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US lesbian student sues school after being excluded from yearbook

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 18 Aug 2010, 3:04pm

    The people behind this are a disgrace and should not be involved in the education of anyone. Good luck to her in this case.

  2. Good on her!!!
    Hope it works out!

  3. How does it go? ‘The land of the free and the home of the brave’? Apparently this only applies if you are heterosexual.

  4. How could they exclude Justin Bieber like that??

  5. Very droll! Seriously, though, the school ruling strikes me as small minded and officious, as well as discriminatory. Good luck to her. And in any case I think she looks good in a tux!

  6. How did such small-minded, utterly dumb stupid people ever end up managing education ? …. a profession [which is supposed] to broaden the minds and intellectual horizons of the young and prepare them for adult life.
    Go Ceara – good on you for sueing their sorry asses!

  7. ‘How did such small minded, utterly dumb stupid people ever end up in education?’

    Easy – the influence, and continuing influence, of religion in education.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 18 Aug 2010, 6:43pm

    merciful heaven, it looks like a MADE-UP bow tie!!!!

    (clutches pearls, faints ….

  9. Well done to the ACLU.

  10. What bigots! Why does it matter what she wears as long as it’s decent? What a spiteful, nasty thing to do. Those involved should be ashamed of themselves. Someone must have taken that decision and I wish they were named and personally sued.

  11. Like I always say Mississippi never fails to impress me.

  12. Seems rather small minded of the school – though I don’t really see what wearing a tux and a bow tie has to do with her being a lesbian.

    It seems that they are merely objecting to slightl eccentric dress.

  13. Jess Conrad 19 Aug 2010, 9:06am


  14. Great stuff, Ceara! What an inspiring story you are giving the world. 18 years old and sticking up for your rights in front of your entire nation. How brave. Good for you. What a fabulous way to start your life. All those other people with their faces in the Yearbook: probably all of them will just live humdrum mediocre lives. But YOU are starting out IN STYLE! What an inspiration. Well done!

  15. So does she get a yearbook just for herself with her photo included? Or are the school going to have to reprint a copy for every student (IMHO the right thing to do).

    I hope when they are forced to do this, the whole student populace bands together and signs her copy as she is described as a ‘sporty and popular student’ and then they can have a ceremonial burning of the incorrect version of the book on the school lawn. Maye that will make the news and send a message to other schools thinking of being such bigoted ****-****.

  16. She certainly shows us how brave we should be when confronted with such issues.
    There is something seriously wrong with America and clearly with Mississippi in particular when it comes to gender roles and sexuality – this needs to be addressed.
    I also love the fact that the school district has not returned the calls of ALCU. Show’s you what they really think of it all.
    Justin Beiber indeed…that made me roar with laughter.

  17. Sometimes we hear how the US seems intent on sueing itself into oblivion,they are such a litigious nation.Yet on this occasion taking legal proceedings is definitely the correct action! I sincerely hope this young woman is successful.And the school she attended should collectively hang their head in shame.If she is,as described,popular where were her friends when this atrocious omission was made?Good luck to her!

  18. Joe Termine 19 Aug 2010, 7:33pm

    I hope that school has to reprint its yearbook. Perhaps next year they’ll ban the yearbook entirely.

  19. Welcome to the “small-mindedness” that is the REAL America……..won’t be long before these azzholes too, will be getting out their checkbooks!

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