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Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes says deal with Labour could still happen

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 18 Aug 2010, 11:29am

    If the economy is still bad by 2015 then I suspect a LibLab deal will be a moot point as the LibDems will be annihilated in the polls.

    Unless Britain gets some form of PR by then of course which will give each party a proportional number of seats versus their popular vote.

  2. Jess Conrad 18 Aug 2010, 11:41am

    I Would’nt belive anything Simon Hughs Says since he is a Public Liar!

  3. Well, there’s no hope of PR, but the referendum on AV could well be won, which would certainly help the LibDems.

    If a week is a long time in politics, five years is an epoch. It would very rash for anyone to predict how the parties will stand in five years time. Current opinion polls certainly shouldn’t send LibDems panicking.

    As a matter of fact, Hughes was only saying what we already know, and is admitted on all hands. The LibDems are only signed up to the coalition until the next election, they will (of course) fight the next election as a separate party and they will reserve the right to form an agreement with whomever they like afterwards (they could scarcely give any guarantees anyway, since they don’t know what the result of the next election will be in terms of seats).

    Simon Hughes clearly prefers Labour and finds working with the Tories uncomfortable. I have to disagree with him there. After 13 years of illegal wars, demolishing civil liberties and diminishing social mobility Labour’s claim to be a ‘progressive’ party is frankly laughable.

  4. Let’s remember that in order to be elected to his seat Simon Hughes ran one of the nastiest, most homphobic campaigns against Peter Tatchell in the history of general elections.

    As a hypocrite, liar and bully, little wonder he wants to align with the Labour party.

  5. With their poll ratings at an all time low me thinks someone’s getting a bit ahead of themselves!! Clearly the powers going to some peoples head!

  6. BobbetStillTheSame 18 Aug 2010, 12:28pm

    The coalition is now showing their true colours. Take the money from poor people and give to the rich. They’re finished with the public masses ! It’s gonna be downhill all the way.

  7. Jess Conrad 18 Aug 2010, 12:36pm

    VULPUS REX…GRATIOUS MAJESTY…THAT Is The First Time I have Read Anything You Have Written Which I have Agreed With!

  8. JohnnyH….so you think the Tory coalition is any more progressive than Labour, not that I ever voted Labour? Absent Nick Clegg from the coalition, leaves you with a party that isn’t that much more progressive than Labour, neither has declared its full support for full civil marriage equality, now that would be really progressive. Both parties are centrist with two different philosophies, the Liberal Democrats are slightly left of center and far more progressive than the others. If Labour and Tory parties want to woo the gay vote even more, they’ll smarten up and get behind marriage equality. Its a win-win situation on that issue alone. The party in power supporting full equality gets the bulk of the gay vote, a simple fact. If Cameron were smart enough, knowing that he doesn’t have a mandate, he’d come out in full support of it. Had he done that prior to the election, I doubt if Nick Clegg would have been part of the coalition. Forget about Labour, they’re too dumb to see the larger picture before the next election.

  9. Yes, I do think the coalition is definitely more liberal than the Labour government that preceded it. For a start, they are to largely restore civil liberties to the status quo ante. One can also point to such things as that this is the first government in 20 odd years to admit that prison’s don’t work, and to seek alternatives. I may be a gay man, but I’m also other things, and I care about other things than just gay equality (though I do care a great deal about that as well).

  10. Why don’t we test the new potential labour leaders to see if they are progresssive, ask them if they will join forces with the lib dems to bring about SS marrigae before the next election, support a joint bill. Tories don’t have a majority anyway, nothing like putting your money where your mouth is!!!

  11. It is saw how many people fall for the BBC and Sky News anti-libdem rhetoric.
    I don’t worry about the polls, I will worry if Lib Dems are still that low in 5 years time. A day is a long time in politics, 5 years is even longer!

  12. Why doesn’t this dope shut up? Every time he opens his gob the Liberals drop further in the polls. Can’t he realise that even if he had jumped into bed with his beloved Labour he still wouldn’t have had enough votes to get any legislation passed?

    This ludicrous media thread that the Liberal voters have been so let down by being hoisted into a coalition – what about the conservative voters, and let’s face it there were tonnes more of them. But I suppose Liberals are more important than nasty Tories, according to the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.

    He should be grateful – the Liberals are back in Government (in one sort or another) for the first time since 1066, and they have something a bit more important to worry about than Mrs Bridges’ dog fouling the path in Bournemouth. Sometimes you just think Liberals are most happy when running a parish council and never really ever wanted national power, and this is why they squeak when they have “big boy” politics to contend with.

  13. Was the LGBT link in this story that the guy is a bisexual?

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