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Gay men warned of dangers of drink spiking

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Reader comments

  1. The second man needs his head examined. I mean, who accepts a drink from strangers at a cash point? (scratches head…)

  2. I got cruised late one night last month by a very good-looking Eastern European in the square near Holborne Tube and as soon as we had secreted ourselves behind a bush and were about to get down to things he suddenly produced a knife and demanded my wallet!

    The caretaker of the underground car-park appeared at exactly the same moment and so I was able to pull my pants up and run like hell down into the car-park and escape.

    I was almost a goner.

    The message for me was: be wary of good-looking guys from Eastern Europe. They have a completely different attitude to life. They’ll try anything to get hold of money.

    I met another one two months ago who didn’t steal anything but all the way through our love-making he kept saying, “What you going to give me then? Lots of expensive presents, yes?” Clearly “on the make”.

  3. I buried my partner 5 years ago because of a spiked drink. You can never be too careful, no matter what ethnic persuasion you are sharing space with. IF all you lose is money, you can count yourself fortunate.

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