forgiven when I say that there is only one adjective to describe said appearance: cadaverous. I really like that word.

  30. seeems to happen a lot here is another student doing much the same

  31. It’s just sad isn’t it that the more these wackos go on trying to force religion down peoples throats and influence secular issues the more nice decent Christians like Tyna have less of a voice or get lumped in with the fundies. Thank you for posting Tyna, I am sure there are good Christians like you out there too.

  32. Same old same old – “They’re discriminating against my right to discriminate”.
    I’m getting just a bit tired of hearing that old canard.
    It’s quite possible to be Christian and not be a bigot but these people take the straight and narrow-minded path every time.
    The phrase I’m thinking of rhymes with “struck off” but either will do.

  33. “I guess I’m a Rebel Christian”

    Or maybe a REAL Christian, Tyna ;)

  34. JohnnyH –
    Cheers. So much easier. xRiondo

  35. I’m pretty disgusted that pink news has not yet removed the sexist comments above. Sexist bigotry is still bigotry pink news. Using the b-word for women is sexist, whether it comes from an LGBT person or not. We’re supposed to be the good people. Anyone who agrees with me, please comment and report.

  36. MissPeekaboo 24 Aug 2010, 2:32pm

    Glad to see justice is done at least some of the time

  37. MissPeekaboo 24 Aug 2010, 2:38pm

    I agree Rhian. Ideally, in order to set an example of tolerance here we would not stoop to petty personal attacks; especially based on gender or physical appearance. Come on people, let’s rise above that! or we’re barely better than the judgemental bigots.

  38. But does hurling an insult at someone count as “bigotry”? Surely it’s just a way of expressing our (justified) dislike and disgust with someone. Politeness isn’t everything. After all, Jerry Springer is entertaining! And (as I mentioned above) she herself isn’t exactly a nice person. Why should I be excessively nice to people who aren’t nice to me?

  39. @JohnnyH thanks for commenting. I think that insults can be fair or they can be unfair – it’s okay to have a go at someone about stuff they can control, but she doesn’t control her gender, so it’s not really fair game. The insult that someone is ‘a bitch’ is having a go at her for characteristics usually associated with women. Such as cattiness, hysteria, irrationality, gossipiness, triviality. I get that a lot of women use the word too, but it’s still not very nice when you look at what it really means. And some of the other things, like ‘fake blond’ – lots of women have light coloured hair – it’s not a point to degrade someone with, unless you’re saying they’re a bimbo – again, a gendered insult. I get that some women don’t get annoyed about it (which always surprises me), but that’s pretty ironic in an article about bigotry. Don’t want to be on a hobby horse, but, there it is.

  40. My god, soon we will all just be commuting with sign language.

  41. Forgive me .. “communicating”

  42. Rhian – your point is right and well made! I sometimes find people post using pretty insulting language when it comes to addressing objects of their anger / disagreement, which really isn’t necessary?

    Come on guys, keep to the facts and reasoned debate – you never know – even fans of Jennifer could be won over.

    I admit am disappointed at this outcome (but not surprised), because imho she is right and she could become a good counsellor, but I also accept that she needs to conform to the rules (whatever they are).

    As for changing her views, especially given these has been the Judaea-Christian consensus for nigh on 4000 years, merely because the college and the predominant culture disagrees – NEVER!

  43. jckfmsincty 24 Aug 2010, 8:18pm

    Ethically, no state licensing board should grant her a license to be a counselor.

  44. @John
    I’m sorry, but she’s not being asked to change her views. She is merely being asked not to injure others through her “counselling”, and this is a reasonable request.

    As for “fans of Jennifer” being won over by reasoned debate… (1) I have yet to discover the susceptibility of fundamentalist Christians to “reasoned debate” (2) I really doubt that they make it their custom to trawl through the pages of Pink News.

  45. JohnnyH –
    She is merely being asked not to injure others through her “counselling” – you and many others believe she will because of her views – I don’t.

    I have yet to discover the susceptibility of fundamentalist Christians to “reasoned debate” – try me :-)

    I really doubt that they make it their custom to trawl through the pages of Pink News. – maybe better things to do :-)

    Pink News – I believe you normally do well to be fair in your reporting but don’t you think the term “anti-gay student” shows some bias? From what I can make out she has merely expressed a view about homosexual behaviour but that doesn’t make her anti-gay.

  46. She “condemned” homosexuality in class discussions and in written assignments. She wants to “convert” gays into heterosexuals. She is anti-gay on any reasonable definition. Offering bogus “conversion” therapies will injure her clients if it is taken seriously. If you think otherwise then you are definitely anti-gay yourself. Thanks, but there’s nothing wrong with me and I don’t need to be cured.

  47. apologies JohnnyH, and I stand to be corrected, but according to Pink News “she claims that the university told her she must change her beliefs or be expelled from the course” which is different to your point: “she’s not being asked to change her views”. I don’t know for sure to what extent her claim is correct, but it is important to establish where the truth lies don’t you think?

  48. Well let me clarify. As a citizen of a free country, she can entertain whatever beliefs she likes. Her beliefs do not, however, warrant her in causing harm to others. Someone may believe that blacks should be driven out of the country. If they put their beliefs into practice by (for example) beating up a black person, then they cannot claim “viewpoint discrimination” if they are duly punished. You can believe whatever you like, so long as you do not cause harm to others. Convictions, no matter how strongly held, do not justify actions. I hope this point is luminously clear.

  49. JohnnyH –
    You can believe whatever you like, so long as you do not cause harm to others. – I’m sure Jennifer agrees :-)

    Convictions, no matter how strongly held, do not justify actions – think about it, most of us act on convictions, and those whose convictions are strongest are likely to make the biggest impact – the real question is what are the convictions that ought to hold sway – that is where the debate should be at (check out some discussion on the matter in the discussion associated with the report I gave a link to in my earlier post).

    And for the record JohnnyH I am not anti-gay.

  50. Yes, Jen might think that telling gay people that they’re sick is not harmful, but she’s wrong – and so are you if you think the same as Jen. If you agree with our Jen, then you *are* anti-gay, smiley faces not withstanding. Appeal to the beliefs of ignorant people 3000 years ago does not constitute a rational argument, and is not a contribution to “rational debate”. I’m sorry, but convictions do not justify actions. It reminds me of Tony Blair: when all reasons for the Iraq invasion were shown to be bogus, he just said that it had been his “absolute conviction” to go to war, as though this constituted some sort of reasoned justification. Hitler genuinely believed that exterminating the Jews would bring about the millenium. This does not justify the holocaust.

  51. JohnnyH – when did Jennifer say gay people are sick? Lots of rational, v.intelligent people believe what those so-called ignorant people believed. I’m reminded of one of them who said “the fool say’s in his heart there is no God”. I agree with your Blair / Hitler comments though. The human race can’t progress without convictions so my question is what are the right ones and why? I’m signing off for now but will check in this time tommorow. Good night :-( but :-) is better don’t you think?

  52. You have yet to present a cogent defence of your views. I grow weary.

    (And, yes, I know what everyone’s thinking, I shouldn’t have got into a pointless exchange with a dumb-ass anti-gay Christian but, hey, we all make mistakes.)

  53. douglas in canada 25 Aug 2010, 3:50am

    uh-oh, this discussion is about to die, just like it did when John started posting on the first article to discuss Ms. Keeton’s situation. Be prepared to start going off topic, and to receive very lengthy responses from a person who needs to learn to be BRIEF. To counter this, let’s all try to stay on topic.

    Ms. Keeton, like so many other arrogant types [not just christian, and not just religious] think that if her opinions differ from the rest of the world, the rest of the world has to bow to her way of thinking.

    Re: Comment #45 – “the Judaea-Christian consensus for nigh on 4000 years.” Incorrect. Perhaps a Judaic consensus for that long, but as I understand it, christianity has only been around for 2000 years, so a “Judeo-Christian consensus” can only have existed for 2000 years.

    If Ms. Keeton wants to be really true to her god, she needs to follow that god’s instructions for mental illness, which includes casting demons into swine, JUST LIKE JESUS DID!! Please, if she is not prepared to do that, then she has proven that she is NOT prepared to follow her lord’s teachings.

    How amazingly odd that, as a counsellor, she would not follow jesus’ teaching-by-example about curing mental illness, yet she is so ready to jump on a band wagon against gays, when jesus himself said NOTHING about homosexuality.

    She is not being religious. She is being arrogant, power-hungry and discriminatory.

  54. She should go to a religious seminary which matches here views – she could then recommend whatever her “counseling” would do for people, IF she could find anyone who would listen to her.

  55. [Doing little Victory Dance]

  56. Gawd! America keeps producing these putrid apple pies. The rants of christian church in The USA are the last gasps of the titanic superpower

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