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Updated: Ray Gosling will be charged with wasting police time over ‘mercy killing’

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Reader comments

  1. Good, though I doubt it’ll get far. Clearly another one who feels the need for attention.

  2. How attention starved would anyone have to be to fess up to euthanasing a friend when you never actually did so?
    I can’t see what he would hope to gain by it myself unless he’s deeply disturbed and lonely. The motive seems a bit tenuous.
    That said, the sentance is probably less than actually killing someone for real.

  3. as i said on fb, surely then that will be wasting public money (even more) to bollock him for wasting public money?

  4. better than being prosecuted for murder or illegal euthanasia I guess. Dramatic old queen.

  5. The police chose to investigate. He didnt ‘confess’ to them. He didnt waste police time. Frankly that law is very shaky at the best of times

  6. This is about Nottinghamshire Police getting revenge on Ray for humiliating them as a journalist and documentary maker.

    Lets not forget Nottinghamshire had a reputation as the most corrupt police force in the country.

  7. maybe he saw before night fall the movie of Reinaldo Arenas life. if you haven’t seen it shame on you it’s one of the best movies ever.

  8. re rovex: at last!!! probably one of the mosr sensible, rational more importantly, sensitive comments regarding this whole issue….. and in second place is helen’s comment…. another very interesting point made here……

  9. BouncerMan in Black 20 Aug 2010, 3:47pm

    Smoothering someone so that they intentionally cannot breath again is NOT a suicide pact….. it is plain MURDER.

    This is NOT a kind way to end a life and I would never consider that was an act of friendship!

  10. He did the right thing by not mentioning the person’s name there is no point in going to prison at 71 years of age just to make a point.

    When patients know what they want sometimes sometimes they get offered morphing more than the usual amount.
    Quality-of-life is very important to some. Some people insist that they will not have other people wiping their arsehole
    and they will not wear a catheter

    Unfortunately in a busy hospital patients are not handled with so much care
    some London hospitals are truly appalling…

    The Holland the doctors take more time in speaking to the patient and asking them what they want it is so much better.
    Their questions like if this happens what do you want us to do and if that happens what do you want us to do.. So much better.

    Not wishing to upset anybody who may someday be a patient in England you are treated like a piece of meat.

    I hope if anything ever happens to me that I could have such a friend as Ray Gosling who would help me if I asked.

  11. John(Derbyshire) 20 Aug 2010, 4:45pm

    The police just want revenge- it was THEY who wasted their own time.Now-how much more money are the police and CPS going to waste trying to ¬prove¬ that Ray was lying? How can they prove that he was lying? They ought to be ashamed of themselves persecuting a 71 year old man.

  12. Interesting – I understood, from the original reports, that the police decided to intervene…..was this not the police wasting police time?

    Further, nobody apart from Ray Gosling knows the truth of his claim. I am very interested in what it takes to ‘prove’ that an event did NOT happen – especially where the only witness is (perhaps cunningly) less than forthecoming about the details……..

    This all seems very odd…..but my initial idea is that it seems very spiteful on the part of the ‘authorities’ (we can’t have the ‘subjects’ of the ‘realm’ showing ‘the system’ up, now can we?). Also, if what Ray Gosling says is true, then it would seem to help his case for a best possible outcome that ‘this all seems very odd…’.

    Just some thoughts.

  13. Obviously not suicide if he was already “dead” by what the doctor said. That being “There’s nothing we can do”. What a silly law.

    While I support euthanasia, it should be carried out by a doctor after the patient is given a psych evaluation to show they are in right mind to make such a choice.
    Unfortunately, this is not the case in the UK or some USA states, so I cannot even blame the man if this story is true (which I think it is).

    The police are just butthurt because they realize that they wasted their own time, trying to prove something they can’t.
    I hope he doesn’t have to go to prison for such a silly reason.

  14. They have him if he provides proof, which is why he confessed in the first place, as he knew they needed more than a confession to prosecute, so now they are bringing this trumped up charge. It screams Humiliated vindictivness and should be exposed as glorified homophobia. Its starting already…welcome to the second decade of the millenium and the New Tory Homophobic decade.

  15. whistleblower 21 Aug 2010, 12:46am

    Did you know there are an awful lot of doctors and nurses that are gay more than you would normally meet in any other profession. Hospitals are very gossipy places and gay people have a saying don’t ask don’t tell.

    They say personal life can interfere badly in your professional life it can also take away your authority because of Africans and Nigerians who try to undermine you if you are openly gay. There is also the problem of patients getting to hear this or somebody coming onto you in a work environment can really make work a very uncomfortable place.

    The Africans and Nigerians are the first people to tell you that this doctor or that nurse is ” one of those”.

    Sometimes you have nurses? or carers whose job it is to wipe arsehole’s and change the catheter day in day out.

    The patients just better hope that there Jamaican or the Nigerian nurse has had a good day or else. Sometimes the nurses are so rough that the patients cry and say “Oh please God help me why me why me”.

    The human body is remarkable 30-year-olds 40-year-olds and 80-year-olds can have all types of problems let’s take for example gradual senile dementia so let’s say they are gradually losing control of their limbs all the pains which they will suffer and the gradual dying process all the way down to the arms and legs not working the brain not working as it should and they are just cabbages they are kept alive. Bedsores are considered bad nursing. They all have dreadful bedsores.

    Some of them every now and again no what is happening to them and they always say God help me god help me God help me.

    You become hardened to it.

    Some patients who are suffering from terminal illness just don’t understand they think it is like feature films where people just closed their eyes and die but in real life there is no dramatic music and your body will make you last and last and last.

    Every day the nurses? carers will come into the bedroom they may make a joke about the little Willie or wave their hand in front of their face and say poo! who’s the little smelly to day.

    And so many more things truly dreadful places.
    If you know anybody in hospital visit them as much as possible. Nigerian carers nurses? Don’t like regular visitors because you have to take more care because the visitors might complain.

    When I walk past people sometimes I can see their future in the sense that I think to myself you are out of shape your smoking and I can see you in hospital being treated like a piece of meat. And I think if only you knew how much you are going to regret this and how many times you are going to say please God help me I want to go home I want to go home please God help me.

    I just wanted you to know its not like the feature films you will not just close your eyes and die.

  16. Well, we have got all the Nigerians neatly segmented, haven’t we?
    African, Nigerian, Jamaican. Did you forget to mention the African-Americans?

  17. whistleblower 21 Aug 2010, 1:32pm

    s that all of America or just the United States?

    Yes very cheap labour aren’t they the cheaper they come the cheaper they are.
    Don’t like it? I don’t care.

    I’m not an apologist don’t like it lump it.

    I am very good at my job… Very good.

    And I know who you would prefer to be treating you.

    Read this carefully if you don’t like it lump it and I have categorised them just as they should be
    I believe that people should do the right thing I strongly believe that telling the truth about flaws in
    the people I characterise is the right thing to do..

    Read this carefully don’t like it? I don’t care I’m not an apologist.

  18. I’m with rovex (#5) on this one: it seems to me the police chose to waste their own time – and to what end? The hint of bullying in their attitude is pretty unpleasant.

  19. Think it becomes a sad and dangerous society when we say that if someone says they murdered someone, no matter how long ago, it is a waste of police time to investigate it!

    Suffocating someone with a pillow is murder. The claim was made. The police have a duty to investigate it. This man should be jailed either for murder or if he has lied then jailed for wasting Everybody’s time!

  20. This is typically absurd police vengeance following and prosecuting the easy ‘crimes’ – a complete waste of money and of further police and prosecutors’ time.

    If they were so witless that they believed Ray Gosling their investigatory skills must be near zero. And that is what we pay them for!

  21. @Squidgy
    It isn’t necessarily a waste of police time for the police to investigate a possible murder. However, it is the *police* who did the investigation, not Ray Gosling. Gosling did not make his statement *to* the police, but on a TV programme. He wasn’t asking the police to get involved and *he* didn’t waste their time. If the police investigate and find nothing (or can prove nothing), then that should be an end to it. Everyone’s done their duty and they can all go home. Lying – even lying to the Beeb – is not a crime. The police shouldn’t make up a bogus prosecution.

  22. It doesn’t matter if he only ‘confessed’ on TV. The man admitted committing a crime and therefore must have know that by doing so there would have been consequences. It is the duty of the police to investigate that crime. It would be a bad thing for the police just to decide not to do anything about it. Surely by not doing so would suggest that this man would literally ‘get away with murder. What kind of message would that send?

    I would expect the police to investigate a crime and if found to be made on false claims then that person Should be charged with wasting police time. This should happen for all crimes, murder rape etc. Maybe this action too would stop others making false accusations too.

    If Ray Gosling has to be made example of then so be it. He should have thought the consequences before making his comments. He only has himself to blame.

  23. It may be the duty of the police to investigate the alleged crime – I agree. And they have done so. The upshot is that they have no basis for a prosecution. But they are now charging him with something quite different – “wasting police time”. You still haven’t answered the point. *He* did not waste police term. If someone makes a false accusaton of (say) rape against someone else, then they can indeed be prosecuted under libel laws. If someone actually does waste police time by going to the police with an alleged crime which turns out to be bogus then, again, they can be prosecuted. Ray Gosling did neither. I agree that he was foolish to say what he did publicly, but (again) being foolish is not in itself a crime, or we’d all be behind bars.

  24. In the above, I meant “police time”, not “police term”. Damn this inability to edit posts.

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