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BBC apologises for weatherman’s rude gesture

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Reader comments

  1. Galadriel1010 18 Aug 2010, 11:28am

    Slow news day?

  2. Simon Murphy 18 Aug 2010, 11:32am


    That’s funny.

    I’m sure the Daily Heil will demand his head on a stick though!

  3. Is he gay?

  4. Not really sure why this is on pink news unless it’s now policy to print news about anybody who’s ever posed for Attitude! Made me chuckle anyway.

  5. The Attitude shoot made him look masculine but he’s a bit nelly in real life

  6. Is it just me, or does Tomasz look like a doppleganger for Simon Pegg?

    If that gaff doesn’t make it to a blooper show or the Christmas Tapes then I don’t know what will …

  7. Simon, I don’t know if Tomasz is gay or not, but I am damned if I am going to let that lack of information spoil a good fantasy. He can be as nelly as he likes for me Chipsy. What a hunk a man! Sod the BBC.

  8. He is cute.

  9. well I never did(well I might do if he would let me!!!) Wot amazing pics in those tiny little shorts!!!!!

  10. Oh excellent!!!! Nice to see that some people can just be human. Knowing the BEEB though he will be gone by Christmas for that. Poor chappie – and for doing what lot’s of us would do if one of our colleagues was being facetious!

  11. Oh god it’s unbelievable that they had to apologise for that. What a sad world when you can’t have a laugh without worrying whether you are going to upset someone!

    It’s amusing that the beeb apologise for that whilst the like of Moyles and Clarkson are supported no matter what they say.

  12. If he’s not gay then he is certainly extremely gay friendly. Have a look at his Twitter account. Whilst none of his posts are ‘gay’ in nature he certainly has a lot of gay friends. Only a matter of time I think… :-)

  13. He is cute! What if he points his middle finger? Its the 21st century..Its mostly funny than rude..

  14. Mihangel apYrs 19 Aug 2010, 7:31am

    it does seem like an over reaction from the Beeb especially in view of the casual homophobia littering their airwaves (we wouldn’t have “four n*gers and a banjo” on a programme would we?)

    Moyles and Clarkson are obvious, and Ross wasn’t exactly onside, but they don’t count ‘cos they’re celebs. However Tamasz makes a gesture that isn’t really rude as part of British culture and they go maiden-aunt on him. I mean who actually knows what it means in “English”? It’s an American latino import, and only thought “rude” because people have been told it is!

  15. An embarrassing faux-pas for him. Wherever there are cameras around, expect that you could be on them at any time. Gordon Brown learned this lesson the hard way of course during the recent election campaign. I wonder if we’ll see this weather guy again or if he’ll mysteriously vanish into the BBC mists. Maybe they’ll ask him to sit in a chair during his dressing-down where he can be plunged into a fiery pit by the beeb bosses and then they’ll claim he’s on an “extended holiday”.

  16. I’m with Paul… who hasn’t felt the urge to flip the bird when they get teased by work colleagues. Shows he’s human, and we’ve already established he’s cute.
    I think at worst it’s mildly unprofessional, but in all honesty anyone who doesn’t see the funny side of this needs to get out more! That covering gesture is comedy gold.
    More Schafernaker on the BBC please!

  17. @Anthony
    Indeed, the gesture goes back even further – at least as far back as the 4th century BC. For Diogenes of Sinope ‘flicked the [middle] finger’ at Demosthenes, in reponse to something the latter said. And Diogenes also criticised people who got themselves upset by this gesture: “If you go along with your middle finger stretched out, some one will think you mad, but if it is the little finger, he will not think so.” (recorded by Diogenes Laertius) i.e. he is saying there’s no more more reason to get upset at the middle finger than the little finger – it’s an irrational response. Anyway, I think that a gesture with such an old and venerable history should certainly not be regarded as anything to apologise for.

  18. Mihangel apYrs 19 Aug 2010, 1:20pm

    the gesture is rather new to the UK (or at least I cannot remember it being used up until a few years ago. “Flashing the V” tended to be the gesture (ostensibly as the English archers did to the French at Agincourt……

  19. Give the lad a chance ! He’s one of the best (certainly the fittest!!!) presenters on TV at the moment. Makes it worthwhile to get up in the morning!

  20. Indeed, I think these gestures have probably fallen into abeyance and then been rediscovered many times. The phallic symbolism of flipping the middle finger is pretty obvious – which is no doubt why it is considered so rude. I think that the greater ‘openness’ of British society about sexuality has led to this more obvious signal replacing the perhaps more decorous ‘two-finger’ gesture.

  21. Robert (Kettering) 19 Aug 2010, 5:35pm

    Tomasz is one really cute guy and I adore him so BBC leave him alone please. I love it when he’s more casual, example doing te weather on Country File, when he sometimes wears lovely tight Levis and a nice T shirt, he’s got a really cute bum to go with the rest of him!

  22. I think Mr. Shaven-Knackers is lovely; leave him alone..!

  23. What a picture!

    We have all had that feeling, wishing the earth to swallow us up for things we have said.

    Tomasz is a lively character – but ask yourselves this, which action caused the moire harm:

    – Michael Fish and others, on the 16th October, 1987, telling viewers not to be worried about the chance of storms, hours before the most devastating gales hit the south of the country;
    – Tomasz being a clown, and caught on camera.

    In the overall scheme of things, I would rather be exposed to a middle finger, than a tree trunk smashing my skull because I paid too much attention to the wrong weather report.

  24. If anyone actually saw the clip, it was so fast, blink and you miss it. What REALLY pisses me of though is that seven really sad fcukers out there took the time to phone the BBC and complain.
    I would really wish that all complainants be listed for proof, that way we can phone them back and tell them how to spend their lives more constructively, or words to that effect.

    Incidentally, if anyone was to ring in and say they really liked a clip or incident, would that be also mentioned? I doubt it.
    A million people might love it, but its always the handful of sad, interfering busybodies that get the recognition.

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