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Costs are a barrier to lesbian couples conceiving, study finds

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Reader comments

  1. I’m a gay man coparenting with a lesbian couple. The cost to us of becoming parents was zero- or perhaps about 50p to buy a sterile pot from the pharmacy. This article implies that if lesbian couples don’t pay thousands of pounds to go through a clinic then they will have to risk the father wanting access. There are lots of lesbian couples who DO want to coparent and who do want the father to have access. Having a supportive third parent making financial contributions and giving practical help and childcar time is an enormous advantage. It’s a rip-off to buy into the clinic way of doing things unless you have fertility issues. It’s OK for those who really do not want the involvement of another parent, but that is only one approach of many equally valid approaches.

  2. “…the huge cost of fertility treatment in clinics explodes many lesbians.”
    I shouldn’t have laughed. But I did. “Excludes”, perhaps?

  3. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Aug 2010, 4:53pm

    I don’t car if you are gay, lesbian, heterosexual, martian, whatever.

    If you cannot afford to have kids, simply do not have them.

  4. The problem isn’t being able to afford the children once they are here but being able to save thousands to conceive. The majority of straight couples get to do this for free or NHS treatment.

    1. Raising kids cost money too, it isn’t cheap unless you planning to go on welfare.

  5. vulpus_rex 19 Aug 2010, 5:16pm

    Straight couples where one partner is infertile get one cycle of IVF. They do not get to try again and again until they succeed.

    I can see no earthly reason for two healthy Lesbian women to ask for IVF. They need nothing more than a jiffy bag, turkey baster and a donation from a helpful male friend.

  6. “Costs are a barrier…to conceiving” um…no sh** Sherlock!

    And to the person who claims that if we can’t afford to have children, then don’t have them…how about turning that to the masses of heterosexual folks having children over and over again and can’t afford them? I mean, REALLY…how many straight folks say “Gosh, my love, I’d really love to have kids, but our stock portfolio just isn’t where it needs to be.” Come off it! What costs straight people ZERO to accomplish costs us lesbians (and gay men), not to mention straight couples struggling with infertility, thousands!

    The cost of having children ONCE THEY’RE HERE is gradually accumulated…we make changes to accommodate.

    Talk about insensitive and blatant privilege. I’d like to see you say that to a straight couple struggling with infertility and paying out thousands just to get pregnant!

  7. Dr Robin Guthrie 19 Aug 2010, 6:37pm

    Read my lips.

    I said

    “I don’t care if you are gay, lesbian, heterosexual, martian, whatever.”

  8. A website called DonorPride is a wonderful option for Lesbians and Gay Men to choose for themselves…Co-Parents, Male Donors & Egg Donors/Surrogates, photos!

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