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Emma Thompson upsets Isle of Wight with gay stoning joke

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Reader comments

  1. Was she confusing the Isle of White with the Isle of man?
    Either way her jokes wern’t in the best of taste.
    Probably best to just forget this one.

  2. Something tells me the people of the Isle of Wight need to get a sense of humour!!

  3. ChutneyBear 16 Aug 2010, 12:07pm

    Agree with Squidgy, I found them hilarious then again taste ranges from queen to queen on here….. :D

  4. @1:
    Just a bit of light-hearted ironic humour,
    and yes, like Ian I’d say she had a momentary lapse of memory and confused Isle of Wight with Isle of Man.
    What Emma said doesn’t sound at all anti-gay anyway.

  5. Pavlos, Emma Thompson strongly supports FULL equality for gay people. This is just her sense of humour coming out. There is homophobia in every part of the country, including the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man which really isn’t the issue here. Those on the Isle of Wight obviously have lost their sense of humour. I, like you, don’t find it offencive at all

  6. Don’t beliee a word of it Mrs Thompson. The Isle of Wght has been hosting festivals featuring every drugged up rock star under the sun, since you were in nappies; cf.

    It’s much closer to the truth to say people on the island get stoned BEFORE committing homosexual acts, not after.

  7. Bless her, she does have a tendency to put her foot in it!

  8. Pretty sure she meant the Isle of Man – they definitely still flog gays

  9. I would be interested to hear from anyone living on the Isle. How many gay bars or clubs are there on the Isle? How are the LGBT members treated?


  10. Jeeze,have we all lost our sense of humour?!I’d be the 1st to jump and denounce anyone who was being deliberately offensive and homophobic,but come on,what she said wasn’t exactly calling for all homos to be lynched.The pc brigade has it’s place but lets get this into perspective,before we’re all in danger of disappearing up our own arse-holes! And maybe the good folk of the IoW ought to lighten up.Anyone who’s ever been there,or lives there would tell you that the island isn’t some hotbed of homophobia! Chillax,folks!

  11. I agree, it’s amazing what some people will be offended by – or at least pretend to be offended by. This is a storm in a particularly small and insignificant teacup.

  12. I go to the IOW sometimes and on the ferry they advise you to put your watch back 50 years!
    I also went to the original festival and it was fantastic, and I didn’t get stoned in either sense – then life is full of disappointments.

  13. Well, of course they’re offended.
    She just said they stone gays, among other outdated offenses.
    I don’t see gays chuckling when people call them pedophiles, saying that they molest children in order to recruit them.

  14. Dominick J. 16 Aug 2010, 5:44pm

    Sheesh no wonder she was on the Feruguson show? What a waste of time. SHows like his, or Lettermans or Lenos are a huge waste of time and most certainly NOT funny at all.

  15. But Zoek, I think it’s pretty obvious that she wasn’t being serious. She doesn’t really believe that the islanders stone gays. Whereas homophobes really do believe that homosexuality is child abuse. I’m not saying it was a good joke. But the word ‘offended’ is meaningless. I mean ‘so what?’. In fact, it should be expunged from the English language.

  16. Surely she was making more of a ‘comment’ about the issues that California have with gay people…in other words, Prop 8? Was she not using the Isle of Wight to make a joke at the expense of Californians?

  17. She is an amazing actress. Her performance in, among other things, Angels in America and Sense and Sensibility blew me away.

  18. I think Emma probably just forgot she’s living in the digital age and that you can’t say something in America and not be heard at the very same moment in the UK!

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