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British man in Nepal’s first foreign gay marriage ceremony

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Reader comments

  1. Heavens above – Nepal soon to overtake the UK on the SS marriage battlefield!

    Strange that a British man would prefer to undertake a SS marriage in Nepal which is yet to be fully legally recognised rather than do a British CP! Perhpas the decline in the British CP uptake is due to the fact that we’re waiting for the real thing!

  2. How about “a gay couple had a MARRIAGE ceremony”!

    What is a “GAY marriage ceremony”? Do black couples have Black marriage ceremonies? Do left handed people have left handed marriage ceremonies?

    We really have to get away from this inaccurate and problematic term “gay marriage”. It is a misnomer that is counterproductive to our struggle.

  3. I want to be with my man here, a visa national, whose home country dosent recognise SS anything. CP is the only way open to us as far as I can see.

  4. Ramesh Khanal 21 Jun 2011, 11:30am

    This event proves that Nepali society is liberal towards homosexual marriage. So far no group or person is found to be against it.

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