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Gay marriage becomes election issue as Australia goes to the polls

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Reader comments

  1. It is a sad day when political parties use marriage as a mean of garnering votes; even more so when neither support equality.

    “Gay marriage supporters say polls show that the majority of Australians support allowing gay couples to marry.”
    Reminds me of my country, America. More than half of us support the right to marry, yet the politicians act afraid of another minority- the church. A common sight in the UK as well. Government has a religion phobia.

    Hopefully Australia moves forward and becomes less conservative, for the sake of my friend there. It is a harsh life for someone who is not only gay, but blind. I feel like he wouldn’t be bullied so bad if even the gay politicians stopped bashing themselves.

  2. We will all be glad when the voting is over. It is either going to be the mad monk or Ms Gillard. Ms Gillard is my choice in the hope she will be more progressive once firmly elected. If the Greens get the balance in the Senate, Australia has a chance of growing into the real world of 2010. Climate change will eventually be what truly governs.

  3. I truly hope that Australian gays hold out for marriage and DO NOT settle for a civil union/partnership like the UK. Gays there already have substantial benefits under the de facto regime so they’re not like British gay couples prior to 2005 who had no rights whatsoever, so the logical step is straight to marriage …. please DO NOT settle for 2 discriminatory laws, one called marriage for straights and another called CPs for gays. It’s a completely unsatisfactory system as can be seen now in the UK….

  4. Stuart Neyton 20 Aug 2010, 10:22pm

    Good luck to Bob Brown and the Greens.

    I really find it bizarre how far behind public opinion the political class are on this issue.

  5. My partner and I and our transgender friend are just about to go out and VOTE GREEN! Labor has totally failed the report card on same-sex marriage rights!

  6. Your righ John, Australia recognises gay couples under de facto recognition which gives equal rights in terms of tax, pension, medical, superannuation, immigration, defence etc.

    We should not settle for second best ‘Civil Partnerships’ which is what has happened in the UK and what half of Australia’s states have.

    It’s been amazing as to how gay marriage has been an issue in the campaign and happily the debate has been respectful.

  7. ZoeK, Sally….remember….all of the ten countries that now allow us to marry had varying forms of civil partnerships/unions. In the UK, civil partnerships is doing what they’ve all done, its a stepping stone to full civil marriage equality and its going to happen.

    To our brothers and sisters in Australia, don’t buy into the christian heritage nonsense. The UK has a far longer one but its not going to stop marriage equality from happening. With our Liberal Democratic party supporting it which is now part of the coalition government and some rumblings in the Labour to support it, its going to happen, inevitable. Don’t give up.

  8. Hi, in my opinion, it is loveless hetersexual marriages that are the real problem; therefore, hopefully, loving gender neutral marriages will help resolve the matter soon, Good Luck

  9. David Gervais 22 Aug 2010, 10:14am

    Please, Pink Press and readers, please remember that the debate throughout the world is not for gay marriage, but for EQUAL marriage. Our marriages are no different than anyone else’s, except we probably have better celebration parties!

  10. With a most probable hung govt and the balance of power now with the greens I don’t think SS marriage is an issue that will now disappear after the election.

    The greens are committed to SS marriage and have introduced private bills before I believe, if Gillard manages to wangle up a govt then she’s gonna have to change her stance on SS marriage, just like labour has done in the UK. It’s an issue that the greens will always come back to and will haunt Abbott or Gillard. Their current stance is completely way out of touch with public opinion anyway.

    Who knows Australia may overtake the UK, it wouldn’t be the first country to do so! And when exactly are the lib dems in the UK going to make their move on this issue in the current parliamnet????

  11. John, I’ve said this many times. If Cameron, who had a very small majority at the May election and couldn’t form a government without the Liberal Democrats, then he’s going to have to do something about it if he wants to hang on to power in the next election. Without gaining the bulk of the gay vote, he’s going nowhere. The Liberal Democrats know it and now Labour does, that’s why you’re seeing some in the Labour party getting on board. Nice Clegg is the key in all this, he’ll be the catalyst to get it moving which would mean he’d get even more gay votes than before. Its a win-win situation for either of the three parties. Clegg is in an unique position and my gut feeling tells me he’ll prod Cameron to go that extra step because I doubt if the Liberal Democrats would support the Tories in the next election, and Cameron will need them more than anything, aside from gaining more gay votes to win a second term on the marriage equality issue.

  12. Gillard’s response to gay marriage after her poor performance – what exactly is she saying! She’s heard what Aussies have said yet she is going to continue to stick to HER values……No wonder she did so badly!

    Asked if he would now consider a deal on issues including gay marriage with the Greens, Ms Gillard said she stood by the policies she had taken to the election.

    “I will never compromise on my values,” she said.

    “I’ve heard the voice of the Australian people. We are clearly at a historic moment.”

  13. “The Liberal leader told a radio programme in March that he felt a “bit threatened” by homosexuality. He later apologised for his choice of words and said he would support recognising committed gay relationships.”

    I had no idea that ‘ to feel a bit threatened’ can also mean ‘to support recognising committed gay relationships’ in English. Any native speakers to comment on it?

  14. Bit of a naff comment but at the moment both him and Gillard seem to be on the same side when it comes to gay marriage. As far as I can see LGBT rights will get no worse under either from this time on nor will it get any better. We don’t need CPs in Ausralia we get pretty good rights as gay couples under de facto and the next stage is gay marriage..

    We’re getting a bit like the UK where neither major party got the gay vote or an improvement in it and the gay vote went to the greens (which in your case went to lib dems) ….

    Seems that Irish gay orgs are also unhappy with the CP system over there

  15. I want to be able to say to my partner in Australia will you marry me not will you civil partner me, civil union me or partnership registry me.

    Anything less than Marriage is second rate!!

  16. Hmmmmm. An ATHIEST that doesn’t support the idea of gay marriage. That ‘s a new wrinkle.

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