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US gay group angry at retailer Target’s donations to ‘anti-gay’ Republican

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Blaise 19 Aug 2010, 11:26am

    Perhaps it time to visit Target parking lots and leaflet the cars with:

    “Target, I’m [ ] returning this [ ] not buying this until you apologize for supporting anti-civil rights activities that hurt you and me and all of us, please contact me with details of how and when you’ve reversed this so I know it’s safe to buy at Target again, signed … name, address, phone, and so on”.

    Peter Blaise
    Equivalent Consideration for Everyone

  2. And then again perhaps it’s just not.

    People are free to pick politicians who may not share every aspect of their entire agenda. It doesn’t mean they necessarily agree with every last policy pronouncement made by that person.

    Is Target really someone to have in our sights? After all, previously the HRC itself gave them a perfect rating on their Corporate Equality Index (as shown by this banner on the Target recruitment website –, and now all of a sudden the left-leaning pressure group gets it’s knickers in a twist when their poster boy for treating gay employees with dignity dares to back a Republican. Hmmm…I wonder why that might be!

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