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Labour Leadership Contest

Put your gay rights questions to the Labour leadership candidates

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Reader comments

  1. I would like to ask them what they think if the most important law to put through Parliament to improve the lives of LGBT people?

    I hope they have no advance knowledge of any questions


  2. Did I miss the article on the Ed Miiband interview? I was keeping my eye out for it but must have missed it?

  3. Jessica Geen 16 Aug 2010, 3:12pm

    We haven’t had chance to interview Ed Miliband or Ed Balls yet but we hope to speak to them soon.


  4. vulpus_rex 16 Aug 2010, 3:21pm

    Here’s a few:

    Do the candidates think that allowing gay men to sleep with 16 year old boys compensates for Labour wrecking the economy?

    Should the gay community overlook Tony Blair’s murderous, illegal war in Iraq in return for civil partnerships?

    Do the candidates think that some piecemeal equality legislation cancels out the unchecked incompetence of Gordon Brown?

  5. what would you do to combat racism in gay bats and clubs

  6. @4:
    Does the equal age of consent undermine the rights of straight men who are allowed to sleep with 16 year old girls?

  7. If Labour is seriously interested in winning back gay votes, why isn’t it supporting full civil marriage equality and adopt it as part of its party’s official policy. Its a win-win situation for any party doing just that. More gay votes means a bigger win and mandate for the party who wins. If Cameron were that smart, he’d get on board right away now that Nick Clegg regards marriage equality as an official part of its party philosophy. Its the only way Labour or Tory parties can guarantee a bigger win in the next election. Labour and Tory parties are too dumb to see the larger picture.

  8. Civil partnerships lack legalitys married people benefit from due to the word marriage so will state marriage offer equal benefits exact to those held by religiously married couples.

    Will the candidate support and if elected urge the party to adopt equality for same sex fertility treatment and all related parenting assists.

    What is the candidates views on the popes words on homosexuality and the use of condoms

    Does the candidate understand state marriage has nothing to do with religion as marriage isn’t religious so they don’t get to say and vote on our rights, something lib dems don’t understand.

    Does the candidate support ending the ban on blood donation by gay people when it is well known modern screening techniques detect problems and straight people being the majority are more likely to have a blood infection

    Just a few off top me head.

  9. What actions do they advocate to combat homophobic bullying in secondary schools?

  10. Will the Labour party officially apologise to LGBT armed forces members for fighting to keep the ban on gays all the way to the European Court of Human Rights?

    It’s a scandal that LGBT Labour lied to voters about this, passing off the lifting of the ban as an achievement for the party that in reality, fought to keep it all the way. And now, they get the final say on what questions may be asked!

  11. Do they think that explaining the reasons put forward why a gay child will never be able to marry when he/she gets older is good for the child’s self esteem and respect and do you think such obvious inequality and discrimination in later life fuels homophobic bullying at schools in earlier life?

  12. “Should the gay community overlook Tony Blair’s murderous, illegal war in Iraq in return for civil partnerships?” – vulpus_rex

    The Tories also voted for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and also section 28 and against civil partnerships!

    I don’t think we should forget that fact too!

  13. Its strange how Tories speak out about the illegal war they voted for!

    Its the highest level of hypocrisy

  14. vulpus_rex 17 Aug 2010, 2:28pm

    I think you’ll find Helen that Tory support was based on there being some sound evidence that Saddam Hussein was a genuine threat to the United Kingdom.

    It wasn’t, and now that it is abundantly clear that any such evidence was grotesquely manipulated to allow Bliar to lie to the houses of parliament, the UN and senior members of his own government, many people have changed their position.

    Here’s another question though – are the Labour party proud of the fact that prior to their illegal war, gay man were largely left alone in Iraq, however after their completely illegal intervention there are reports of gay men having their backsides glued shut and so stuffed with laxatives that their alimentary canal explodes?

    What an achievement for Gay rights, brought to you courtesy of Liebour!

  15. Do you think the Bishops should be allowed to vote on LGBT inequality issues considering they are not elected by the people and do not represent mainstream Britain and have a poor record on LGBT issues and do you agree the house of lords should now be replaced by an elected body?

  16. It really is quite tragic watching ‘vulpus-rex’ do his one-man pro-Tory routine. I think he tries to be as ‘loud’ and as strident as possible to try and make up for the lack of numbers who support his views on here (apart from the equally bizarre ‘Sister Mary’).

    Yes, vulpus-rex, if only we’d had those great defenders of gay rights, the Tories, in office for the past 13 years. NOT! Get a grip.

    But anyway, I can only agree with others above who want to know if all the candidates are fully supportive of same-sex marriage and do they promise to try and implement it as soon as possible should Labour get a majority at the next election.

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