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6,000 civil partnerships formed last year

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Reader comments

  1. shame they were not all in Lambeth so those bigots would have been unable to change the rota to avoid carrying out their public duty.


  2. Would be interesting to know how many (if any) have been disolved too.

  3. I have been with my partner for 12 years, but I will never participate in this homophobic contract. It is marriage or nothing – equal in every way

  4. PinkNews, can you stop using the word ‘gay’ to represent both gay & lesbian relationships, its a very lazy use of language.

    “Figures show that 6,281 gay couples had civil partnerships in the UK in 2009”

    “According to the Office for National Statistics, 3,227 male and 3,054 female couples tied the knot last year”

    Using the term gay to represent lesbian relationships is a misogynistic way of devaluing female relationships. If you are gay you like willies not vaginas so use the right language please!!!!!!!!

  5. @Helen “If you are gay you like willies not vaginas”: Not so. Recent research by the ONS confirms that while some UK women prefer “lesbian”, others prefer to call themselves “gay”; on average, the latter are under 40 and the former are over 40. See

    It was an unfortunate phrasing though; aside from offending some lesbians, it also confuses orientation with relationship composition. Not everyone in a CP defines as gay _or_ lesbian; some define as bi, queer, straight-except-for-this-one-person, etc. A better phrase is “same-sex couples”.

    In the context of CPs, though, no phrase is needed. We all know who has to sit in the CP section of the marriage bus.

  6. I just got married/civilly partnered (still haven’t worked out what to say) to my now husband, was the best decision of my life. I love him to pieces.

    Zefrog the article states that in 2008 180 couples dissolved their CPs.

  7. @Helen I also prefer to use gay not lesbian and I am 40, personal preference I guess!

    I’ve been with my partner 12 years and we had our CP in 2006, she’s Swedish so it’s full marriage in Sweden. While I appreciate everything a CP gives us I want to see full marriage in the UK as well.

  8. Same here in terms of preferring gay, not lesbian!
    I’m 17-so-nearly-18, and I have been in a binational relationship myself. I’m American though and she is English. She just went home after a visit and I am set to visit her soon in lil ol Britain.

  9. Hello
    You are using my phone for this article (I’m he one in the kilt) I can prove it with more photos if you’d like. I would really appreciate it if you would remove this photo from your site and not use it again, for personal reasons. Feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this further, thanks for your time, Tom

  10. Why was the dissoulution part more or less copied on marriage, when we had problems getting our CP recognised in France we were told by the British embassy to dissolve our British CP and do a French PACS. They didn’t seem to realise that it was that simple to dissolve a British CP, if you’re not going to get it recognised in most countries then it’s a bit of a pig to get out of when you need to….

    I guess making it so hard to ge out of and copying marriage so much makes it quite unattractive for a large amount of people who just don’t want that kind of intense committment.

    What a mess, why didn’t they just let gay people get married, the rules were already there, why create an indentical law again with nothing different….

  11. Jenny Bliss 20 Aug 2010, 1:05pm

    bit of a samantic argument whether to be called a lesbian or not never made much difference to me, although that said spare a thought for those who dont have a choice haha specificly the inhabidants of lesbos island of where the word comes from but is also the identiny of them just as ours would be british (or what ever country your from) i always found that made me giggle a little bit (ok mabie it shouldnt bcuase they really dont like it hehe)

  12. @ Jenny: semantic possibly? and no I don’t think it is when gay is so often used to conceal or deny or the realities for lesbians/gay women.

    What would also be interesting is to see these figures set against the number of marriages (broken down by civil and religious) and the divorces.

    Equality is absolutely right but I still cannot bring myself to want “marriage” which is one of the most profound symbols of inequality in human history and based on the transfer of women and proprty from one man to another (father to husband). “Marriage” was generated by patriarchal religious institutions to control and oppress women and that has leaked through our legal system until very very recently to the detriment of women. I cannot want it, I cannot expend energy on it. While I am no Christian, i think Jesus had the right idea on this one: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto “God” what is God’s.” Leave religious institutions to religious organisations and tell them to butt out of sensible legal contracts between two consenting adults. Semantics or what’s in a name? “marriage” carries a history of the sexual and other male violence against women. Equality I understand “marriage” and equality seem to me to be a contradiction in terms.

  13. John, in 2005 when my (now) husband and I were living in France, they decided that foreigners couldn’t get a PACS. He was denied residency on that basis. Have things changed?

  14. Looks like CPs are a lot more stable than marriages…..

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