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Germany’s justice minister considering giving gay couples equal income tax rights

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  1. Why is this only being ‘considered’ now? Couples are couples, the gender of the components should be irrelevant.

  2. Haven’t they’ve been considering it for awhile ! it’s needed a court case to get them to pull their finger out!

  3. Hey! Germany is doing a lot better than Oh, say, America!

  4. At least in the UK, we’re having a discussion about upgrading to full civil marriage equality where there is growing support for it. With Angelika Merkel in power, no such discussion will happen with a Jesus freak like her.

  5. “Hey! Germany is doing a lot better than Oh, say, America! ” -Staci

    I don’t know about that, they sound about the same or worse really.

    America has civil partnerships and marriage equality in states.
    We just don’t have the tax breaks yet either.

    We do have gay adoption though in states and districts:
    “United States: the District of Columbia (1995), New Jersey (1998), New York (2002), Indiana (2006), Maine (2007), California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, and the unincorporated territory of Guam.”

    DOMA is being challenged, which will give federal benefits.
    Marriage is likely to go to the Supreme court in the next year or so (while Germany is only considering adoption in 2011).

    My English girlfriend came to the states to stay with me for the Summer, and we can hold hands and cuddle in public. I am not even in a state that has marriage equality, but it sure does sound more friendly than all the gay beatings I hear of in the UK.

    (Australia should be the new America, FYI. The gay politicians there are so self loathing, which is not the case in the USA)

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