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Gay activist pleads guilty to fraud

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Reader comments

  1. Ok the guy in the wrong but jail for £5000 give us a break – a community service thingy sounds more productive.

    what the hell is wrong with this country kill someone and you do 2 years steal and oh god thats a 5 year sentence


  2. So MP’s found guilty stealing tens of thousands of pounds of public money will get 10-15 years in jail?

    I bet they get community service!

  3. As soon as any Gay person is elevated to Public Office they are immediately placed under scrutiny by every odd bod and sod who cares to poke into their affairs,on the look out for a scandal.
    This doesn’t happen with straight people, but homophobia is everywhereas we are all to aware.
    Gay people in office must be Whiter than the Whitewash on the proverbial Wall. Every Gay person in office is automatically a role model for the young, because ordinary Gay role models are few and far between to many youngsters on the verge of coming out or who are simply unsure.
    Sorry folks, but this is how it is; today Lincolnshire, yesterday Liverpool, tomorrow…………….?
    “Get yer guns out, lads, here comes a puffter…………..”

  4. I’m sorry, but this is in no way a ‘gay’ issue. The guy committed fraud, he was caught out (tough luck!) and will now pay a penalty. He is not a victim. The law must apply to everyone, gay or straight. As for the sentence, it has only been said that he *might* be jailed, not that he will be, not what his sentence will be even if he is. (And by the way, concerning MPs, I understand that some MPs may indeed face criminal prosecution for their peculation.)

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